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Saturday, February 16, 2002

Some clarifications

Let me explain my situation. I was so pissed off after hearing that everyone got offered jobs while I didn't even have an interview. When I came back from class I just fucking snapped, and took it on the Calc test book. The cover of that book ripped and its all dented up now. Then I chucked the phone book, and some water bottles. I was gonna shatter some glass bottles until someone stopped me. Yeah, now I know how you felt Guru, deep down inside.

Quite an unusual occurance, but I couldn't stand that shit anymore, so I decided to let go and just destroy. I think that was the first time for a long time since I snapped this badly.

Out of the 24 jobs I applied for, I got 21 rejections, 3 cancellations. How hopeless is that? I might sound a bit cocky, but these employers have no fucking clue how to select students. One of my friends told me that these fucking lazy bitch mother fucker employers just read the first 10 or 15 applications and then once they like it they throw away the rest. My theory is that they just randomly draw out 10 from a bin.

I'm so tempted to make a fake resume. I mean, why not? Everyone lies. I know this guy who put "Excellent communicator" on his resume, but this guy can't even fucking speak English. I don't really wanna do this shit though, I mean I can easily get my dad to make me a fake reference letter saying that I'm the web designer for his company, or maybe a tecnician. I don't know.

I felt like I've wasted so much time in 1A. I was in that 28 hour schedule while the rest of you wankers in math have like so much free time. I realized marks do not pay off. Well guess what, I think for the remainder of this term I"m just gonna fuck around and be like a moron in class, just cause ruckus and piss people off, perhaps I shouldn't even go to class. Calculus is absolutely pointless, I go to class only to copy notes. I don't understand a single thing that comes out of my prof's mouth. The only thing I know for sure is that she is speaking English (perfect Canadian accent).

Fuck I need a break... midterms, jobs, everything, just piss me off. I wanna go downtown to the Brunny/or bar/pub wahtever next Thursday night. Fuck school.

(p.s. I know my posts lately have been stupid and it's all the same but hey that's just what's on my mind)

- Backstab @ 8:10 PM

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Deem Sum

Well, we went for dim sum again this morning, seems like it's becomming part of our weekend routine. We also went to look for houses and all memorized a number on the way home, pretty strange day in my opinion. You guys up for a football game on anything thursday? Let me know, I'll see what I can organize ->

- Etheral @ 4:09 PM

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Friday, February 15, 2002


I'm gonna drop out to pure math in 2B so i'll just go insane and then drop out of university. This is a waste of time.

- Backstab @ 4:46 PM

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My Apologies

Sorry about the random picture thing. I didn't think it would offend. Apologies to Dave, and anyone else who didn't like it.

- Skieblade @ 3:42 PM

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Dude... the batman thing about not being able to read in dreams isn't real... they just made that up! You don't seriously believe that do you? It's Batman and Robin man!

- Etheral @ 3:00 PM

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I just got Groundhogged dayed

Ok i just woke up, but i just got GroundHogged dayed. No, not the day, but the movie. You know how the day keeps starting over and over again.
The same thing happend to me but in a dream state. I know i may sound like i'm on crack, but i'm seriously freaked out. I'm kinda questioning reality right now. So let my crazy story begin now.

What was crazy was how this dream got started. Ok i fell asleep reading lord of the rings. I was really tired so that last thing i saw was the lord of the rings book in my hand. the book was closed because i thought i woke up. So this is a very crucial part. Me semi awake, seeing the omious black cover of the lord of the rings. Ok i wouldn't notice when i drifted back to sleep. So a dream would begin.

Dream #1
I knew i was dreaming. So it's already pretty cool, Lucidity. The extent of my control was only in myself, but me knowing it was a dream let me have no regrets. So i begin with getting out of car at home with a pretty girl. I thought this was going to be cool. I enter the house, We talk, and i'd wake up. I see the lord of the rings cover.

So i see the lord of the rings cover and i think, damn that dream was pretty cool. So i angerily start jumping on the bed. I'm not sure if i was in control any more. I noticed the door on my room start opening. But it stopped, it was oddly chained shut. I was thinking, I don't have a chain on my door. What is going on?

I wake up to the Lord of the Rings cover. This part in my memory gets fuzzy. I'm thinking, what the hell is going on. I look at the door. It looks fine. I'm sorta relieved, but i need more proof. I ran out of my room (the door no longer being chained) and frantically looking for something to prove reality. I look at a newpaper. I try to read it, but all of a sudden i recieve a spiltting and blinding headache.

I wake up to the Lord of the Rings cover. Again! i was getting really angry. I attempt to validate reality once again. I go down and try to read something. This time, no blinding, but immese pain. My head really hurt. I think what i saw was even worse. The words on the page did not make any sense. There were letters everywhere, all over the page. Ampersans (&) number sign (#) and percentages (%) mixed in. I was getting really freaked out. Forget mad, i just wanted out.

I wake up again. I see the damn cover. I'm thinking groundhogs day and batman. Batman because i remember from it i heard you cannot read in a dream. I've tried reading before in dreams, it really hurt my head. I was trying to calm myself down. Ok first thing i should do is get out of bed and try to think rationally. So i try getting out. Keep in mind this one is scariest of them all. I can't move. What is worst is that i sense, i feel my body moving. It was definitatly restricted, i could only move abit but at least i could sorta wiggle. What is even scarier is that i couldn't see it. I felt my body trying to move but the picture of the lord of the rings cover didn't move. I began a frantic struggle. But it just got scarier because my field of view did not change. I shook my head, tried to move the lord of the rings book. Nothing seems to have changed. All movements became futile. I screamed and screamed, but now i only seem to have heard it in the back of my head. From here on in, i dunno how many times i woke up and woke up again. I can tell you i stopped screaming in my head but i kept struggling.

I finally awoke. I think. I could move again. I was thinking how could i validate my extistance, or know i'm back in normal reality. I realized that i couldn't. I just couldn't do it. I saw the book again. You'd think i'd instinctively throw it across the room and vow never to read it. But i knew the book wasn't the cause of it. I felt sanier, if that is a word, and a bit more rational. I decided to log this dream because it was very interesting. Don't worry, the words i type are not looking like gibberish. This is quite unedited because i need to get everything down. I missed stuff, but i got the most important ones down. The last scary thing i noticed in that dream was that when i finally woke up for real. (who knows what is real) I noticed that in all my dreams, the door was hinged on backwards. I thought, what if that door is backwards and not the rest....

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 11:17 AM

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I can't believe the random pic is still there!! Randy, how did you manage to buy a board game without knowing what it is?? It's not like they sell boxes with question marks on it or something! The most sexual oriented thing in our school newspaper was probably the article on how to have sex at Laurier or something like that, pretty funny. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels has become one of my favorite movies, I keep watching bits of it when I have time and I can't stop listening to the soundtrack. "I'm a man machine, drinking gasoline". Yeah, aside from that, we'll all be back next Wednesday I think, cya guys then.

P.S - Reese Wotherspoon, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

- Etheral @ 9:01 AM

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Thursday, February 14, 2002

It's So Secret, Even I Don't Know What It Is!

Yeah, got a new board game. It's going to be a suprise to everyone... including myself! I will not know until 7p.m. tomorrow. Kinda strange how that works, eh?

School blows when you wake up at 6:30a.m. every day. I came home early and slept for 4 hours the instant I got in. Feels like I've been awake forever.

There's quite a bit of porn in our school newspaper, the Eye Opener. I'll get a copy and scan it in to show. Really pushed the limits (according to fellow students) of the concept of "newspaper". Was the paper supposed to have a half page collage of orgies and cumshots? I dunno. It is University. Open minds I suppose. Either way, I wasn't as shocked as some people were. Wasn't shocked at all to tell the truth. It's just naked people. Get over it.

One more week of this midterm craziness and then I can just max out. I intend to watch many many movies over my break. The Engagement Party looks cool. Starring Alan Cummings at that. Airheads, Empire Records, High Fidelity, Rat Race, Amy(if I feel like it)... Then I'm gonna have some Prime Rib and Heineken.

BTW, I'm thinking of getting a job at Sunrise Records just because. If I don't like it, I quit, no problem. I'm assuming it'll be just like High Fidelity, in the sense that my boss will be John Cusack, Jack Black will give an outlandish entrance every morning, and I could make tapes. Hopefully, my job will end when my boss puts on a concert, and everyone will live happily ever after.

Speaking of Chasing Amy, did you know that I can't watch that movie without being psychologically and emotionally prepared to deal the the concepts and consequences of the actions that the characters make? It's that intense. Can't even watch the car scene anymore.

I got the my pictures developed. I'll scan them sometime this weekend. Man, Rockin' Irene is one scary lady when you look at her in a still photograph.

You Sexy MoFo,

- Liston @ 11:49 PM

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happy? valentine's day

well. i did get to wear red and be sparkly today. (-:

canada's lack of medals is depressing to say the least. in sydney, our poor showing could have been attributed to the fact that canada isn't much of a summer country, and therefore, not as strong in summer sorts of sports. (a lame excuse, i know. but i heard it) but you don't get any more winter-y than canada! canada is the definition of winter. on the other hand, there is the whole pairs debacle that has now been taken to the courts. i keep naively wishing that the olympics could just be about the athletes and their sports. or maybe i should just go be estonian. and that way i wouldn't have to be ashamed. lol

i still don't get curling. You'll have to explain that one day.

oh and re: the backstab interview. this has really caught on with the online community. every two weeks, you are assigned a new random person to interview (who will also interview you). it's supposed to be a fun way of meeting other people (who are crazy and fun enough to do this weblog stuff). so anyways. this week, my person was lee. (the pagan lady i was telling you about). her questions and my answers will be posted on my site and my questions and her answers on hers.

</shameless publicity>

- soufpawed @ 6:30 PM

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Canada likes choking. No kidding. First it's the speedskater dude, then it's the moguls dude.

But then again, Canada will get 2 gold medals in curling, trust me on that one, also a few more in speed skating. That I can guarantee. Curling's the shit.

Go Estonia, and Latvia!

- Backstab @ 12:28 PM

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Damn Canada

Canada has a silver and a bronze.... Estonia has a Gold and a Bronze. Canadians suck ass, the Canadian government is retarded, why does Canada even join the Olympics? It's such an insult to the country, we should just stay out of the olympics and claim we don't have any medals because we never entered, not because we suck. Whatever.

- Etheral @ 1:27 AM

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Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Skieblade Interview



- Backstab @ 11:38 PM

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Son you're fucking high

From here on in, I'd like to declare for now and forever, that my Grandmother's turnip cake (phonetically pronounced Lo-bak-goh) is the greatests the universe has ever known. If anybody would like to dispute other wise, Son, you're fucking high.

grew a moustache and a mullet... Well, i didn't but i do need a shave. Of course when i say i do need a shave, that means i've got a smidge of hair compared to Ooh let's say an Armenian called "Steve" or better known as Serge. Yeah at the end of a week, i grow about serge's equivalence of a day's worth of hair (allude to Conor's reasons of why you shouldn't eat hamburgers near Armenians).

I've been thinking alot today... about switching to Linux. I've done some reading and Red Hat, employs child labour! No, seriously, that OS is geared towards the Networking sort. Now i don't own a server, so i've chosen Mandrake 8.1, which is made more for the desktop. I'll keep you updated on my choice for software in linux.

oh, i think i'll get it done yesterday... That is i finally got my hands on a copy of Lord of the Rings. I got it yesterday, started reading it yesterday. Oh yesterday.

god, please spare me more rejection... Nuff said.

So help me God, i'll never do another post based upon a song.

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 9:58 AM

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Tuesday, February 12, 2002

not the pretty woman...

no. that was another song {they do have many of the same words. just not the same tune}. although it says that she looks good and fine. so you could almost assume she was pretty. i think this one is actually called "do wah diddy diddy".

-still in hell then i guess {st.robs and hell being one and the same now that they are both on the list},

- soufpawed @ 6:27 PM

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That's one of those old tunes my dad listens to

Yeah, I forget the name, some oldie tune.
It goes something like what: she looks good... looks good, looks fine, looks fine, don't know the rest.

OK Here's a freebee:
I see you dancing in the corner of the dance floor, and the way you look you look so fine.
There's a problem 'cuz thats isn't what you came for......

God I hate calculus, I fucked the midterm so badly WAHH

- Backstab @ 5:54 PM

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The Pronoun Game

There she was...
just walkin' down the street...
doo ayee diddy diddy dum diddy doo...
doo ayee diddy diddy dum diddy doo.

Who's she?

As Always,

- Liston @ 5:16 PM

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Sketch city

Coffee time is so sketch. I don't think i've been to one decent one yet. In particular today, i was downtown at Spadina and College, the coffee time there is so ghetto. Remind me to avoid that place. Coffee Time you just made the LIST

St. Robert's
Coffee Time

Enough about places i should avoid. Someone once said to me that the sound of emergency vehicles was very comforting to her. She lives in downtown toronto, so i guess she is used to it. She rationalizes this by saying that the sounds of ambulences mean that someone is recieving help or being saved. It certainly is an interesting point of view. I never thought of it that way, probably because I live in suburbia. I remember once in elementary school. I was walking home, late due to some kind of unforseen and irrelevant circumstances. I saw an ambulance pass by with its sirens going off and racing down the road. Suddenly, I got this eerie feeling that it might be my grandma in trouble. I made a mad dash home. I ran full sprint home, and when i got there i nearly collasped. In fact i did on my front lawn. But i was so glad that there was no emergency vehicles parked on my driveway. My grandmother came out and asked what was wrong. I said nothing was wrong and let out a wheezing laugh. She called me crazy and left me to my own delusions. Funny the things you write about while at Coffee Time listening to ambulences pass by.

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 12:35 AM

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Monday, February 11, 2002

y' + P(x)y = Q(x)

not y + p(x)y' = Q(x)

It's y' + P(x)y = Q(x)
y' + P(x)y = Q(x)
y' + P(x)y = Q(x)
y' + P(x)y = Q(x)!!!!!!!!!!!!

that was 11% of my midterm... fucking calculus.

- Backstab @ 9:42 PM

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Yes The Rumours Are True

All of them, everys ingle one, unfortunately they are gonna get posted in an article that's gonna take some time cuz I'm a lazy bitch.
On a side note, Fal and myself were talking about what you would get if you tried to mate a dog with a donkey...we came up with a bitch-ass. We were trying to find an animal with the most obscene name, since that one didn't exist, we settled on a peacock. 2 obscenities fro the price of one.


- Knobody @ 6:54 PM

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Sunday, February 10, 2002

Who cares what Valentine's day is for

Oh wait, that reminds me, I have a Logic and Computation midterm that day. Oh great. By the way, Christmas is family time slash party time, valentine's day is well... getting it on with, well whatever. If you're trying to get your girl back the second time on valentine's day you're a lamer to the max. If I were you I'd give up.

At the moment, I have $6.12, that's all I have. A 5 dollar bill, a loonie, dime, and a penny. Elite, I still have enough for wing night!! Shit I'm sorta burnt out, I haven't been doing much other than study and doing assignments. 1B is a lot worse than 1A. You've been warned, for the 23424234234th time.

I realized that the archive link isn't working properly for many of the pages (the one on the main page is working fine). By the way, I'm almost done editing that Skieblade interview, it'll be up either later tonight, or tomorrow.

I watched a lot of TV/movies for the past week, lets see:
4 or 5 episodes of Trading Spaces, 2 or 3 episodes of Simpsons, Buffy, Scrubs, Super Bowl, Pi, Remember the Titans, Devil's Advocate, parts of Pro Bowl, some Olympics stuff, secrets of Forensic science, shit, lost count. Anyway, I blame Jon for this.


- Backstab @ 9:15 PM

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Valentine's day is a sham...
being pushed by Hallmark and women. Sure i maybe biased (me being a bachlor et al), but my friend Saff made a very good point. If you really cared, then you'll love him or her everyday, and not just the day designated by a bloody massare. If dying together is horribly romantic, then living together must unromantic.

That's what happens when you cross a romantic and a cynic.

Whatever rumors you hear about me are completely unfounded and they are full of lies. IT NEVER HAPPENED

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 9:12 PM

Rotten Tomatoes? |

I do I do

Oh, I have lots of Chef Boyardee (which is really gross, I ate a can the other day) in my room, as well as instant noodles, but it was 2am and I didn't want to eat so much at that time. LoL, my parents make food for me, but I don't have a UPS system like Dave that will bring me my food every week, so I only get it if I go back to T.O. We're forced to buy a meal plan, so might as well use it, most people don't use it all up anyways and it goes to waste.

I hate calculus.

- Etheral @ 2:30 PM

Rotten Tomatoes? |

The Significance Of A Can Opener To University Students

See, if you had a can opener and some canned stuff, you'd be A-OK. It absolutely blows my mind that you guys depend so much on your meal plans. Especially when they charge you so much. Boggles the mind why you guys haven't planned a trip to No Frills and stocked up on cheap cheap food. Dave's got the right idea, cause he gets food made at home. I find that even spending $5 a day for lunch for 5 days a week is getting pretty damn expensive.

On a side note, my favorite StarTrek character was Doctor Bashir. He was sorta like Action Man in some sense.

- Liston @ 1:37 PM

Rotten Tomatoes? |

speaking of crackers...

i was reading this thing the other day about the greatest number of saltines you can completely eat in a minute. (argh. i can't find the link anywhere...they had pictures and everything!). i think that number is 8. but it's harder than you think. (oh. and the guy said to not even bother trying one at a time. that will get you nowhere) "each one is harder to finish than the last as you have a ball of dry paste in your mouth" yum.

as for christmas and valentine's're probably right. i think they are mutually excusive. and it isn't really a second chance (although if you did do something bad back in december, it makes for a good shot at redemption). i just thought that it was kinda funny. why is it just the guys? i didn't think that girls really fucked up a lot in that department. maybe i'm wrong. (most girls, not all. i'm sure there are lots who do.)

- soufpawed @ 10:38 AM

Rotten Tomatoes? |

Dah, not again...

Aww man, I just realized I forgot to eat dinner. I'm so hungry, dang... I guess I'm having crackers and water for supper

- Etheral @ 2:48 AM

Rotten Tomatoes? |

Is That What It's For?

I'd disagree with you on that Valentine's Day is a do-over for Christmas. Christmas is a time for family, friends, and that special someone in your life. Valentine's Day is dedicated to that special someone. It's not a second chance; they're mutually exclusive events. Even if that we're true, why is it just the guys?

In other news, I tried "Sapporo": A Japanese beer. Pretty good with Pizza. Doesn't compare to Heineken though.

Finshed reading 150 pages of my psychology textbook. Pretty interesting stuff... if I wasn't forced to cram for a midterm on tuesday. Oh yeah, Java lab due monday, C lab due tuesday as well. But whatever, not complaining (much) Everyone's gotta go through it eh?

Let's Ride,

- Liston @ 1:30 AM

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