backstab dnb tunes - 2003/2004


Latest News:

4/14/2004: Sorry I haven't been updating this site for a long time. I'm now mostly producing with Sek. Our alias is Espionage, but recently we found out that there's another dnb producing duo named Espionage in the UK, so we might still be calling ourselves Backstab & Sek for the moment. Anyhow, we're currently working on more tunes at the moment, so watch this space!

New Tunes (Backstab & Sek):

Drone (64 KBps MP3) (Backstab)
- Melodic, funky, rolling, trancey

Obsidian (64 KBps MP3) (Backstab & Sek)
- dubby experiment, with some dark soundscapes and cool dissonance

The Founders (64 KBps MP3) (Backstab & Sek)
- dark techy tune, still very melodic, a bit on the minimal side

Desire (56 KBps MP3) (Backstab & Sek)
- melodic, trancey tune with some very cool old skool techno sounds

Remorse (56 KBps MP3) (Backstab & Sek)
- hard and techy, that's pretty much our style

Untitled (64 KBps MP3) (Backstab & Sek)
- collab tune with DJ Sek, trancey melodic and got some nice house vocals in there! I have no idea why this tune is still untitled.

New tunes (Backstab):

Disco Demon (64 KBps MP3)
- More along the lines of Suffocate, pure dancefloor funky tune with some melodic touch

Hallucination (56 KBps MP3) (signed to Ballistics/Afterlife)
- Melodic, lots of synthy stuff. Yeah... that's all I gotta say for this one.

Telekinesis (64 KBps MP3)
- my newest tune... starts off melodic and drops into a dark little roller, some spooky soundscapes.

Suffocate (48 KBps MP3) (signed to Ballistics/Afterlife)
- funky, techy tune that's reminiscent of some late 2001 C4C stuff. Very popular tune right now, apparently sounds wicked on a system! =)

Nightwasp (64 KBps MP3)
- simple (slightly melodic) tune that's made for the middle of a set, slow builder and progressive

Approach (64 KBps MP3) [last update 6-14-03] (signed to Ballistics/Afterlife)
- Melodic and trancey tune with a very flowing bassline. Long intro, but it's worth the wait! Getting pretty popular as of late...

Embrace The Hate (64 KBps MP3)
- A little more techno influence on this one. Here's me trying to make a more darker tune. Flowing bassline again, much darker/spookier stabs and soundscape though.

Corridors (48 KBps MP3)
- A little rolling techny tune. A bit more minimal than usual, watch that 2nd drop.

Cold Fusion (64 KBps MP3) [last update 6-14-03] (signed to Ballistics/Afterlife)
- Trancey/slightly techy/video gamey elements fused together to a melodic little tune. I was fuckin freezing when I finished the tune so eeerrr what the hell, I named it Cold Fusion.

Last Hope (64 KBps MP3)
- melodic tramen tune with trancey vibes

Signed Material:

DLF - New Track City (Backstab Remix) (Chromacide Records - CHRM001) (PROMOS OUT NOW!)
- neurofunky little remix of a tune originally done by DLF.

Spawn / Pipelines (Gamma Ray Records - GRR004) ( Release Date = ?? )
Spawn: a bassline I had 2 years ago, finally got around to finishing it, regular stuff... but pretty popular tune. =]

Pipelines: techno influenced DnB, got tons of stuff going on... hence the title "Pipelines", get it? =]

hopefully this section will fill up a bit soon :)

Older stuff (currently unavaliable):

- it was gonna be a collab with sporophyte but we each got too busy, i sorta picked up some samples and did a track with it

- one of my personal favs, thinking of remastering it and getting a VIP treatment

Time Trip
- standard dark/tech-ish track

- my "failed" attempt on making a roller turned into this weird little number

- my favourite of all the old tunes, smooth and melodic spacey vibe

- I was informed that this tune was played in a club without my permission. Prolly my most "famous" of all old tunes, also played in a few radio stations. Anyway, first tune which got some "playing" time.

techno inspired/a bit bouncy

- RAM style tune which I'm not too fond of at the moment

The Signal
- experimental tune... my oldest tune since I changed my name to Backstab

2002, 2001 © George Tam/Backstab