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Friday, January 25, 2002

Brief Review

I'm bored at the moment, so I will do a quick review of my courses.

CS 134 is ridiculous, no point going to lectures... I don't understand a thing the prof says, just because everything's so ambiguous. For the first time today I understood the point of linked lists. Once again, this coming from ME, who skipped half of the CS130 practicums, slept thru all the lectures from week 7-12, didn't know what signatures/reference and all those big terminologies until writing the exam.... screwed up eh? Well that seems to always happen with me and CS, I don't know much terminology and concepts but I can use them without even knowing them.

ECE 126, ah ECE, what's going on in that class is the biggest question. I don't like doing intergration and partial differentiation crap very much. It's frightening how advanced this stuff can get... the material in the course is way too hard for 1st year students... in my opinion anyway. Even more frightening is that the midterm is Feb 5th. So I'm suggesting you guys NOT to come up. Come after midterms :)

MATH 138. Liston and Knobody, you guys are right on the money. My prof writes like a machine. Tooo fast, and way too much. I NEVER learn anything in that class until I go home and read through it when I do the assignments, because I'm always copying down her notes. This is bad. I miss MATH 137.

SE 112, hmm...yeah logic. Transformational proofs suck. Truth tables all the way! This course is ok. I can do the homework, natural deduction and this thing I just learnt today... semantic tableux, weird stuff.

SE 141. After about 30 minutes of that lecture I usually will fall asleep, my prof is a bit monotone... the stuff is somewhat interesting, I'm looking forward to our next lab. THe lab I just did was to design a circuit that converts a binary integer to a letter displayed on a seven-segment display unit. Thought it was cool, when your circuit actually works on the breadboard thingy and lights flash and all it's cool

Overall, this term sucks so far. Get me OUT of here. I wanna start working. Got 0 offers yet. My status for all my jobs are still a big "?" At least it's better than NO... at least for now.

- Backstab @ 4:23 PM

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So I say, what happening?

I've been saying "Dude" a lot for some reason, I wonder if I'm becoming white washed.

Anyways, this term is great. The work seems to be easier, CS is actually interesting, badminton is wonderful, fed is amazing, wing nights are excellent, met a lot of new people (most of which I'm still trying to figure out whether or not they are fobs), what more could one ask for! Down on the upside! Up on the downside! Sideways through the horizontal, upwards in the vertical! I finished Brave New World, tra la la la la la. It's Mike and Randy's birthday soon, I will make steak for you guys. Grace woke me up at 8am this morning. I went to the cafeteria and blew up a cup of cappuccino, so I was late for class. The algebra Prof in St. Jeromes pronounces "Beta" as "Beeetah" and picked on me today, but I got the answer right, so sucks to be him, stupid British mofo. "Starts with a Com.. co co co co co combination..."

Yeah, come up next week Randy, I'll be here, as well as George and Jon I believe since they are going home today. Let's go chill at George's house tomorrow night, he has the house to himself, Coconut cream pie, Fong's ginger beer and Rat Race, can't wait.

Yo check it out, it's Witch Costume guy, I think he goes to U of T

- Etheral @ 4:21 PM

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Wrote a small article on PS, go check it out

Liston, your going nuts with non-microsoft OSs, you might as well look into BSD, i'm not even sure what that is.

Yesterday i recieved a phone call from my sister. It was from her cell phone. She was at home. She called to tell me to turn on the printer. 'nuff said.

Oh i also left out in the last post, Diana had recieve a dirty dirty phone call.....
Not from tom. *phew*
Dirty Dirty phone calls Redux?(see old article) I think not.
I still say dave should have saved that lovely answering machine msg.

Creed sucks! Pink blows! you get the picture

I heard Escaflowne the movie is comming to theaters, I hope it opens in Toronto
oh and just in case, i hope they don't go and butcher the movie.

hmm maybe i should start an anime column or something. Funny i used to hate writing, and now 180 degrees later....

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 1:53 AM

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Wednesday, January 23, 2002

I Think The Sys Admins Are Spying On Us

Okay, this is the story. When we work on Unix/Linux, everyone has their own directory branched off from the root (god user). The Sys Admins have the ability to set our default 'umask', which automatically sets file permissions on any file that we create. The thing is, the umask is set for EVERYONE WHO HAS AN ID TO BE ABLE TO READ MY FILES, INCLUDING MY ASSIGNMENTS AND HOMEWORK. I think it's done on purpose, just to check up on the people who don't know how to reset their umask. Now, I'll admit that you can't get a file directory to show, but the thing is, everyone has the same file structure setup for my Unix&C course because it's part of the homework. We all know where the work is kept, so with an explicit directory, you could cheat your way right though the course.

Anyways, in conclusion, please type 'umask 027' before making any important files, or even better 'umask 077'. Keep "da man" outta your face. rw-------

On another note, I've aliased the command 'dog' to my .profile. I now have the ability to write the command "cat dog > mouse". I'm really excited about it.

I'm getting used to driving to Finch station at 7am each morning. Much better than the GO Bus.

..Monday, took her for a drink on Tueeesday... We were makin' love by Wednesday... and on Thursday and Friday and Saturday... we chilled on Sunday...

Concerning Pho Maxim, THANK GOD WE WENT TO THAT EGYPTIAN PLACE when I came up. BTW, I really liked that place... that cinnimon chicken was damn amazing. Too bad it's too expensive.

I left in the middle of my Computer Organization class to go buy cookies. Those were some good cookies.

Ocean Spray... Crave The Wave,

- Liston @ 10:55 PM

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Another reason why Software Engineering at Waterloo is elite

I just realized I have 3 email addresses, 3x20MB of webspace I believe.

Now you might ask, how is this possible? Well, simple. Since SE is a program which is both Engineering and Math, I get a math account, and an engineering account. The department of electrical & computer engineering (ECE) department of Waterloo also supports SE. Since I'm taking an ECE course right now, and since ECE has their own server, I have an ECE account. So yeah... I have 3 accounts, 3 emails, 3 webspaces.


Because of this, I have uploaded an mp3 just for you all. The tune of the week this week will be "Epidemic" by Roots and Fierce. Go download it.

p.s. perhaps this is the first post ever in which I didn't make fun of SE.

- Backstab @ 8:01 PM

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Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Don't eat at Pho Maxim

I got this from about 10 people from my ICQ today. Read this.

That's freakin nasty, I think the newspaper and lab coat part is disgusting. Ewww, now that I think about it... I wonder where they got that nasty tea from... Golden Mango from now on guys? Their pho is so much better anyway, and it's cheaper.

- Backstab @ 9:54 PM

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Posting From UT Comps Lab

ummm read the title

Your friendly neighbourhood spammer,

- Knobody @ 11:19 AM

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It's pronounced (ji boot'ee)

How do you pronounce Djibouti?
It's a real place. It's pronounced (ji boot'ee). (Rob ľAH)

- Knobody @ 12:08 AM

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Iceland GRC

Well our good friends at Avalon Hill have been nice enough to answer any and all questions concerning our favourite board game. I stumbled upon an FAQ for the game and among the questions posed was what does Iceland GRC stand for. Apparently Iceland is a prime location for genetic nerds as they created their own lab over the entire country. Iceland GRC stands for Iceland Genetic Research Center. They also mention that the land commander is not needed to attack on land and that MOD reduction can allow you to abandon territories. Nothing more to say.

Brown Death From Above,

- Knobody @ 12:06 AM

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Monday, January 21, 2002

A Good Date Perhaps?

Is it all good if I came up on the weekend of the 1st? Are people coming or leaving on this day? Post or leave a message if it's a bad time to visit. Thanks.

- Liston @ 11:43 PM

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Werther's Original Chocolates

The key is to eat the chocolate around them first, then eat the middle.

- Liston @ 9:47 PM

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My Life

I got paid for the first time for my coop job. Its nice to finally have some cash. My job is getting a little more interesting although at a slow pace. Can't wait till i get to start playing with the laptops and stuff cool, well in my opinion anyways. Mike how is the job hunt going?? Damn waterloo!!!

Saw Momento on the weekend. Wow that was a good movie, although it was a little different though. Its about this guy who tries to find the person who killed his wife. The thing is that he can't create new memories and has to take pictures and write stuff all the time. It sounds all weird but apparently this happens more often than not being able to remember old things which I find weird. Anyways the movie has two stories about the same person running in different directions. Overall it was the highlight of my weekend as the rest of it was boring as hell.

when is that stuff on the side being updated, Etheral quotes have been there forever. Oh Mike about ur answer. The position that that football player was in after getting punted in the nuts.

Anyways later

ps 13 people a year are killed by vending machines falling on them, so remember treat them with respect

- Avatar @ 9:05 PM

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Diana, monopoly queen

I still can't read polaris normally, so i'll have to just read it through blogger. I wish i could see somethings, also in theory i would be working on the graphics of the page, but i can't see squat so i'll put it on hold. Sure i can do it without seeing anything, but that would just suck too much for me. I'm sorry but don't you know? it's all about me! me me me me! you can go screw yourself! me me me me!

Another weekend, another risk game. As usual, Liston gets all up in my face, i get spiteful. Knobody wins. Literally. (yeah i chuckled a bit when i wrote that too) Well Liston, Guess what i'm doing next game? yeah you know it! Just keep it to yourself!

So Cliff left and went to the brunny, me and Liston decided to skip out and opt for swiss chalet. Well called Diana out, (does she have a internet handle), anyways while eating we decide to play monopoly. But first, we take particular notice to how few, and much deprived vancouverites are because they lack swiss chalet. In replacement for the swiss treat, they have something called white spot. It's no swiss chalet, but it's not bad, i've eaten there and i kinda like it. Diana then started talking about some pirate ship meal there. She lost me there. She might have mentioned something about walking the plank afterwards.....

Anyways, we begin our monopoly game. I like the risk game started sucking ass. I got sent to jail 3 times in the early game. So i'm screwed. In midgame, the properties were all evenly divided, the only person with a "monopoly", was Liston. So i want to make a deal, Now Diana and Liston are the most impossible people to deal with. For that they suck ass! With Randy leading the game, me going to the poor house and Diana owing the boardwalk & park place properties. I know i'm going to lose. Upon my final bankruptcy, I deal my lands to Diana. Why her? Spite. Spite for Liston. He put me in the poor house, so i'll do the same. Plus he was being more of a prick in dealing. If this is of any importance, i sold my body(the little monopoly figure), to Liston for a dollar. $$$. So now the game gets interesting. Liston goes to the safest spot in the late game, jail. I thought Diana was done for. But Liston is destined for failure, because he rolls doubles, a pair of 4's. Swearing, Liston asks if he moves with the pair of 4's, i said no, roll again. He rolls again, pair of 4's. That clinchs it, he is meant to go 8 spaces, which is of course is community chest. Community chest directs Liston to Boardwalk. Diana's Boardwalk. Diana's BoardWalk with hotels. $2000, Cha-Ching! From then on in, it was just a slow decline into poverty for Liston.

Did i mention Liston is the most resilient monopoly player i've ever seen. Lost after lost he just kept comming back. But Diana is Monopoly Queen. She some how consistantly just evades all of Listion's hotels and houses. Liston even owned a whole side of the board. Yet some how Diana managed to skip right over his properties. You should have seen the profuse swearing coming from Liston aimed towards the roof. Anyways she whooped our butts good. God save the queen, Diana, Monopoly Queen.

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 6:24 PM

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St.Louis Defence 21, Green Bay 17

Ok, I've always said Brett Favre is over-rated. I've always said that he isn't that great a QB. And people have always scoffed at me. True, I have been wrong at times, but today... today is REDEMPTION! Brett Favre was intercepted a mindboggling 6 times today, 3 of which were returned for touchdowns, as the Green Bay Packers completely got blown out of the water in this game. Don't get me wrong, I hate the Rams, but I'm glad they demolished Favre today. I mean, for God sakes, I can fart out footballs better than he threw them today. Congrats to Brett Favre and his 6 interceptions. It was truly an elite day.

So next week: Rams vs Eagles in what really is the Super Bowl of this year. Most people of course are going with the high octane Rams offense, but I'd put my money on the Eagles, if they get Troy Vincent back. The Eagles are probably the only team who have 3 quality cornerbacks, with Vincent leading the group. With all 3 healthy, the Eagles will be able to blitz, and this will cause all kind of headaches for Warner, who moves about as well as a BA girl looks. The Eagles also have Donovan Mcnabb, and this guy can do it all - his mobility is outstanding, and he has a pretty darn good arm too. This Rams defence won't have the same kind of game they had against the super elite Brett Favre. I guarantee it. Money on the Eagles for this game.

And has anyone noticed Vince Carter lately? Last 4 games, he's had 4 poster dunks. I'm glad he's finally driving to the net. From now on, he will be known as the POSTERIZER. And oh yeah, the Leafs are blowing. Oh... last thing - less than 4 weeks til the elite Valentine's Day edition of random pic. Peace out.

- Skieblade @ 12:21 AM

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Sunday, January 20, 2002

The Age Old Question

Would you rather be hit 100 times in the nads by a baseball bat or shot with a sawed off shotgun? (in the nads of course)
Dilema dilema...

I'm starting to feel like a computer scientist. Probably because I've got 4 computer related courses this semester, as opposed to 1. And you know when you're a computer scientist when you have a favourite unix command... namely 'cat'; short for concatenate. Maybe I'll alias the command 'dog' into the .profile. That'll be interesting...

It might be nice to have some fresh faces on P.P.

Until we meet again,

- Liston @ 11:48 PM

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Alright, the weekend is almost over. Let's see, I watched way too much football this weekend. Loved the Patriots vs Raiders game all except for the bad call, but I thought it made it even more dramatic. I had the lounge basically the whole weekend, it was great. Rams vs Eagles next weekend!! Gotta watch this one for sure... gooo rams!

I've still been busy, with homework, co-op and everything, but there should be some cool stuff forthcoming on PP once I free up a bit.

Here's something funny I found today. Click on this link. I thought this was pretty hilarious. Overclocking a P4 using liquid nitrogen and reaching speeds of 3.675GHz? LOL!

IMPORTANT!With the disappearance, or more like laziness or undedicated... staff members, ahem, I might be opening up for some room for news posters. If you're interested in posting in general, and be elite like me and the rest of the people up here, drop me a message, talk to me, or gimme an email about that, thanks and have a good day.

- Backstab @ 10:03 PM

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