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Saturday, March 02, 2002

Warcraft 3... somewhat disappointed

I finally got to try the Beta and I have it permanently (at least for a while). I'm a bit disappointed with this game. It's focused about heroes, and it almost seems like an RPG.

Here are some stuff I like about the game:
1. I like how each race mine differently.
2. I like how heroes are completely unique from race to race.
3. Races are somewhat balanced.

Stuff I don't like about:
1. Upkeep, this is annoying and stupid in my opinion. Upkeep is liek this, if you have over 30 supply, you only get 70% income, and when it's over 60 supply, you only get 40%. I think this is absolutely ridiculous. Blizzard wants to elminate large battles.
2. Supply limit at 90? They're just trying to make you do small battles. It should be at least 120 in my opinion, I mean, your peons will take at least 20-30....

From the upkeep and the low supply limit, Blizzard took out the entire element of macromanagement. Macromanagement is the old school style of play where you just mine lots, build lots and attack in huge groups and you wear out the other guy. This is a huge blow to players with great macro skills...

If someone is overpowered, he should be overpowered. I've played a game where I thought I would be dead the next turn since I was down to one base (the other guy had 3), and I still actually came back and put up a fight and stopped 3 or 4 waves of attack. Why? Because he had really low/high upkeep all the time and was basically getting no cash. This is stupid and makes for unpredicatable newbie wins.

What else? Well, because of the supply limit and all, I think they made the units TOO STRONG. Which in turn, makes slow slow slow battles. Since the units are so strong, and the battles so slow, you have to be a complete retard to not be able to micro your units out of battle. Which makes this game require a lot less skill in my opinion, more upon luck.

You're saying that that would give you more strategies, more thinking, yes, but there's a balance between reflexes, macro, micro and strategies and most importantly execution and the psychological game. In War 3, there's micro and strategies... and almost no macro or execution needed in this game. Or wait...and there's no drops (you can't have an early drop because to get it you have to acquire it from goblins which is guarded by some strong AI guys), no rushing (the neutral units are in the way), and no cliffing, worst of all, no build order management/ no early expanding factor (those neutrals really screw them up, and you start off with way too much cash)

I conclude that I prefer Starcraft over War 3 at the moment.

So far I've only "officially" tried night elves. Played 5 real games with it. They are pretty strong, fairly easy to use and I'm gonna just keep playing with them until I feel like they suck.

- Backstab @ 8:24 PM

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Not Bad

That girl's not bad. She's hot.


- Liston @ 4:03 AM

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Thursday, February 28, 2002


I'll be taking the 9pm bus, which takes about 1h30m. Be there around 10:30pm. I'll call one of you guys when I'm on campus.

- Liston @ 11:38 AM

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Wednesday, February 27, 2002

I need to know the details

Are you guys coming up to Waterloo. If so, when, and what time you guys coming up?

- Backstab @ 9:04 PM

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The Universe according to Ja'Rule

It's time for another screwed up post by yours truly.

It has recently come to my attention, through Liston's infinite wisdom, that Ja'Rule is master of the world. Forget Naziism and Neo Naziism, no amount of genetic cloning will bring back Adolf. The future is Ja'Rule! I have nothing against Hip Hop, just him. Liston's right, every hit music station plays nothing but Ja'Rule 24/7. In fact i heard rumors of them changing the definition of radio to somehow include Ja'Rule. In my disgust upon hearing this, I turn on the faithful television. Sadly i've have been cheated on, Skank! MuchMusic was playing none other than, Ja'Rule. I just happend to catch them cut between one Ja'Rule video to another. I'm not sure, but i think i saw the new Much logo, MuchJa'Rule. "Comming up next, Much on Ja'Rule, where you request MORE Ja'Rule."

On the otherside of the coin is Edge 102.1, which is non-stop Nickelback. But I don't want to get into that.

Murder I-N-C.

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 7:48 PM

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Taco Bell

I heard that there are no Taco Bells in lots of places because the [extremely low] grade of beef that they use does not meet with town standards. [which explains why there wasn't one in markham for a long time....i don't know about now] not that it matters or anything. I never really ate there in the first place. They had that funny ad with Godzilla back when the movie came out a few years ago. "Here, lizard lizard lizard..." Haha

- soufpawed @ 8:06 AM

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I saw Wesley Willis today on Much

Yeah.. some guy interviewed him during Much on Demand. It was pretty damn funny, Moby was in the Much environment and he was like "Wesley Willis??" Wesley Willis is apparently in Vancouver right now and he had some concert for Alanis Morrisette...

Anyway the interviewer asked him "There's no taco bells in Vancouver, is that bad?"
Wesley Willis: Taco Bell is.... (long pause)... poop.
Guy: I thought you like Taco Bell, you have it in your song, Taco Bell, make a run for the water.
Wesley Willis: I don like Taco Bell cause it is like poop.

Later they showed a clip of his video of the song "Alanis Morrisette", haha, I WANNA SEE THE WHOLE VIDEO!! It's pretty hilarious.

- Backstab @ 12:07 AM

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Monday, February 25, 2002

Empty Needles Hall

I handed in my resumes for the 1st posting of continuous phase. Surprisingly there was NO one there at all, this has got to be a record. Well no, maybe because I was there at 8:10am...

Got back a few midterms today, marks that were more like it. Our electricity midterm had bonus marks, and the class average was 87% lol. Nonetheless I was happy that I didn't choke on electricity or digital circuits. SE 112? No idea. But if you finally understand some material now, and that material was ON the midterm, it is not necessarily a good sign.

- Backstab @ 11:55 PM

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Sunday, February 24, 2002


50 FREAKIN YEARS!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Sakic, Iginla and Brodeur will become legends after this game... GO CANADA. Yes, I agree with Backstab. Slap in the face to the Americans - losers of both gold games. Hmz, I think it's time to buy a Team Canada Yzerman jersey so I can also wear it when the Red Wings win the cup. Sounds like a plan!!

- Skieblade @ 7:01 PM

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ouch, slap in the face for USA. Losing to Canada in both men's AND women's hockey at home. I can't say ouch any louder than this.


- Backstab @ 6:02 PM

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