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Saturday, March 16, 2002

new design!

now would be the most perfectest time...[hey...wasn't guru supposedly working on something?]. i have lots of ideas if anyone is interested [graphics AND colour - wise].

march break is sadly almost over. and i still haven't done any physics. shame on me. i just have to hold out till midterm.

hahaha. some guy read my rant about steiner the other day and had this to say :
"The only people I know who complain about other people's career choices are people who are very unhappy with their own lives, and seek validation by denigrating the lives of others.
In other words, Mr. Steiner sounds like a loser." right on!

and for entertainment [or if any of you are seriously looking into buying a car], car talk [these guys are really cool. in fact, they went to MIT- and spoke at my sister's graduation] put out a list of the top five chick/guy cars. [also, the top five gay/lesbian cars done shortly after by...the gays and lesbians... but you can read those here]

top 5 guy cars:
1. Ford Mustang: "A back seat guaranteed to be too small for your mother-in-law."
2. Chevy Corvette
3. Chevy Camaro: "Used to show other guys how manly you really are."
4. Ford F-150 Pickup: "Any car with numbers or letters for a name, or tacked on the end, can become a guy car. For example, F-150 or Civic-SI."
5. Dodge Viper
-the general consensus is that black can make any car a guy an extent i guess

and the top 5 chick cars :[ie: what you, as a guy, should NOT be buying]
1. VW Beetle: "A chick car, definitely ... I know of no other automobile with a FLOWER VASE as standard equipment."
2. VW Cabriolet
3. Mazda Miata: "I discovered this phenomenon when I got a Miata. 'Girlie car.' That's all I heard."
4. VW Jetta
5. Dodge Neon: "Neons are Barbie cars: little and cute and rounded in the hips. Even in black, they are feminine and adorable, only just a bit tougher, like Tattoo Barbie."

- soufpawed @ 2:36 PM

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Forthcoming updates, and what's going on with me

This page looks damn stale it seems. I haven't been updating with any articles or anything as of late. I promise however, that I will have an article up soon, it will be school related, on my 1A term, because that's basically the only thing at the moment which I can rant about. This will then be followed by another school related article on newsgroups. In addition to those, I think I'm gonna update my music page and upload a new tune for tune of the week (more like month).

I've been pretty busy as of late, well, not really. But I've been working hard in the new Software Engineering study room/labs at DC finishing up my assignments, then going home and play War 3. Anyhow that game is addicting. I've decided to keep my door open when I play because when my door's closed, I just ignore all knocks and stuff. Heh. Stu I know you're playing War 3? and who else? We can get a few games going perhaps? What do you think. The only players I know are a few guys from my program...

Oh yeah, who wants to make a ghetto game with me during work term? May - August. Whoever with any idea tell me ASAP. So far I've only talked to a few guys. Come on, it'll be fun ;) Great experience if you wanna be a game designer or work in the gaming field in general.

- Backstab @ 12:58 AM

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Friday, March 15, 2002

Thoughts on Warcraft 3 1.11

Orcs: Grunts are such tanks now. I think they are the most popular race. In general grunts and a hero rip through armies. The Tauren Chieftain is no longer as good since shockwave isn't as powerful anymore, but the far seer's chain lightning is still very effective. The Blademaster apparently is a lot better and has replaced the eliteness of the chieftain.

Night Elf: I guess they are decent, I don't know. Their ability to early expand is still somewhat imbalanced. Their lumber harvesting really blows. THe huntress cheese rushing STILL WORKS! I believe Night Elf is still one of the strongest race in W3.

Haven't really seen Humans and Undead in action too much.

Hmm, I don't know about this patch, but because all the hit points of the units have increased universally. The battles are a lot slower and its just like tanks vs tanks. Nothing like the old patch, its a lot lot tougher in general. Lots of micromanagement, perhaps a bit too much.

- Backstab @ 1:04 AM

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Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Disciples 2 and Ragnarok Online

Hmm seems everyone is doing some sort of short game review

Disciples 2
Basically Heroes of Might and Magic with really neat-o artwork. When i say neat-o (this will be the last time) i mean it's fantabulous. (that word too) I'm very impressed by the work they did on the art. But that where i draw the line. It's Heroes of Might and Magic, with a few differences to avoid copyright infringements. Not that Heroes is a bad game, it's just not horribly original concept. The game runs through and rather interesting story line of Ragnarok (notthing to do with the second game i'm reviewing). Ragnarok is the end of the world according to norse mythology. If you enjoy turn based strats, you'll like this game. 8/10

Ragnarok Online
You'd think with a name like Ragnarok, this game would be depressing. Actually it's quite the opposite, like Tycho said "Precious Moments meets Final Fantasy" After Disciples, this game just looks bad. Gameplay? Diablo 2 like, which means you'll break your mouse or your finger, which ever is weaker. Oh did i mention that its and MMoRPG and it's in beta phase still? Either way the game still sucked. BTW you have to get to Level 3 before you can sit down. I'm serious, i was wielding a knife and kill pink poofy balls, yet i could not sit down, apparently it's a skill. Well i certainly got oWn3d. 3/10 (maybe this game will get better, then again, i might become gainfully employed in the next 2 months)

Ok, i lied

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 11:53 PM

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School Related stuff... and War 3

Yesterday I spent 12.5 hours in school... 8:30am - 9:00pm. I was in the digital circuits lab for way too long... from 1:00 to 9:00? LOL pretty ridiculous. That's my record so far.

DC 2577 and DC 2567 are now officially the SE Labs. They have to open it on Campus Day... lol, just to make us look good. The lounge is almost done, I don't remember the room number but it's right across from DC 2577. Those labs are pretty neat... you can bring your laptop/computer in there and plug it into the network and you're set. If you have a laptop you can just use that connection to download like everything and then come home without being capped. You like that do you. The connection there should be super-fast, as it's Waterloo's server.

War 3... wow, 1.11 sounds interesting but I have still yet to try it. BUT it sure looks good. Night Elf shoudl be more fun now, and Humans! what can I say about those guys, mortar teams baby!!

- Backstab @ 4:57 PM

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Tuesday, March 12, 2002

is canada really a third world country?

i know i swore on no more depressing articles, but if you haven't yet read this, you probably should. it's appauling and all...but chances are, it'll affect you, and you should know about it now. what year are we living in again? i thought toronto was supposed to be the most desirable city in which to live. [oh right...that was last year]

so it's back to the u of t vs waterloo question...waterloo seems like a nicer place, but u of t gave us free food (-:[and you can't escape the st rob's kids no matter where you go...]

that was pretty much it for the day.
still contemplating...

- soufpawed @ 9:03 PM

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Finally the Hobo has come back to Polaris Prime..........

How's it going boys!! Now you can hear the Crazy Stories about York!!

But on to important matters, Humans in WarCraft 3! With the new patch 1.10 or 1.110; I have found that they totally rock, the best part of the human is that peasant can turn into militia without any cost but only for a while as long as a town hall is near. This is a cool idea because then you can't be rushed because all your men can fight back. Also i love the Steam tanks with Rifleman in is a cool combo, you can pretty much hold 4 guys in side one tank! So in battle you could pretty much have 2 times the men and have protection from the anyone via the the Steam tank. Also the hero's such as the Archmage which has the powers of Summon Water Elementals, Blizzard and Mass Teleport which makes it easy to rush any team if you have the Goblin Zepplin and tanks filled with your all your men! and the other great hero is the pally which can use Devotion Aura that gives all your men amour bonus and Ressurection that allows you to bring back 6 of your men back to full health. But yes i have been playing warcrarft 3 alot with humans because no one likes them. But check em out if you have the game.

York tales to come..........

- stewart pei @ 1:10 PM

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Well Well Well

Looks like we've finally found a house, it's about time. We decided to get a 6 bedroom place that's around 20 minutes away from campus. It's a really nice house though and Vince said it's even better than his house in Markham (which makes me believe he lives in a box). Anywho, there's one girl whose living there right now that doesn't know if she wants to leave or not (her other 5 roommates are leaving) but for some odd reason, she might stay, we'll see how that turns out. Jon and I were planning to go over and try to scare her away by saying we eat cats and summon the dead every night. Ah well. I have a long essay to write for this Friday, but I haven't started yet, I hate history. You guys up for dinner this Saturday to celebrate Jon's birthday?

I'll learn W3 when the final release comes out, I'm too lazy to learn and relearn it over and over again. AC2 looks amazing though, damn, I can't wait.

- Etheral @ 1:16 AM

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Monday, March 11, 2002

A Few Links To Brighten Your Day

Hey everyone. I thought I'd post a few links incase you were bored and need some entertainment value. Here they are.

"I Want A Fat Babe" - This is a Backstreet Boys parody of a (popular?) song of theirs. Takes about a minute to load on cable. (Doesn't look like it's loading, but it is. Open in new window and come back when you hear the music.

"Sabotage!" - You have to see it to believe it. Sound's a bit messed, turn up to hear.

"Porn At Work" - Hahahahaha.

"The BMW Films - Starring Clive Owen.

"Penny Arcade" - Get you daily dose here!

"City of Heroes" - A massive multiplayer game where you get to be a superhero! Me and Guru are making our own justice league named "Righteous Fire". More to come when the game launches in the Summer 2002.

"Counter-strike: Condition Zero" - It's the next Counterstrike!!!!!! Due out May 1st I believe.

"Global Operations" - It's the next Counterstrike... RIGHT NOW!!!! It's a Counterstrike look-a-like. I thought it'd be total crap and I'd stick to Sierra forever, but this game allows one player to run a tactical station while the game is in progress. Everyone is equipped with a camera, and the tactical leader has an interface where he can see everything through the cameras (Like in Aliens). The tactical guy can place nav points, and is in constant communication with all friendly units. HOW COOL IS THAT?????!?!?!

"Betty White's X-Entertainment" - How long have I coasted this site.... gees. Many sleepless nights have been spent here. I especially like the article on "Captain N" and "Tacos, Ghostbusters, and Movie Rentals".

"Red Hat" - Linux source provider for the servers at school. Actually, I always use Linux when at school, so when I tried to log into NT, my password expired and I was locked out.

That's it for me. Lates.

- Liston @ 2:41 PM

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Sunday, March 10, 2002

A plan during work term

Well, work term is coming up and since I will have quite a lot of free time, perhaps I should do constructive. I've been thinking of making a small game for fun. Perhaps some turn-based multiplayer game that can be played through TCP/IP, something I haven't done before. With that in mind, I think I will need a lot of help, is anyone interested in this? So far I've talked to a few people about this and they seem interested. Not sure what language/platform we'll do this in. This is all for fun nonetheless.

One suggestion or, one idea I got, was to make a port of the board/card game Munchkin, and turn it into a computer game played over the network. Any other suggestions? Turn-based strategy/board games I believe are the easiest ones to do with the most potential ;)

- Backstab @ 10:33 PM

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