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Saturday, February 23, 2002

7 must be Belarus' unlucky number

that's too bad...the russians are being so whiny about everything. the olympics have morphed into a temper tantrum fest [although i shouldn't be the one to talk, we did start it]. but whatever. it's been good entertainment for the past few weeks. i'll still be glad when it's over on sunday [and we have our 2nd hockey gold!]

anyway, i think it's time to change the random pic *hint hint*. go canada maybe? i don't know.

knobody- i don't even know how to play logic. yes...i could read the instructions but that requires more effort on my part than the game is actually worth. oh. and the meet market story was funny [thanks christine (=]. i didn't know they actually did those things. it seems like such a cheesy sitcom valentine's day special idea [and they've all done it].

deathly ill [and hooked on ricola],

- soufpawed @ 4:53 PM

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Somewhat Low CS134 midterm marks

Marks can be found here, along with assignment 3. You might not wanna click on the link, cuz yeah, they are sorta low comparing to your CS130 marks :P

- Backstab @ 12:18 PM

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Friday, February 22, 2002

She Made Me Do It

Unfortunately, I have been convinced to post the article on the meet market. It's on the stuff page under NIGHTMARE CLUB. Too lazy to link it, so go find it yourself. Just know that I didn't want to post it cuz I don't like the article but it's there and she amde me do it.

Sadly yours,

- Knobody @ 8:29 PM

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What the Hell is Up With Logic

I'm surprised people aren't sick and tired of hearing me speak of the blasted girl situation. Well no new developments, one of the girls went to guyana for a wedding and won't be back for a week. And I've been avoiding work so I haven't seen the other one in a while. In any case no new developments.

I've decided not to post the meat market article since so much time has passed, tho I wrote it up, and can easily be persuaded to post it. It's a sad article though and only for the people who don't get sick of my writing style.

Hey, I play memory on my phone, though I haven't quite taken a liking to logic, what the hell is up with that game.

- Knobody @ 2:51 AM

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Thursday, February 21, 2002

Re:Dope Wars

someone had that game on their graphing calculator, so everytime rovere passed them out, we would connect a few and spread the game so everyone could have fun. {it was by far the most entertaining. the bowling game never went over well. i guess it's like how no one ever plays memory or logic on the nokia phones} we killed a lot of algeo time playing dope wars.

Go Canada! Well, at least if our men don't win, we still have a hockey gold that no one can take away from us. (-:

Other wins today...the competition went splendidly. the ajudicators liked us so much that we got an instant invitation to go to calgary to play in the nationals! {we would normally have to wait till all the other 60+ bands played so they could decide whom the best 2 or 3 that they would invite are}

proud to be a french-horn-playing canadian girl,

- soufpawed @ 11:33 PM

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Here's My Proposal

I propose that when the weather gets nicer, and while I still have the house to myself, we do the following. Begin at midnight, drink red wine until the sunrise. I'm guessing that when the sun DOES rise, and we're not passed out, we'll either be really angry at the sun, or really victorious. The choice my friend... is yours.

For Ever And Ever And Ever And Ever,

- Liston @ 6:04 PM

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Dope Wars - The most addicitive game on your palm pilot

Yesterday in class me and few friends were playing that damn game for the entire day, trying to beat each other's scores. For those of you who don't know what Dope Wars is, it's a game where you just earn money from buying and selling drugs, sorta like a stock market game. It gets really addictive after just a short period of playing time.

I was so addicted that I decided to download it to my laptop, so elite. You can get it at

It's all about the cocaine busts!

- Backstab @ 2:36 PM

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Grey areas...

at what point does something nice you are supposed to do for a friend become not so nice anymore if it starts to hurt you? and should you continue doing it? {or is this just me being selfish...}

knobody- what's happening with the girls?

and liston- february is almost over. were there no decent people this month? humanity disappoints me...


- soufpawed @ 8:34 AM

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Wednesday, February 20, 2002

A fictional conversation...

Mats : Ha ha, joseph, i schooled you in that olymipic game
Joesph: Ah don't make me go bellarussian on you.

What an upset! forget Team Canada, i'm rooting for the Bellarusse now!
Bellarusse, go for gold baby!

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 4:55 PM

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Tuesday, February 19, 2002

New Mix Up

I was bored last Friday night so I did a mix. I am actually quite happy about the mix considering I'm such a newbie at mixing. It's a 52 minute mix which covers 12 relatively new tunes. I uploaded a low quality version of it, and you can download it RIGHT HERE. If you want a high quality of it, just ask and I'll send it...

The tracklisting is:
1. Bad Company - Mindgames 00:00 - 05:23
2. Usual Suspects - Bodycount (Cause 4 Concern remix) 05:23 - 09:30
3. Invaderz - Mirage 09:30 - 14:29
4. Technical Itch and Ice Minus - Altered Beast 14:29 - 18:26
5. Kemal & Paul Reset - Kontempt 18:26 - 22:22
6. Cause 4 Concern - Soul 22:22 - 25:45
7. Shy Fx - Shake Your Body 25:45 - 30:03
8. Moving Fusion - Thunderball 30:03 - 33:59
9. Cause 4 Concern - Peepshow 33:59 - 37:43
10. Ed Rush & Optical - Sardines (Bad Company remix) 37:43 - 42:33
11. Faith In Chaos - Possession (Kemal & Rob Data remix) 42:33 - 47:44
12. Bad Company - Ladies of Spain 47:44 - 52:54

p.s. The archive page seemed to be a bit fucked up... the index is screwed up it seems...

- Backstab @ 7:49 PM

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Monday, February 18, 2002

Ew 69 in Calc midterm

That was as bad as the Canadian Hockey Team losing to Sweden 5-2 and their 3-2 win over Germany. Nonetheless, I should've gotten a few marks higher, if not for the horrible marking from the TAs. God I hate skilless TAs.

Can't wait till World of Warcraft/Warcraft III comes out. I'm gonna try WC3 soon, prolly not tonight, tomorrow after school it is! Once the game comes out, I'm gonna play it about 3-4 hours a day, I'll find some time. It will be SC revisited... it'll be fun.

- Backstab @ 11:18 PM

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What An Amazing Show

Today I saw an episode of "The Wonder Years". What an amazing show. I'm starting to realize that it really was different than other sitcomes on the air at the same time. Shows like Growing Pains and Cosby Show were all fine and dandy, and each had it's signature on the 90s, but TWY was different. The jokes were more subtle, and can you find an entire narrated TV series? It was the episode where they go to the Planetarium. One guy gets locked in a bathroom and gets into this guy's truck, then he jumps out. Kevin and Winnie are daring each other to do "bad" things, and the nerd gets the girl! What more could you ask for?

You know what I haven't seen downtown yet? Hookers.

...And Knowing Is Half The Battle,

- Liston @ 9:38 PM

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Short one
Got Food Poisoned from dim sum. ugh
Feeling like my insides are getting collapsing in on me.

Saw Capt. Von Trap today at the gas station. People see Elvis and Osama bin laden, i see Capt. Von Trap. He was gassing up at shell. He was wearing his hat and a trench coat(serious, from the movie). The biggest tip away that it was Capt. Von Trap was the fact that his car had the license plate, AUSTRIA.

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 9:13 PM

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Anyone know when World of Warcraft is suppose to come out? I'm predicting 4-3 Czech republic over Canada tommorow. The campus was so damn quiet today, ridiculous.

- Etheral @ 12:24 AM

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Sunday, February 17, 2002

I completely understand

Let's begin with matters of the trival type. Hero's quest / DND(dungeons and dragons), Yesterday we began playing Hero's Quest which just happens to be DND in disguse. My understanding of Hero's Quest is sufficient, but i know nothing about DND. As far as i can tell it's a rather screwed up game. There are no rules in that game. DM (dungeon master) controls everything. Piss off the dungeon master, go to hell. Plain and simple. At first i entered a room had to climb up a bookshelf by rolling a die. opened a chest on top, found a monster in the chest, jumped down and took damage, and fought the monster with Ephraim. In Hero's quest, there is normally no chests on top of bookshelfs, and no climbing in general. But since it's a mod of it, DMs do anything they want. I was kinda shocked because i was expecting Hero's quest, i got DND in disguse. The game is ok, but the DMs have to plan out the game very carefully, we ended up finishing the last boss in the 2nd lvl. Which is not right. All in all we had fun, really screwed up fun.

Backstab, yeah the world sucks, they can't tell who is who and who is good. I guess you just have to be patient. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I say just fake the damn resume. I got no where telling the truth. Whatever, it will only get better from here.

Somebody once told me that, Universtiy is just something you survive.Whether it's fun or not. Etheral seemed so miserable before, now he's doing fine, and Backstab seemed fine, but now is going nuts
my my, how the tables have turned.

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 12:00 PM

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