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Saturday, March 09, 2002

Asheron's Call 2

New site up. Instead of Sho, Aluvian and Gharu you can now use Humans, Lugians and Tumeroks. Graphics look damn nice too.

Check it out here.

- Backstab @ 11:10 PM

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no more depressing articles, i promise. i was just so mad...and i figured since all of you are the math/science/engineering type, you would understand.

i am fairly familiar with the doings of the chemical engineers [even after that dumb supply we had in chem last year said that all it is is just monitoring machines. sheesh. what is it with this school? do they want us to get liberal arts degrees THAT badly? coincidentally enough, that weekend, one of my sister's best friends...a chemical engineer, spent the weekend with us and she set it all straight]. i think the neatest example is penecillin. back in the day when what's-his-name first discovered it, it cost about $14 000/dose [that is some pretty expensive mould there...] which was only good for a day. it was the chemical engineers who figured out a way to factory-mass produce it and bring down the price to $0.80/dose and give it a shelf life of something like 2 weeks. impressive, i'll say.

oh i've heard all about the torturousness of Chem Eng 2B...I guess if you can survive that, you're pretty much set for anything that gets thrown your way.

although i despised that article [the idiot that wrote it, the star that published it, and the teacher who distributed it], it made me re-think the whole thing, and why i'm doing this. it's not because i want to do something sensible. that's just stupid- why put yourself through 5 years of impossibleness if you can do 4 not so bad ones and become an accountant or something. [that seems sensible enough]

i think we've made the right choice. i know over the course of the next 5 years, i will think otherwise, but in the end...this will be the right thing.

shutting up now.

- soufpawed @ 10:17 AM

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Friday, March 08, 2002

Engineering is like that

Yes, it's the truth, that's engineering. Don't even post those articles up here because it just depresses me, my situation right now isn't much better but I'm trying to enjoy the most out of it. Thank god to electricity class and digital circuits this term, or else my brain would explode with maclaurin series and big-O notation crap. Blah.

Also the truth. Engineering > Math :P

Btw soufpawed, do you know what Chemical Engineering really is? There's a fine line between just regular Chemistry and Chem Eng, Chem Eng is about applications in mass producing chemicals for the industry, biotech and stuff like that. I was so bored today I stumbled through the pages of Enviromental Eng and Chem Eng sites. Oh... in 2B, chem engs have to take MATH 218, Differential Equations for Engineers, hahahah feeaar.

- Backstab @ 11:22 PM

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It's Off The Schedule

I went to HMV to pick up a copy of Montell Jordan's new album "R U With Me?". I've been waiting almost two months for this CD, and then the guy at the store tells me that "It's been pushed back, way back. It's not even on the schedule anymore." I downloaded a few of the songs from his new CD, and intend to buy the CD when it comes out. I always liked his music. It was the my first introduction to Hip-hop soul music. It's very easy going music.

Been playing Disciples 2 WAY TOO MUCH lately. The art is absolutely fantastic. I particularly like the Witch Hunters and the Pegasus Knights.

Finished watching the Le Femme Nikita series. (For those of you who followed the series. Don't read the next of the paragraph if you want to watch it yourself)

I've been thinking about Operations lately (episode 7, season 5). He spent his entire life looking out for himself, and doing a lot of nasty stuff in his lifetime. So was it his greed for power that made him go after Adam? Does it really matter at all? What really matters... the reason why we do things, or the action itself? If it's the reason, you could say Operations killed himself. If it's the action (saving an innocent person), it could be seen as Operation's final act for redemption. I'd like to think it's the latter.

I have 17 quarters on my desk,

- Liston @ 6:22 PM

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potentially shattered dreams vs ones on hold

yesterday went down in the books as the day mr steiner made my "list". by the way, has anyone seen my list?
what does it look like?
well, it's a piece of paper that says mr steiner on it.

no, but seriously. he spent 90 minutes talking about why it's fine to be not good at math or sciences [and there's nothing wrong with that because it's true. it's just the way he said it....the implication that it's not good to be good at math or sciences. that's what bugged me]

then he passed out said article called "dreams on hold". it's about an engineer in university who was miserable and wanted to get out. he didn't, and he's lived in regret since. [on the way, he lost his scholarship and girlfriend of 3 years]. that bugged me even more.

ok. i totally get that engineering and med school and such are not for everyone. i understand that they will make many people miserable, but that doesn't mean all engineers & doctors are destined to be miserable. it doesn't mean that everyone in a sciencey field is a loser with no passions in life. just because i don't feel this way ["every play I see makes me want to leap onstage, every book I read drives me to write and create"] about writing [or anything artsy like that] does not mean that i don't feel that way about anything.

just because this one guy could "find no beauty in an equation" doesn't mean equations are not beautiful.
mr steiner had a similar experience in university as the guy in the article. he claims he was good at everything [yeah right. who is good at everything and then ends up being a high school teacher???] and thus decided to go to university and do something sensible. [med school] he went crazy and switched into english/philosophy second year. fine. whatever. but what bugs me is that he is a guidance counsellor; he's supposed to help us find ourselves not push his own experiences on us.

the guy in the article is now teaching english in japan. good for him, but i think that job is way over-hyped [the teaching english overseas]. pretty much anyone with any university degree in anything can teach basic remedial english at nightschool


- soufpawed @ 6:14 PM

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Wednesday, March 06, 2002


apologies in advance for the point and meaningless post. my brain is currently elsewhere. [if only i knew where....i think i left it in my physics book] i'm excited about chem! but then again, we established that i'm nuts that way. i guess 8:30 classes kinda suck though. organic chemistry was the most fun. when else do you get to make toothpaste and stuff?
i almost applied to the bioinformatics program. then i remembered how un-into bio i am. but it sounds cool. who is the devil?

nestea has a lot of caffeine. i think even more than coke. [not positive though] but that could explain it's addictiveness.

no kidding.

trying to study for physics test while writing a subjective narrative all for tomorrow [and failing miserably. why else would i be so distracted as to come here...],

- soufpawed @ 9:56 PM

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GO Guru Mike!

Bioinfomatics is better than CS-no option. For a fact. Only problem is, you have to compete with the devil!! YUCK. Yes, and chem sorta sucks, but looks like I might have to end up taking CH E 102 in my 2A term. The worst part about it is that, if I take chemistry, I will have 8:30 classes once again, monday, wednesday, and friday! Even worse, is that I'm supposed to get Fridays off in 2A. Doh. Well I guess Chemistry is alright, the computational/math part of chemistry is retarded in my opinion, I bet it's all differential equations (gg me 30% in diff. equations) The only thing that interests me in Chem is the theory/concept part about it, and Organic Chemistry owns, contrary to popular belief. Really enjoyed Organic chem in OAC... definitely the easiest unit other than mole calculations.

OH, and Mike, don't bother with Calculus, the whole course is basically Chapter 12, and its ridiculously pointless and you won't be able to understand a lot of it. If you're even gonna try, learn L'hopital theorem before you read on. But trust me, Calculus II is not a continuation of Calc I, it is basically "Pointless Analysis on Series and Sequences".

Nestea is soo addictive! I'm serious. I drink about 4-5 bottles of nestea a week. I'm not sure why, it's like crack. Oh, and so is Warcraft 3.

I believe Stu is gonna join Polaris Prime... if you see some dude with a weird name posting, that would be him.

- Backstab @ 8:06 PM

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Tuesday, March 05, 2002

I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me...

what on earth would that line from the title have to possibly do with what i'm going to post. Well i can tell you this, i'm not killing myself, so you can put away your party hats. That song is by beck, and guess where i'm living next semester? BECK HALL! *wink* *wink* *nudge* nudge* Yeah that was really lame, but i know at least Knobody chuckled.

Ok enough with the bad jokes.

Beck hall is south of UW plaza, apartment style suites, 9th floor, 2 bedrooms, 1 washroom, 1 kitchen, basic cable and resnet. Can somebody in Waterloo go check it out and tell me if it's a hole or not? Oh yeah i'm living with Trevis, so let see who kills who first. More in school news, i've pretty much decided to pursue the bioinfomatics option, even though i loathe chem. I figure taking a science 100 course in my 2nd and 3rd year will be good for me. "WHAT ABOUT SCIENCE? ESPECIALLY SCIENCE!" I'm also getting back on that horse called calculus. Man i totally forgot integration, by parts, by subsitution, by partial.... whatever. I recalled most of it today.

MIRC is full of punks

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 10:04 PM

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Warcraft 3: The Races

I've "really" only played two races, orcs and the night elves and here are my thoughts about it:

Night Elves: Really imbalanced at the moment, peons aren't required to get cash. Their huntresses are way too strong, and they will be nerfed. Really like the Keeper of the Grove hero. He rocks, summoning tree ants are too powerful and will also be nerfed I believe.

Orcs: I really like these guys now. Love their heros, the Tauren Chieftain and the Far seer. I use shockwave and chain lightning almost constantly during battles. Nothing like some bloodlusted grunts and taurens backed up with those heros ;)

- Backstab @ 9:44 PM

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Monday, March 04, 2002

Liston's 4th

Just thought I should recap on my 4th visit to Waterloo. I'll do it in point form.

- Lost my coat check ticket, had to wait 'till 2:30am to get my coat. Thanks for waiting guys.
- The floor in GT's room doesn't warm up when you lie on it for extended periods of time.
- The air is severely dry in Waterloo. I'm told it's because they drain the pool in front of St. Jerome's.
- I've finally figured out that the scent that permeates Village One is the smell of chlorine and meat.
- I really like that independant pharmacy in the plaza.
- Never thought that sitting at a round table drinking vodka and juice could be so damned funny.
- I figured out why I probably couldn't handle rez. No stove... and you can't walk around naked.

On a side note, it usually takes a day and a half of rest to fully recover from any Waterloo trip. That's why I didn't go to classes today... yeah... that's a good enough reason as any.

Totally forgot how to use Emacs. That's what happens when you stop coding stuff.

Erotically Yours,

- Liston @ 9:27 PM

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Is porn basically the only thing anyone ever searches for? I find that disturbing. But nice sitemeter keeps track of how people get to my page [speaking of which, does anyone know who uses], and lately I've been getting a fair amount of absurd google searches that have nothing to do with anything I've said and are just a random connection of words on the page. [use quotation marks people!].
the funnier ones:
"elijah wood" bisexual - this was from right after LOTR and the bisexual bit was in my scholarship rant.
revealing bikini - it was a dream.
the edible woman [it's actually a book i read. but i have a feeling the people that found it weren't looking for the book...]
there were others, but i don't think they're very mentionable.
the most disturbing part is that for many of these searches, i don't appear till like the 90 somethingth hit. people stick around for 90+ links??? that's new. i guess if you're that set on finding porn...

hoping there are still some people out there who use google for its better features,

p.s. this totally cracked me up. it probably shouldn't have, it being lent and all. but whatever. i thought it was funny all the same.
"At the grocery checkout line they were selling these "Child Hunger" calendars for three bucks each. I thought to myself, A new ragamuffin for each month of the year? Who would want that? Then I realized they were for charity. They were sold out." -R

- soufpawed @ 4:09 PM

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Absolutely Nothing

There is absolutely nothing new going on in my life. Oh well, actually, remember I was saying some girl asked me to her prom. Well, I got Fal to talk to her for me, and he said she was just joking, and she was laughing while she said it, but if I has said yes, she would have gone with me. So anyways, I figure I'm in the clear, cuz I'm not interested in her, but a friend of hers told me that she actually did like me. Grrr... What the hell. For some messed up reason I have girls chasing me around and I don't like it. What the hell is wrong with me. I swear I'm not gay!
...changing the subject.

Went clubbing on friday, ended up at Plastique Lounge, with a bunch of people from St. Rob's that you guys don't hang out with. Paul, Vic, Ann, Steph Aguila, Maria, Joey, oh and Steph's friend from Montreal, whose name I'm not gonna even try to spell. It's a decent place, but nothing special. A lot of bars...expected. A lot of girls...expected. A lot of nice girls...impressive. But those friends, are more into dance music, and we ended up spending most of the night on the euro, freestyle floor, instead of the R&B hip-hop floor. I don't mind I like to dance, and don't hate dance music, though I much would have preferred, the Hip Hop. I was happy when we moved up there later in the night, cuz I think they could tell I wanted to be up there. All in all a good experience. Though I wish I was in the hip-hop floor longer. But it was alright cuz I was dancing with some fine honeys.

Oh yeah, I watched 40 days & 40 Nights, don't know if I'd recommend it. I thought it was hilarious, but it was really screwed up, not in a good way. There were some really weird scenes, where the movie leaves you wondering what the hell they were thinking when they threw it in. If you want my review ask me, cuz I can't post it due to operation Chitzkoi. That's what I'm gonna refer to it as from now, GT, let me know when we can end it, cuz I can't wait to resume my colloquialisms.

I'm Better Than You Cuz I Go To UFT (slogan on various shirts at the U of T bookstore),

- Knobody @ 1:47 AM

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I eat such crappy food during the weekends

Yeah, it seems like every weekend, I eat such crappy food. I ate a V1 grilled chicken sandwich, spicy chicken sandwich, a hot dog, a Harvey's burger, noodles and V1 pasta during the course of this weekend. Yuck.

I have turned into an antisocial once again! Thanks to work/War3. I played a lot of War3 this weekend, and I still gotta get used to the game. Out of all the games that I've played so far, including 1v1, 2v2s, they always involve rushing.

Gonna go read some of my notes before I got sleep.

- Backstab @ 12:26 AM

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Sunday, March 03, 2002

Riddle me this, Riddle me that...

It has been brought to my attention that C, the complier, was written in C.
I felt that was quite interesting.

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 1:37 AM

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