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Saturday, February 09, 2002

Valentine's Day is simply a do-over for the guys that fucked up at Christmas...

so yeah. keep that in mind.

Did anyone see the opening ceremony of the Olympics? I missed most of it, but there was a funny bit at the beginning when the athletes all came out. It said: India, population 1.1 billion. Athletes: 1. I would think that for anyone, to be in the Olympics would be a huge thing, but imagine being that 1 guy. Wow...The pressure.

- soufpawed @ 10:30 PM

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Friday, February 08, 2002

Would you like chocolate chips with that?

One of the guys on my floor last term told me this apparently.

This girl got an interview for some web design job. The interviewer asked the girl a few technical questions... "What's a cookie?" was one of them.
The girl answered "oh, it's something you eat".

Another reason why companies should pay some attention to someone's marks, rather than their fancy resumes, when selecting candidates for junior positions.

- Backstab @ 4:24 PM

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CS Sucks

My never ending bitchings about school continues... I don't understand the point of CS134 written assignments. They are so stupid, yet they are worth so much? Why? The anality of the markers for assignments continue to rise. Wow, so there are no such things as half marks anymore. OK... maybe I'm just pissed. But from now on for all the written assignments, I might as well just gonna copy other people's assignments, they are such a waste of time.

I thought CS130 was dumb when they took off marks for indentation in my source code and didn't return a variable.

So the bottom line is: CS sucks, and so does the program.

- Backstab @ 4:14 PM

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The Morning After

I just had a thought, what happens when you try to recycle the recycling bin?

The One and Only

- Guru Mike @ 8:50 AM

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Meat Market? ahh meat market

You thought i was dead didn't you? you wish, sometimes i wish too, but me and you know that ain't happening.

Tragically Hip rocks, i shouldn't have made fun of Stu.

Speaking of the devil. I'm sure i'll have some zany story about what i'm about to do tomorrow. Apparently, Stu has something planned downtown tomorrow. It involves walkie talkies, so therefore i must be crazy and zany. Oh and lion king masks and a get away of sorts. Use your imaginations because mine is seriously sucking ass right now. Stu has also aptly named it operation ruckus, i just want to get a new board game. Zanyness ensues...

I need to learn and buy martini equipment, somebody remind me to the next time were out. Liston is right, everyone should watch Dead man on campus, you'll learn a billion lessons about Post secondary life. "the papers josh, the papers!" In fact go watch it now!

Ryerson report is up, i wish i re-wrote it. Any questions about the report, please write them down on a piece of paper, tear it up and throw into the wind. I'm feeling cynical right now, you know more so then usual.

I'm going to something called meat market, appearently only the beautiful go there. Why don't you let that one settle in your minds. Some kinda clubbing thing on saturday. So bascially it's time to get my funk on. (do people still say that?) BTW i'm 20, and most likely your not, Must suck to be you. Sorry Chris, can't make it funny, not feeling it today.

What you say!?

The One and Only

- Guru Mike @ 12:43 AM

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Thursday, February 07, 2002

nothing important here...moving right along

"Where do you get real maple syrup?"
"What, like South Carolina?"
"Oh, like Canada?!"
-from a conversation of a friend of mine and some other guy in Florida. We aren't just north, we're nooooooorth.

google is running a programming competition. and the grand prize is $10 000 cash. in american money (: since you are practically all very competent programmers, i thought someone might be interested and enter. and then if you win...

I saw a poster today for World Youth Day- "a tourist leaves with a heavier suitcase. A pilgrim leaves with a lighter heart". It almost made me really want to go. {almost being the key word}

And just to end on a funny note, down with pants!

- soufpawed @ 10:28 PM

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Damn Turds

Here I was sitting in the SLC eating my chicken korma, when three stinkin hick turds walked up to me and asked me to join the campus crusade for Christ. Now, you probably know that I'm the last person they should approach about this sort of thing, and I'm sure they know that now as well. Anyways, they start to preach to me about Christianity, so I start arguing with them about why Christianity sucks and how they should become Catholic. But nooooo... they get mad and pull out their crosses and threaten to stab me if I didn't stop bashing Christianity. Well I wasn't going to stand around and be bullied by those Deuteronomies, so I pulled out my Trevis pad (the black USB gravis pad) and summoned a bottle of Sleemans Honey Brown. Mmmmm, how refreshing. After I finished the cool refreshing beverage that is Sleemans Honey Brown, I had enough power to compress time, so I combined Risk and Risk 2210, and somehow Randy's Corolla with the racing stripe appeared. That's not what I wanted, so I combined the Corolla with George's glasses and it turned into a Television, so we turned on the TV... and saw Mike swimming in a pool of Piranhas!! I quickly decided that I didn't want Mike to lose his already meager flesh, so I threw the TV into a bucket of steam and it morphed into a joint. Attached to the joint was Cliff! Sup he asked? And I said "yo homie, not much, what's happening in the grotto's my man?", at which time he started to melt! In no time flat, he melted into a puddle of chicken noodle soup, which the janitor swept up into a bucket. But I took a closer look at the bucket.. AND IT WASN'T A BUCKET AT ALL!! It was actually Andrews Head, he had his usual moronic expression on his face, so I went to get him some bones so he could form a body. But before i could put together a body for him, his head rolled away and out the door! (The door that leads to the MC) I gave persuit, but he rolled faster and faster, and eventually crashed into the MC! Luckily, Andrews head was extremely hard and didn't suffer too much damage, although he looks like a tard now. By now, it was about 2:25 and I had to get to CS, so I kicked his head back towards Toronto and went to class. So there I was in class, minding my own damn business when...

- Etheral @ 5:15 PM

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Few updates before I go off to study

I updated the never updated music page with my top 5s of this week. Yep, as usual no one will know those tunes, unless you're a hardcore drum and bass fan like myself. So yeah. Click here.

Life would actually be nice if I'm in math. I'd actually be doing my calc homework.

AND YEAH. About my tune of the week. Every week I'll upload some tune that I usually like to pump in res for that week. It's usually one of those tunes that you'll hear OVER and OVER again if you live in North 3. GO DOWNLOAD THIS WEEK'S TUNE! IT'S GOOD, TRUST!

- Backstab @ 2:09 PM

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Wednesday, February 06, 2002

There Is No Nine

Salad King is starting to become my favorite downtown eating establishment (if I have money to eat out that day). The seafood fried rice was pretty good. A little bit oily though, damn they use a lot of oil. It had squid, shrimp, mussels, and some crab sauce. I don't know if you've been there before, but they give out numbers written on white cards, and call it out when your food is ready. After paying, the guy gave me a white card. It said "9". However, when I turned it upside down, it said "6". There was no marking on the bottom of the number to signify which way was right. Feeling like a COMPLETE DUMBASS, I asked "Is this a six or a nine?". The man answered "There is no nine." It was sorta cryptic the way he said it.

I'm sorta glad to be 20 years old now. I was SO ON EDGE the few weeks prior. It was so strange. I was nervous day in and day out for almost 3 weeks before. But it's all good now. Btw, just like to say thanks to those who made my birthday a little brighter day. It won't be forgotten.

I hear @home and Bell is planning to have a download quota soon. What the hell is that? I also hear that to get the same service I'm currently getting now, it'll cost twice as much. Might have to consider switching to DSL provided by a company that believes in a FAIR deal. What's the point of blazing fast speed if they cut you off after xxx bytes?

Rented NBA Courtside 2002. Pretty cool game. It's pretty damn easy to score baskets though. Toronto was shooting fucking 91% by the half. What's the point of using JYD or Antonio Davis if the opponent never misses? Other than that, it's pretty cool. Oh yeah, changed my starting lineup. I took out that foolio Morris Peterson and put in Dell Curry. You're damn right.

You have no chance to escape make your time.

Guru Mike! Where's that Ryerson report? I really want to know what the hell you were writing while following me around. It'll be strange because it's like reading someone else's interpretation of my life. Strange indeed.

This Is How We Do It,

- Liston @ 7:38 PM

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It's nice to be here (: As for the name, I write with my other hand. I'm not sure if it's in boxing or baseball, but in one of those, lefties are referred to as "southpaws". A couple years ago we just decided to eliminate the 'th'. So yeah. That's how you say it. {not like the sou from soup}

The links?'s crazy entertainment for anyone brave enough. why?

temporarily insane but permanently loveable (@ school)

- soufpawed @ 8:23 AM

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Random Ramble

Well after reading thru about 10 posts and not finding an alternative explanation for the aforementioned events (My World Is Crashing Down Around Me (part II)), I have come to the conclusion that there is no logical explanation for those events. Thanks for everyone's NEWz.

Welcome Soufpawed, an explanation of your name is needed, although I think I asked you that in chem...but I forgot...oh and umm was I not supposed to visit the links you left me? Cuz well...ya....


- Knobody @ 12:21 AM

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Tuesday, February 05, 2002


One thing you gotta learn in University is to cram. All of you should know by now, if you can't cram, you will fail and drop out like a car crash. This applies to all people have 5 classes who are equally as hard and with at least 25 hours of class a week, which means, all engineers. With the amount of workload and such, plus the time you spent doing something else, like looking up p0rn online and playing risk, you will not be able to keep up and will often fall weeks (hopefully not months) behind in class. Therefore, you will need to learn the art of cramming.

A good example will be my SE 141 Digital Circuits class. The amount of homework I've done for that class since the beginning of term has been zero. The amount of reading I've done so far has been... 10 pages of Chapter 1? I think. Yeah, so there you have it, sometimes, you won't be able to know everything, but that's ok. This is university, just pass the course. I think I've enjoyed cramming. Oh yeah, and wing all your mid-terms and exams, it usually gives you satisfaction after you come out.

OH AND ON A SIDE NOTE - I upped a new song for the Tune of the week. This week's tune is Kemal's "Mutationz III". Everyone should download this one, great tune, guaranteed you'll like it, yes including people who hates any kind of electronic music.

- Backstab @ 11:15 PM

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humanity continues to disappoint me...

i was under the impression that canada is a free country & that people are intitled to their own opinions... whatever.

on hooking up, by a computer engineer
allow me to remind you all that nice people don't just spontaneously materialize into single people's lives. You have to go out and meet them, exert work onto their systems and bring their electrons to orbit around your nucleus. In other words, form a bond. I'll go further and derive Schrödinger's equation for people in your house: at any given time, the probability of a person being in your house is a function of the amount of work you've done to have them as friends. In other words (in fact, they probably belong to some layman or other), the probability of some attractive person of the opposite sex just popping up at your door approaches zero at all times.
(taken from "vixen meets sweatpants")
for more waterloo hilarity (and anecdotes that will make you cringe and thank god that you weren't there), go here.

5 Day London Tour, Harry Potter-Style: unequivocal proof that this thing is being taken way too far, if people are going to europe to see this. how sad...{although i would go to new zealand for a lord of the rings thing, but that is another story. and i am a nerd and therefore allowed to do stuff like that}

temporarily insane but permanently loveable

- soufpawed @ 8:25 PM

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Dinosaurs + Thinking Man = No Super Bowl

That's right, I missed the Super Bowl, every minute of it. From opening coin toss to the half time show to the endless pictures of over done American patriotism. Oh last but not least those annoying virtual ads on Global, shouldn't that blimp have been shot out of the sky. Anyways, instead i spent my day at the the ROM, yes the ROM, my life is going down the drain. Saw some stupid dinosaurs which sucked hardcore. The only highlight was seeing the thinking man.

Besides this saw Black Hawk Down on Friday. Good movie that showed how stupid Americans can be. They made a convey of hummers drive through a gaunlet of natives with guns to get to a crash site only to have them drive back the way they came. They deserve to be shot up. Although some parts were cool with two snipers killing like 20 guys before they were killed. In the end 19 soldiers died and Clinton had to pull out haha. (I'm not fond of America if you can guess)

Anyways off to bed, got work tomorrow.

PS. Did you know a pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes. Remember that song that goes "or would u rather be a pig.." the answer might just be yes.

- Avatar @ 12:20 AM

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Monday, February 04, 2002


I've never really noticed a difference in driving styles generalized to the sexes.

btw. Somebody set us up the bomb!

- Liston @ 11:52 PM

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i think backstab's *real* reason for liking the rams is the glorious days of being one @ st. robs...NOT. wait sorry. after 2 weeks, i almost forgot how bad things were. {did YOU ever learn the words to the school song? no. me neither}

aside from physics, my classes are populated with morons.
mr brimble {this 25 year old world issues teacher who doesn't know much himself}: name the political parties we have in canada
stupid girl #1: the liberals!
mr brimble: yes. now, are they in power in canada?
girl: uhhhhhhhhhhh i don't know.
extreme stupidity like that really depresses me. and {as usual} i am the ONLY person even remotely right of center, in my class of 30+. yes *please* feel free to attack me & my personal belief system

mr steiner wrote some lyrics for pink floyd. i don't really listen to them, but that is just cool.

and cliff: being normal isn't always a good thing.
{not to be a sell out or anything, but men do drive better}

- soufpawed @ 3:40 PM

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Question for all of you!!

Are women or male drivers more skillful? (Key word being "SKILL")

- Etheral @ 3:31 PM

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WTF is up with the weather!?

I wish Risk didn't take so damn long to play. Geezus, it's so bloody cold today, god must have left the freezer door open or something. George is funny when he gets mad. Andrew doesn't feel that he deserves the title of being one of the nerdiest people on the planet. I tremble and spin, suspended within. I really have nothing to say so I'm just typing whatever pops into my head. I feel like eating chicken wings, let's go to Fiascos tonight. Cliff, why did you shave your head? It's so cold outside, your head is going to freeze.

- Etheral @ 2:47 PM

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Yes, Should Fire Rams Coach

Ok, there is no way the Rams should have lost this game. No way in hell. Warner sucked like crap yesterday. Sorry, I let my emotions take over - Warner is a great quarterback who sucked yesterday. And Warner without Faulk is that much worse. I still don't understand why they didn't use Faulk. Like, wasn't there a drive in one game where Faulk did everything for 76 yards? The coaches obviously suck. If Warner is struggling, USE MARSHALL THE FUCKER FAULK. Yeesh.
I also don't understand how the Patriots managed to get so much pressure without blitzing. Like, how many times was Warner hurried, or did Warner have to scramble, or did Warner get plastered after throwing the ball, and like there was no frickin blitz? The offensive line didn't show up. And when Faulk ran against the eagles? It didn't matter if they blitzed or didn't blitz - he ran. The key to a good blitz is that every cornerback has to be competent. Otherwise, the blitz won't work. Vincent was far from competent when the Eagles lost. And Faulk showed why he is MVP that game. There are also run blitz plays that stop the run - never saw that really either. I think the bottom line is that Faulk could have carried this team to the superbowl, but they didn't let him. And the stupid coach should be fired for that - coaches have been fired for worse. Also, everyone knows how Warner isn't that great against the blitz. The fact that he sucked when they didn't do it should lend even more to the fact that he struggled... MEANING MORE FAULK.

Lol, Rams destroyed Vikings in 2000. 49-37 I think. I personally like highly offensive powered games better =) Hmz... and you're right about Moss - he doesn't come out to play everyday. That's why Green got fired. The Vikings suck! I say Moss demand a trade to Philly or something... hahaha.

Honestly, the game smells like it was rigged. The fact that Warner suxored for 3 quarters and the offensive line suxored for 3 quarters, but came to life in the fourth shows that something wasn't quite right. And maybe that's why they didn't use Faulk - the game was rigged, so there was no point in using him. I dunno. There is no way in hell the Rams should have lost this game. I mean, pffffffffttttttt... the Patriots suck! Look at their offense! TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE. You look back on all the games in the playoffs, it they all smell like rigging! True, Vinatieri still had ot kick that field goal against Oakland to send it to overtime, but like, yeah, that fumble overturn? Smells like a rig. And I bet if Vinatieri missed the field goal, a flag would have been thrown for no reason - like a defensive holding call, and he would have gotten another chance. And Pittsburgh? Why the hell did Stewart throw 2 interceptions in the last like 3 minutes of the game? Like BAD INTERCEPTIONS. LIKE BA INTERCEPTIONS. I dunno, I smell rig. Haha. But it doesn't matter. I get to gloat that the Rams sucked for a day, a day when them sucking counted the most =) But yes, yesterday's game had a great ending. It was a very good game =) Vinatieri is elite. I bow down to his eliteness.

- Skieblade @ 12:21 PM

Rotten Tomatoes? |

Firing the Rams coach after a 14-2 season, and losing one big game?

DO you know anything about football? Blitzing? You think just blitzing the quarterback is good defense? Moron. If you blitz on every play Faulk will be unstoppable by running up the gut every play. Faulk rushed for 159 yards against Philly. See what happens when you blitz so much? That's what.

Yes, I agree that Faulk should run the ball more often, but this Warner sucks is bullshit. I dont' believe his 36 TDs in the season show that he sucks. He didn't play great last night, but he did rally them back didn't he. Nothing the Rams offense could do to stop the Patriots on the last drive.

Last night's game was a good game, but still, cut the trash talking with the Rams. The Rams went 14-2 in the season. Now how could they have sucked ASS if they went 14-2? I don't understand this. And just because the Vikings were pathetic this season doesn't give you a right to. Let's see, you have even stressed this before, the Vikings lost to the Panthers (1-15) and the Lions (1-15) during the season. Yeah I'm sure Randy Moss helped out a lot. All I heard was that he was pissed off and refused to play for the whole season ever since Culpepper got injured. What a whiner. And don't even let you remind you back in 1999 how the Rams destroyed the Vikings in the playoffs. That WAS ownage.

What a game though, seriously who would have thought the Patriots would've won. I used to like them a lot when Bledsoe brought them to Super Bowl and lost to Green Bay, but ever since Bledsoe got injured I'm all for the Rams. So no, I don't hate the Patriots, and yes, Vinatieri was elite.

- Backstab @ 9:02 AM

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Ok, no one really pays attention to football here. It's pretty much George, Tom, and I, and I haven't heard from Tom since nerdfest 2002. So, it's basically George and I. George is a Rams fan... he's hardcore Rams. I couldn't give a shit about the RAMS or the PATRIOTS, but since George is so pro-RAMS, I decided to go for the Patriots. So here they are, totally destroying the rams... and then Warner, on fourth down, FUMBLES! The PATRIOT guy, Tebucky Jones (however you spell his first name) picks it up and returns it for a touchdown! PATRIOTS up by THREE TOUCHDOWNS! But wait, there's a flag on the play - holding against the PATRIOTS... Rams retain football, penalty gives them a first down, and they score a touchdown. My heart sinks. And then later, they score another touchdown... 1:30 left... my heart stops beating. I'm thinking... George must be having a blast. But wait... the PATRIOTS drive... and there's 7 seconds left... and, wait, what's this? A 48 yard field goal attempt by ADAM VINATIERI. It's up... AND IT'S GOOD! PATRIOTS WIN! PATRIOTS WIN! ADAM VINATIERI JOINS THE RANKS OF VINCE CARTER, RANDY MOSS, AND SQUARESOFT! THEY ARE ALL ABOVE... wait a sec, I might get in trouble for bringing religious figures into the mix. PATRIOTS WIN! PATRIOTS WIN! BIGGEST UPSET EVER! EVER!!!!!!!!

Now, why do the Rams suck so much? Let's think about this. First of all, Kurt Warner is not the star of that team. Marshall Faulk is. SO WHY THE HELL DOESN'T FAULK GET THE BALL MORE!? THE GUY IS FRICKIN UNSTOPPABLE. But nopez, the Rams are stupid, and they let Warner throw and throw and throw. Secondly... well, actually, that's about all I can say at the moment. Warner's 2 interceptions led to... um... 10 points I think, and Proehl's (or however you spell it) fumble led to another 7. 17 POINTS OF TURNOVERS! THE PATRIOTS ONLY SCORED 20! So this proves that the PATRIOTS have a shitty ass offense and that Brady sucks. SO WHY THE HELL DID HE WIN MVP HONORS? OBVIOUSLY VINATIERI SHOULD HAVE WON IT. But anyways, the Rams suck ASS. Their offense was defeated without the PATRIOTS blitzing, Warner can't throw for beans, and they didn't use their best player. That all adds up to what should be a firing of the Rams coach.

I've also come up with a theory as to why George likes the Rams so much. Just the name - RAMS. For george, it brings back many glorious memories of him ramming his ass against his bed post. It's all psychology - if the name brings back pleasurable memories, you're bound to like it. So Backstab... here's the bottom line - be PATRIOTic - be straight =)

Anyways, that's enough out of me for now! RAMS SUCK! Aight, peace out.

- Skieblade @ 2:13 AM

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My World Is Crashing Down Around Me (part II)

Just a little update on the situation...
The girl that asked me to prom hasn't brought it up again, so I don't think she was serious, and if she was I don't have to worry about it until she brings it up. Go me! The two girls that I found out lied me and were involved... well that's still a problem. One of them came up to me today to tell me that the two of them were talking about me after I left work on Saturday. Just a sidenote but she told my sister that she liked me for about 4 months... Anyways, she asked the other girl "If you weren't going out with Ricky, is there anyone you would go out with?" reluctantly my name came up (I think she was fishing for that). She added that, if she wasn't going out with her boyfriend, she would go out with me too. So they are talking and they end up arguing about who is gonna get together with me first. So what she was really saying was that they were arguing about who is gonna break up with their boyfriend first, so that they could go out with me. Okay, that's messed up. I'm so glad I wasn't around for that conversation...but why did she tell me all that. Oh ya, she told em she was uncomfortable telling me this before she told me that. WHAT IS THAT! So they want to break up with their boyfriends to go out with a guy that never showed any indication of wanting to hook up with them. (I refuse to do that, cuz that's a dangerous situation to get stuck in. Anytime it comes up, I don't say anything.) Okay so what am I doing wrong? Where are the single girls that are fighting over me. Anyways, ya I kinda didn't ask too many questions about the subject 'cuz I didn't want to talk to her about it, but I don't know how serious they were, and I'm hoping that they weren't at all. But if it wasn't me and someone asked me, I'd say that the whole purpose of telling me that was to get my reaction to see whether or not she should break up. Somebody give me some input on this. Please throw me an alternative reason. Since it's me, I don't jump to those conclusions 'cuz they violate the rules of Cliff's universe. Okay well moving on, remember the girl with the musical thong? Well I was talking to her at work on Saturday (same day) and she was telling me that she wasn't wearing her uniform underneath her sweater (Some of the people that work there, get a Famous Player's sweater to wear cuz they have to go outside once in a while and well weather). Now we are supposed to wear our uniforms underneath, and that's why it was out of the ordinary. Anyways, she lifted up her sweater to prove all she was wearing was a bra. Go figure. Anyways, she's just liek that, so I disregard that. The other 3 I haven't seen since my last post. Basically it's just the two that I have to worry about... What a life... Why Can't I Be Normal.

So yeah, I shaved my head again, so no hair. Still car-less. This shit is really making me want to get drunk. But it's probably better that I don't drown it out that way and say things I don't want to say. But for the record, out of the seven girls, the only two I might have wanted to hook up with are the involved ones, but I won't cuz I won't.

^the (color) death thing wasn't supposed to catch on
I could really go for a game of risk right now...damnit it's one in the morning...well nevertheless


- Knobody @ 12:48 AM

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Sunday, February 03, 2002

Super Bowl in 3 hours

GOOOO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- Backstab @ 2:56 PM

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Sleepy S

I've been so Sleepy S lately. I slept for 13 hours today! I don't understand it at all. Maybe my body's getting used to waking up early on tuesdays and thursdays, so it's banking on sleep.

Played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 on GC. What an amazing game.

Somebody set us up the bomb.

GT, gold hair would be coolio.

I had a dream last night that I was eating these really bad danishes.

Until Then,

- Liston @ 2:23 PM

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