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Saturday, January 19, 2002

Ryerson: Puting Your Education In Reverse

I was on the subway and well I saw this add with that slogan...okay it wasn't that slogan but it could have been. I think it was actually something like "Ryerson: accelerating your education." and it has a picture of the gear shift from a car. So me and Fal are staring at the ad and wondering why they left reverse on the knob which was clearly edited by computer to say Ryerson below. Sorry Liston it looks like you are going the wrong way.
-end transmission-

- Knobody @ 2:31 AM

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Friday, January 18, 2002

Jobs I applied to so far...

Well I only applied to 7... I just realized I should've applied to a few more.

ATI Tech, Assistant Engineer, Thornhill (long shot)
ATI Tech, Applications and Tools, Thornhill (doubt i'll get interviewed)
Castek Software, System Tester, T.O.
Environment Canada, Web Developer, Downsview
NVP Software Testing, Bolton
Johnson & Johnson, Web Admin , Markham
Royal & Sun Alliance, Web Developer, T.O

Oh well... I'm hoping to get some interviews at least, still can apply to 17 more jobs.

- Backstab @ 4:36 PM

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Thursday, January 17, 2002

We Skipped Electric Flux

Yeah, screw dat.

SOOOOO much reading for Liston this week. I'm about 300 pages behind for all 6 courses. Have some MAJOR reading to do... but there's only so many unix commands and switches you can read about in one day.

I have the need to play Time Crisis 2 in the arcade at school, but damned RyeSAC (student admin council) didn't open at 10am like they were supposed to.

I just realized that all our reading weeks don't coincide. Why they can't put them on the same days, I've no idea. Mine start on the 25th right into March.

I was reading CIO and apparently the computers industry is looking for people with Dbase skillz. They also have a lovely article on "How to Run A Microsoft Free Shop" Quite interesting indeed.

To all the Waterloo co-op people, I'd like to suggest Your passcode is most likely UWstudent, since mine is RUstudent. Not bad, good for campus jobs... however I doubt some of you would want to stay in Waterloo for the full year.

On a side note, here's a Clown FAQ... incase you ever wanted to... you know... know.

On another side note, here's a patent for a bed that propells you forward to wake you up in the morning.

Say It Ain't So!

- Liston @ 10:45 PM

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Slap in the face!

and no, i'm not talking about risk.

ok i finally got around to fixing the network in my house. Everything now works, except polaris prime!


grr tripod is pissing me off, i mean wtf, everything but tripod.

finished battle realms, kinda anti-climatic. the last two missions don't require you to defeat the enemy, but just kill the 2 leaders. and that's easy, just draw them out by attacking them with like a ninja. I still say archers rock. for the so called last boss, i owned him, i almost didn't notice because he didn't even make it to my base. 30 odd archers just ripped him up good.

so now what? i dunno my friend, i dunno

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 6:16 PM

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Wednesday, January 16, 2002

This sux

Yeah... title says it all. This really blows.

All I've been doing as of late has been printing resumes, more resumes, copying resumes etc. It's getting pretty stressful, I've been making more a more copies of my resumes because I kept fucking up, if it's not the shitty photocopier, it's something else. The workload has been ridiculous so far, I've got so much work to do... Calc 138 blows. Oh wait, did I mention ECE 126... OK, the course code ECE doesn't mean Easy E. Not like the song by Wesley Willis. I still don't understand what electric flux density and how to "triple integrate". Somebody teach me.

Yeah, this term is horrible, I felt the need to stop time, the first time I've ever had that feeling ever in my life.

- Backstab @ 11:57 PM

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Tuesday, January 15, 2002

You Can't Kill Yourself At Waterloo

My theory is that Waterloo University was specifically designed that way.

For a successful suicide by jumping off a building, you have to jump about 12 floors. None of the buildings there are very tall, but wide. Coincidence??? I think knot.

Drown yourself? The best place is that Duck pond outside St. Jeromes, but that pond is most likely waist deep.

Do you know why you're only allowed a kettle? Do you understand that it would be EXTREMELY difficult to kill yourself by pouring boiling hot water ONE CUP AT A TIME on yourself? Think that's not INTENTIONAL???

In other news, I'm ichin' to play Risk 2210 yet again. Hmm, Thursday in T dot O... Go clubbing/bar hopping on pub night or play Risk at my house... It's a harder choice than you think.

The fire alarm went off in Jorgenson Hall @ Ryerson today. Coincidence? I thunk knot.

I've been laughing at this excerpt in my Java book for the last 2 days...

"Even worse, imagine a house that stands for years and then tumbles over one day because an untested sequence of events has occurred, such as flushing the toilet, taking a shower, and turning on the dishwasher in quick succession."


- Liston @ 10:29 PM

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The Sequel to Funky Shit Happenings at EL-103?

Well no not really... but the fire alarm at EL went off twice today. Someone's prolly smoking pot and the smoke just caught the detectors.

K Liston, so who's crazy? I think #3 applies to me, everyone's fucking crazy, think including myself. I mean... i know just about everyone is everyone is either crazy, or TOO normal. Not too many in betweens.

Anyhow I'm bored, here's a bunch of AWAY messages on my ICQ as of 7:15pm EST:
Here's Mike's: I think i know, I don't think i know. I don't think i know that i know. I think i know even though i don't think i know...
Here's Dark Ice's: did you ever have "one of those lifetimes"...? yeah, i thought so...
Here's Etheral's: Expert, texpert choking smokers, don't you think the joker laughs at you -I am the Walrus-

see how the they smile like pigs in the sky see how they snighed, I'm crying.

No I am not high on skittles.

- Backstab @ 7:20 PM

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Monday, January 14, 2002


Yes indeed. Viagra now comes in a 4 tablet sample pack. Consult your physician.

I'm really suprised by this, considering Viagra is about $20 a pill.

Did you know that if a woman took viagra, it would work in the same way as if a man took it? Well, not exactly the same way obviously, but use your imagination.

(Aw man, now I got everybody thinkin' about genitalia)

(Alright then... Mission Accomplished.)

Actually, Viagra was first being tested as an anti-histimine I believe. They did a double blind test on a group, who's allergies didn't really go away. However, there was an interesting side effect for the males of the group. Can you imagine filling out that questionare answering "Any Side Effects?". How do you explain getting horny taking Reactine?

I read in a medical journal that some guy was using Viagra to extend the life of flowers. The shaft of flowers stay upright and stiff for weeks on end when you add Viagra to the water mixture.

Anyways, enough of that. I'm starting to discover that this world is absolutely full of crazy people. Do you know how many people I've said are "FUCKING INSANE" in the last 3 weeks? Quite a few. Maybe Ephraim is right. Perhaps everyone goes through the phases of...

<1> Yeah, everyone's cool.
<2> Man, that dude/chick is crazy.
<3> Why the fuck is everyone so crazy? I'm the only sane one in this room.
<4> Fuck guy... I'm fucking crazy.

Tell me if this has donned on you as well. I'm very interested.

- Liston @ 11:40 PM

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Funky Shit Happenings at EL-103

EL103 has got to be one of the shittiest lecture halls at Waterloo, Liston and Knobody, that's my Calc classroom btw. That room is pretty much my homeroom, I stay there for 4 hours every day. 3 hours in the morning, then lunch, then back there for Calculus.

This morning when I was in Digital Circuits class the fire alarm went off. I thought it was pretty lame, we had to walk outside, by I chose the indoor route and just chilled at E2, with a perfect view of whats going on. It turned out to be a false alarm, I'm guessing some one's smokes caught the smoke detectors.

Backstab> So.. what year and program are you in?
Bartender>I'm in 1st year computer engineering!
Backstab>...WTF? Get tha FUCK outta there!!!

You know what's coolio(more like coincidental), the bartender has a class in EL103. When I was about to go to Calculus I saw her today walking out of that room. Funny shit. At first I thought there was no fucking way she was in Engineering, and I was right, it was a history class put into engineering lecture. I think Etheral might now start to attend some classes in EL103. LOL!

So yeah. My life has been pretty boring and that's why I have been talking about nothing much in the last week, other than the bartender, who... well, ask Etheral, he'll tell you :)

- Backstab @ 7:41 PM

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Is that your final answer?

Well it's my final question, like a said, i'm going to retool my special little section. Next week it should be something new for everyone.

Oh I'm sorry for that HORRIBLE title for the post. I'm such a tool.

Yesterday was really freaky, the day consisted of
1. Steak
2. Risk
3. Movies (English patient, Sound of Music, MiB)
4. TV show about risk (undergrads)

Watching undergrads scared me because it's really reminded me of us, all of us. Notice how teckerson tech sounds like Ryerson (poly)Tech. Stu is wrong about teckerson tech being waterloo.

Yeah Knobody kicked my ass in risk, damn frequency jams, oh well, but if jon mui is reading this, I've got a stratagem against your blasted nuke deck. Ooh i can't wait until next time. In that game at the last round, i pulled out 33 units on my last turn. I still couldn't stop cliff. Maybe i shouldn't have fought Liston for the moon. (Tycho baby!)

I got bored and finished both megaman x3 and x. X3 is really hard, but so much easier with my trusty z-saber. heh heh. The difficulty comes from all of x3's jump timing type puzzles. It's always jump in time or face some spikes or something else deathly. I hate those but whatever, mega man rox0rs.

Ugh, my room is a mess, i should clean it. Once you guys move back, you'll notice you have alot of crap all of a sudden.

I keep hearing that calc and CS and hard. Damn summer is going to suck. (or at least time consuming)

Well just letting you know i'm not dead

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 6:25 PM

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Sunday, January 13, 2002

Some new pix0rs

Yeah, I added 5 pictures in the gallery today. Most of them were just pictures of the risk playing board, but what the hell, I was just trying out my dad's digital camera. Knobody told me not to post up the picture I took when he's playing Pokemon Puzzle League, therefore, it must go up the site and I also upped that pic $$. You can view all the new pictures here.

oh yeah. I forgot to answer Knobody's question from before. No, the only page that uses blogger is the index page. The rest you can just do whatever with Frontpage.

Next week, Rams vs Packers, Raiders vs Patriots, Steelers vs Ravens, Eagles vs Bears... awesome matchups.

- Backstab @ 6:48 PM

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