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Saturday, March 23, 2002

About Time!

Good job there, but I'm not exactly sure about those graphics. I dunno, it doesn't suit the theme of PP, I prefer something sci-fi-ish or techy.
Mike man where's the one that you were working on before?

Bleh... I finally got onto the Warcraft III beta ladder. The lag to the west coast servers finally have receded a bit... so I logged on and won 3 games and now I'm ranked. Yay. I'm ranked like 910 with a record of 9-5 or something... need to keep playing ;) I'd post up some strategies for fun if I actually think I'm decent enough to... right now I'm such a newbie.

- Backstab @ 3:44 PM

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Re: New Layout

i was really bored this morning [and in need of an excuse to not do my physics assignment] and screwing around in dreamweaver. this is what i came up with:

comments and suggestions are, of course, welcomed [and encouraged] i don't know if anyone will actually like it, but i was just having fun. [yes. i know i'm a nerd]
Backstab had once suggested a bluish/orange colour scheme, so that's why i went with that.

update: the original graphics weren't actually mine, so i made some new bluish orange ones that are more "techy-ish"

- soufpawed @ 1:07 PM

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Thursday, March 21, 2002

Interesting stuff

Especially Roni Size. What's up with him? Him and Cypress Hill doesn't make sense.

Mos Def & Massive Attack, that's gonna rock. Trust. Eve and Fatboy Slim = yuck. The rest of it looks pretty interesting also. Weird weird collaborations. Would be really funny if I see like Bad Company or Ed Rush & Optical doing a collaboration with a rap/r&b artist.

- Backstab @ 5:22 PM

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One More Thing

I looked at the soundtrack for Blade 2. Check it out.

Blade (Theme from Blade II) - March Beltrami and Danny Saber
Cowboy - Eve and Fatboy Slim
I Against I - Mos Def & Massive Attack
Right Here, Right Now - Ice Cube & Paul Oakenfold
Tao Of The Machine - The Roots and BT
Child Of The Wild West - Cypress Hill & Roni Size
The One - Busta Rhymes, Silkk The Shocker & Dubb pistols
We Be Like This - Fabolous, Jadakiss & Danny Saber
Gorillaz On My Mind - Redman & Gorillaz
Gangsta Queens - Trina, Rah-Digga & Groove Armada
Phdream - Bubba Sparxx & The Crystal Method
Raised In The Hood - Volume 10 & Roni Size
Gettin' Aggressive - Mystikal & Moby

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?!?!?! This mix of artists is MADNESS! It's like if Knobody and Backstab hooked up and starting mixin'.... hahaha. Anyways, I have all my faith in Blade 2.

Over and Out,

- Liston @ 12:04 AM

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Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Everything's Coming Up Nineties!

Anything early nineties is all good (minus all the Teal and the shoulderpads...).

The things I liked about 90s music...

- Everything had a funky and catchy beat.
- Lyrics were original, funny and about love or racial unity
- Everyone loved keyboard guitars
- Cool people wore big sunglasses

On another note, other things I liked about the 90s...

-Perfect strangers
-Cosby Show (oh... that Theo and his whims!)

On another note, here's some code from my copy&paste buffer....

for(int i=0;i {

Yip Yip Yeah,

- Liston @ 10:53 PM

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Tuesday, March 19, 2002


My internet connection as of late lags so much that I couldn't even get onto blogger. So my goal of getting ranked yesterday on the War 3 Ladder couldn't be done because of all the lag and stuff. Oh well. Right not it still lags... so if I play I'll just get a disconnect = loss.

As of late I've been doing a lot of work... not enough time to manage this site. There's only about 2 weeks left for school, exams are coming, so this is a good thing in a way. I've upped a new tune in the tune of the week/month/whatever section for the hell of it. Also updated the music page.

I think I'm going to get myself a web server/domain in the near future, during work term.

Liston, what about C&C Music Factory? Is this list restricted to R&B only?

- Backstab @ 5:28 PM

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I do remember!

Nice party as always Liston, those nachos were disgusting to say the least. A good song from the 90's was 2 Unlimited - Get Ready. I remember Zima, wasn't that the alcoholic water supplement or something?

- Etheral @ 4:33 PM

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The Insanity Begins

Well one of us had to start it... Based on the limited info provided on their webpage, I have tentatively decided to be an altered human when we play City of Heroes. Don't know how many powers I'll be able to harness, but for now it looks like I'm gonna try and use: Density Control, Leaping, Fire Control. If there are 40+ powers, I think 3 isn't asking for much. Since they only posted 8 of them this is very tentative. Not too sure about the Fire Control yet, but I need something offensive. I know I'm gonna grab Leap tho. And Density Control is just freaking cool. Altered Humans supposedly don't experience as much of the endurance drain, and this one is costly. I can't wait till they release this thing. It's gonna be hype. I'm gonna hold off on my name until I know my powers, but it's gonna have the word BROWN in it. Maybe something like "The Flaming Brown Bag That Appears At Your Doorstep That You Just Can't Seem To Squish Guy". What do you think?

Liston, CD looks decent. But it's soooo hard to decide on 18 tracks. There were so many tunes. I don't even like some of this stuff, but I'll throw in some artists for you. Heavy D and The Boys (Now That We Found Love), Quad City DJs, Bobby Brown, Tag Team, Right Said Fred, Wreckx~N~Effect, Proclaimers, MoKenStef, Mary J. Blige, Naughty by Nature, Blind Melon, Culture Beat, Crystal Waters, Technotronic, Mariah, TLC, Des'ree, Dionne Farris. Getting tired of this will add more later
Signing off,

Oh wait I remember Zima....what happened to it????

- Knobody @ 1:36 PM

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I wrote a good post, and i lost it! i don't know how either, Crap
I had a whole list of 90's artists Crap

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 12:22 PM

Rotten Tomatoes? |


I'm putting together a early 90s compilation. Any suggestions from anyone? I've already got...

Hey Mr DJ - Zhane
Poison - Bell Biv Devoe
Slam - Onyx
Return of the Mac - Mark Morrison
We Got A Love Thing - Cece Penniston
Touch Me (All Night Long) - Cathy Dennis
Keep on Movin' - Soul II Soul
Booty Call - Blackstreet
The Lover In You - Big Daddy Kane
Anything Gabrielle, old skool Boyz 2 Men, Maximillion, possibly Lionel Richie?...

It's the one hit wonders are the ones I'm probably forgetting.

On a side note, anyone remember Zima? That's so nineties...

I just realized that early nineties music is considered RETRO. Am I that old already??? ... See what happens when you hit the big TWO-OH!

Done and Done,

- Liston @ 12:47 AM

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Sunday, March 17, 2002

St. Patty's Weekend

Happy Green St Patrick's day people!!! I haven't been posting for a while, been the combination of being busy and being lazy, about 30% busy and 70% lazy. Anyways this weekend was cool. It started Friday chillin with my friend from grade school(yes I know technically Friday is not the weekend but that's when five days of work is over for the week so its my weekend).

Saturday as most of you know since you were THERE was a fun gathering at Randy's house. The plan was first to go to the Brunny but once it was found out that on Saturday it is filled with old foggies that plan was quickly scrapped. So here were the main highlights of the night.

1) 1 Block of cheese + 3 bags of nachos + + 1 tub of sour cream + bean salsa + ground meat = 1 large crazy platter of supreme nachos

2) Playing cranium with the traditional added drinking rule. Damn Jay and his artistic talent.

3) Playing Gamecube, enough said

4) Randy and Guru playing Travel Guess Who, (Guru remember, guess Maria first)

Overall it was a great time and nice as I got to see everyone again. Pictures were taken and I guess they will be up sooner or later. Anyways Avatar is outta here, gotta get back to work tomorrow. Should start my work report as well.

PS. A new design would be nice Backstab, wouldn't mind helping out with that.

- Avatar @ 11:37 PM

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In Case You Were Wondering

- Blade 2 is coming out on Friday. Now, I ain't the biggest fan of Wesley Snipes, but when he plays Blade, it's all good.
- Do ducks really explode when you give them Alka Seltzer?
- Remember the singer "Gabrielle"? I think I heard that she came out with a new CD. How sweet is that?
- How many freakin' times do I have to hum "Who Let The Dogs Out?"????!?!?!?

- Liston @ 11:22 PM

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