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Saturday, April 13, 2002

What's goin on...

I can't believe it, the other day Chris, Stella and I ordered Swiss Chalet by delivery. First of all, their operators are friggin morons, first they asked where we wanted the food delivered (which is a normal question), and then they asked how we would be paying (which is also a normal question) but then they got stupid and asked us which University we were with (after we told them to deliver to the University of Waterloo and that we were using Waterloo meal cards to pay). Different operators gave me different prices, and it took them about 15 minutes to take down our order which was just 3 meals... 3 MEALS!! But that's not the dumbest part, get this. We all placed our orders at the same time, gave them one delivery location, but low and behold, our three meals show up in 3 different cars drivin by 3 different drivers all within a minute of each other. What can I say!

Oh yeah, blast from the past, Mike, I finally saw what Jenn was talking about at the St.Jacobs farmers market! *drum roll* a MUSHROOM CLEANER!! Yeah, what the heck, I actually saw one and couldn't believe my eyes. Ah well, I guess we know now that they exist. Anywho, that's it, I got violated on my algebra exam today, whatever. Come what May, Come what May.

- Etheral @ 9:43 PM

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Friday, April 12, 2002


Becoming, a New show i've discovered on much. The Concept of the show is to take the latest and greatest music videos in Pop music and redo them but this time with *gasp* regular people. They get regular shoeless joes like you and I, and then give'em the four star treatment, have them preform the music video. Of course they wouldn't actually have them SING, you wouldn't want to accidentally become a REAL pop star. If you could only see the joy on my face right now. Ok so what's my deal with this show? You know i've got something for it or against it. Well, my question to the show is; Is this some kinda cruel joke? Honestly, if i were rich and famous (I'm already beautiful) i would certainly get some FANatic fan and have them imatiate me to the best ( i use the term lightly) of their ability. Kinda like a jester of a royal court. Funny shit I tell ya


The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 9:47 PM

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70% Labs? That's so BS

I wish I have that... seriously, I'd like to have a guaranteed mark of 70 everytime I head into the finals.

3 of my exams are done, monday is Electricity, and tuesday is Calc. I'm not so sure about both of them, but because you have to memorize fucking stupid theorems for the Calc exam, it will for sure blow more goats than the Moulin Rouge's soundtrack in a farm. kekekkee ^^

ok bye

- Backstab @ 5:12 PM

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I Just Bought a Wireless Keyboard

I'm typing at my desk.

Now I'm typing standing at my dresser.

Now I'm typing behind my monitor.

Now I'm typing while sitting on the toilet.

Now i'm typing while standing on my bed.

Now I'm gonna hold my keyboard as if it were an electric guitar and "jam"


That is all.

(I love my new keyboard)

- Liston @ 4:18 PM

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Thursday, April 11, 2002

Digital Circuts

I'm going in with a 100%. hahaha. It's only worth a half credit, and it's 70% labs, 30% exam. The other half of the credit is all theory, Comp Systems. Anyways, I'm expecting about 60-70 on the exam too. I'm so lost in that course. Who's the dude who thought of the latch? Who thought to take the output of one combinational gate, and plug it into the input??? It's like plugging a VCR into itself!

- Liston @ 5:47 PM

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Let's see, I got sorta owned on the digital circuits exam. It was quite a bad exam. All depends on how they mark the thing I guess. I can get anywhere between mids 60s- to high 70s... and I just realized, I was going into the exam with a 96%... prepare for a big drop. LOL!

Coffee is good. I don't know, I really like Tim Horton's Mocha, even though their regular coffee is pretty good. (i prefer the chocolaty taste)

I uploaded a new tune for my tune of the week. This week's tune is High Contrast's "Return of Forever". What a song, I think it's one of the best so far this year. You can call this tune "drum and bass meets trance". Everyone should download it, it's about 234234234 times better than the Moulin Rouge soundtrack >_<

- Backstab @ 2:07 AM

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Tuesday, April 09, 2002

I'm gonna die early

Well, University sure does a body good! I've been out studying till 3 or 4 for the past week or so and my fridge is stocked with a whole bunch of goodies including Mc'Cain's Deep and Delicious marble cake, 1KG of Hot Italian Sausages, a few cans of Chef Boyardee (courtesy of Randee), a few packs of instant noodles, a few boxes of cookies, 2 bags of chocolate bars and 3 big bags of chips. Mmmmm, I'm so gonna die early. I tried drinking coffee the other day, but everytime I took a sip, a wave of "tiredness" came over me, so I've decided not to drink coffee unless I'm trying to fall asleep. Exams started yesterday, and I'm happy to say that CS went pretty well (I think), wasn't as hard as I had anticipated.
On a side note, I watched Being John Malkovich with Stella and Alyssa the other day and then we all had weird ass dreams that night. I wonder if it had anything to do with the movie. In my dream, Louis Pasteur (if that's how you spell his name) kept saying "I created Pasturization because I hate you" in a weird french accent (like the guys in The Holy Grail) so it sounded like "I kree-ate-tad paws-toor-I-za-shawn be-cooze I ate yooo". Any theories on what it means? Anywho, gotta go get my laundry, toodle-oo!
LoL, Sparks McGee, ha ha ha! (<-- Ha factorial)

- Etheral @ 3:13 PM

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Just did my CS exam today, I think I did decent. Only 4 more to go!

The weird WAR3 strategy of the day, is the acolyte/necro rush... I'm not sure if this is good or if it's something stupid, because I tried it on this guy (who might be a newbie, and prolly is) against his ghouls/fiends, dk and lich, and I wiped out his army, which I found pretty funny, only losing about 4-5 acolytes (I think I sent 18 in and 5 necros). The key in this strat are the acolytes! If they die, boom 2 skeleton warriors. Now that I think about it, 2 acolytes make 1 ghoul, and since acolytes die fast, you'll get skeleton warriors up quick. The only problem is, that in late game, this strategy sucks due to armor upgrades. :P I was laughing my ass off when my acolytes/necro (with dk/dreadlord) army destroyed his lich and his fiends. LOL!!

- Backstab @ 1:13 AM

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Monday, April 08, 2002

Sugar Rush and Those Blasted Farmers!

I just had some Piaya. It's a flip dessert that's made up of a flat pastry shell, and inside there's some paste that's made up of brown sugar. It's not that it's anything unique, but for some reason it always gives me a MASSIVE SUGAR RUSH. I'm freakin' bouncing off the walls here. Crazy stuff.

I've been playing the Global Ops demo lately. I thought that it was just something that would slightly amuse me until CounterStrike: Condition Zero comes out, but I'm starting to like the game. It's slower than counterstrike, faster than rainbow six, and has classes and emphasizes team play like team fortress. Might actually buy it. The only thing holding me back is the lack of servers. There's only about 40 up at a time, which pales in comparison to CS's norm of 4000.

Thanks to daylight savings time, I get to wake up earlier than usual to go to school. About 5:30am old-time. We all lose an hour of sleep for crops... yay.

Anyways, here something quite interesting. I stumbled upon Remember the character Wesley Crusher? Yeah, him. Apparently he has his own website, and apparently HE'S AS NERDY AS WE ARE! He seems like a pretty cool guy, and he's got some cool shit on his website. I especially like the e-mail that he posted up recently from some guy concerning his old role on StarTrek and gave suggestions. Things like, "You should have been renamed Sparks McGee instead of Wesley Crusher". hahahaha. I was laughing for a good 4.5 minutes.

Yes Yes Yes.... the Raptors are on a role. I love it when we beat Indiana... Isiah Thomas always gets slapped in the face. But anyways, it's a battle from here on out to maintain standing in playoff position. Indiana's got some tough games to play coming up, and if we win against them again on Wednesday, we pretty much have the 8th spot. Some say we could get 7th due to Milwaukee's poor performance, but be damned if we take 7th (meaning we play Boston... yikes). Normally, Toronto doesn't do well against high percentage scoring teams, probably due to Toronto's greatest strength is rebounding. If the other team doesn't miss, we don't have anything to rebound.

*wink* *wink* *lick* *lick*,

- Liston @ 11:23 PM

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Question to the masses AND those Crazy Raptors!!!

do you guys want open bar or not for the "ep" or aka semi? because I'm working on everything right now and they want to know if it should be an open bar or not. And I'm not sure on what I should do. also I'm thinking of an may 10th date for the event or a may date that falls on a Friday. So what do you guys think?

And today I watched my 12 raptors game, it was a good game and I'm happy for the raptors, I've found that most people didn't watch the raptors with Vince, because it seemed like everyone was acting like " I'm gonna watch them in the playoffs" but since that 1 win out of 15 games, almost everyone gave up on them even myself! And now they have won the 8 game in a row! it's nuts and I'm watching every game now! it's funny without Vince everyone seems to be watching the raptors! Every game is now a game 7 hockey playoff game because they still might not make it in, it's all do or die and frankly I love it!!

From York U, this is

- The Student Hobo @ 12:41 AM

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Sunday, April 07, 2002

DST & a caramel twist on a classic

my timepieces are self-adjusting: my cell phone, my computer and vcr— even the alarm clock i use, which subscribes to the natural regular oscillations of distant atoms in the desert. only my wristwatch demands vigilance.

someday, not too soon and not so far, i will live in a fully automated house. the house will know me in a dozen electrochemical ways. i will walk through it and it will follow me. the walls will have eyes, papered with smartstuff™, receptive to my passing shadow— which upon close inspection will manifest itself not as an alpha mask but as an impossibly intricate animated fractal, an occultation of binary information, a writhing contour map of my domestic conduct.

I will be [even more] overstimulated and oblivious.

i don't care what anyone says. this sounds delicious. but knowing that i live in canada, is something i won't get to see for at *least* another 5 years.

- soufpawed @ 8:02 PM

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Backstab's Not-so Typical Warcraft III Beta Strats

Me and my friend the other day used some really really strange strategies in some 2v2s. And that's when I realized, hey... let's just exploit all the weird strategies. We both went NE, I decided to tech-up straight to chimeras, no huntresses or any low tech unit at all (chimeras are somewhat equivalent to carriers in SC), and while my friend would just build walking trees to attack. We somehow won the game and I thought it was quite entertaining.

Anyhow, inspired by these games, I wrote my first strategy, the Chimera Rush. It's not your typical mass huntress/dual aura ghoul strats, but hey, it's worth a reading. It also has some very very nice screenshots ;)

p.s. You can also access it to the page by going to the "games" section, just in case my HTML doesnt work.

- Backstab @ 6:44 PM

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It's 3:28 am, daylight savings just hit me. I'm up late because i was at the brunny. I was DD so it was pretty shitty, brunny styles of course. All i can say right now is


Ahem back to random nothing that is 3:30am, i'm hungry and i just got some BK. It was really out of the way, but i really wanted BK. Ever since i ordered too many nuggets from macdonalds, i just can't take it anymore. I really can't stand the subpar food from that fast food fasco. Usually, i get the odd craving for poison, or i can just cram it down because i'm hungry. But my body says "NO MORE!"

Anyways, I downloaded Nadesico, DVD rips, AVI, high quality and all that mother jazz. I can't help but think, that nadesico was actually a better anime than i can recall.

hmm what else at 3:00 am is conidered important news. Well, the brunny is so shit when your not drunk. Dear lord, they've got the dank like no other. But it's was Ladies night, and Whooo-boy, was it ladies night. I think we need to find some other place to go. The Dank is nice but, eventually you've got to move on. Well, i'm spent...

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 4:18 AM

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