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Saturday, April 20, 2002

Go Canucks!

Seriously, what's going on? Vancouver Canucks 2-0 over Detroit. AHAHAHAHAH Seriously, if Detroit loses, it will be a huge upset, 250% worse than the Super Bowl upset, but less severe comparing to the Belarus-Sweden upset. Nothing beats that.

However, there might be another upset that can takeover the Belarus-Sweden one. How about if China defeats Brazil in World Cup?? If this really happens, this can be the biggest upset in sporting history.

I updated the music page with new Top 5. Got a new single and EP today. The first one is Square One EP001 featuring some unknown artists and some old )EIB( tunes, also Fresh's EP is also out. Pretty good stuff.

And for those of you don't know. CS Marks are up... check it out on the website. >_<

- Backstab @ 10:59 PM

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Damn, I can't believe first year is over already, where'd the time go. Anywho, I'm glad I can finally come back to the boonies. Nice layout Mike, it's quite appealing ot the eye, reminds me of a commercial though, can't really remember which one unfortunately. I'll be back in Toronto by tommorow, do the non-UW people all have exams? Man, I've gotta get a hair cut. What if the firesword had an on-off switch? It's quite possible, or maybe you could drain its mana or something to holster it... why am I coming up some solutions to how to holster a fire sword... ah well it's summer, whatever! Let's go camping, this summer is gonna own! But not as much as the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. LoL ->
Btw, how do you edit the side bar?

- Etheral @ 12:09 AM

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Friday, April 19, 2002

New Polaris is UP!

Thanks to Guru Mike, the new layout is up. No more grayness. If something isn't working, please notify me ASAP. More updates coming soon >_<

- Backstab @ 6:01 PM

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A Fire Elemental Sword

Today while watch the old skool Star Trek, I started thinking about the concept in RPGs known as the "Fire Sword".

Now, as I understand it, the fire sword is a regular sword, imbued with the power of FIRE. So, side effects of using this sword would also be able to cook a steak on, attack some type of ice creature, and just looking cool. Also the fact that you can say, "Yes, I have the fire sword." is an accomplishment unto itself.

However, I could also see down sides to having a "Fire Sword". For example, how would you holster it? I'd expect that it would burn through any type of holster material. As well, I'm sure that you'd never get enough sleep having the sword in the same room as yourself. It would always be bright in the room, and extremely hot... all the time.

Yes, the things that go through my head during Star Trek are mighty strange.

Ever & Always,

- Liston @ 3:31 PM

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Thursday, April 18, 2002

I'm back

It's all over, my first year comes to an end. I'm back and in TO now and won't be back in Waterloo until September. Here we go, for 4 months of nonethingness.

The calculus exam wasn't bad, it was fun in some way. There are these proofs that we have to know for the exam, and one of them was asked. I made up a load of crap and actually thought I proved half of that question. Hmm

Well, my first year of university was definitely memorable, full of ups and downs in between. 1A was a lot better than 1B in my opinion, and I think a lot of you would agree. I just lost it midway through 1B, the workload just picked up and I would've gotten owned if it wasn't for those last minute studying at the SE Labs. And coop... enough said about that garbage. I've came to conclude that in order to get a job, you have to be either a) very lucky, b) EXTREMELY qualified and have lots of work experience, c) have connections, d) write a fake resume, e) be a girl. If you don't have at least one of the following, you won't get one.

I don't think I'm working until mid-June/July, because I might be learning some new stuff during this period, to spice up this site. I should have time to write a few articles and such and you should see lots of updates in the upcoming months. Other stuff that I'm planing on is to get a domain and a server, and revamping this site totally with better stuff.

P.S. If someone has "Microsoft Visual Studio.NET", please tell me because I need it badly. If you can lend me a copy, I will be extremely grateful.

- Backstab @ 3:27 AM

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Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Posting Just Cuz I Can

Well I was thinking about calling everyone and then decided...hey I can post on Polaris and I'm a lazy bitch so hey post it. Brunny on Thursday, Diana says she's up fo rit and you all know tis a rare occasion that we get Diana over to the Brunny.
End Post

Oh ya I'll call around to the people I know are around to see who's coming

Unsoberly yours,

- Knobody @ 2:05 AM

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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Big Change!

I've upped my screen resolution from 1024 x768 to 1280 x 960
wow you all look like ants from up here!
yeah that's my big announcement, i upped my screen resolution.
You know just in case for christmas or something, when you've got throngs of people to shop for, and your fighting off a fat person for a good deal. You'll sit down in exasperation and think, "What the hell is Mike's Screen resolution at?"
well now you know
1280 x 960
and then you'll be able to carry on with your life.

Jane's says! Have you seen my wig around?

Got a hair cut, and today was one of the nicest days i've known. I mean it was almost hot, but not. You fuckers are going to have such a nice summer. I took so much pleasure from just driving around. Man i wish you guys were already back, and for those who are here, i wish you were done exams. Today was obscenely nice.

I still can't see polaris, oh well, but remember 1280 x 960!

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 10:11 PM

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Monday, April 15, 2002


So I was wrong. A lot of people came out of the exam thinking that they got owned on ECE. Oh well, that adds to the fun of it. I love it when everyone screws up on exams, because usually some weird things happen that way. One more to go... and that's calculus.

Guru, why don't you go read some sci-fi books or something, I dont know, that's the only genre of recommendation that I can give you. Or get a book on web stuff and read on that?

p.s. Does anyone ever update the sidebar? (I think Knobody does it a lot)
I like how I've been #1 on Liston's people of the month since January, but perhaps give someone else a chance? :P And please don't edit that using frontpage and uploading it using FTP, use the template.

- Backstab @ 5:21 PM

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Sunday, April 14, 2002

Book Alert!

I need books! for those on who read this msg, please contact me if your going to sell your books. I would happly neogiate for them
I pay in cash, cheque and empty promises!

Yeah that's about it from me, tune in next time, same bat time, same bat channel

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 7:48 PM

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Nothing is all good. Just relax to the max.


The Indestructible,

- Liston @ 2:31 AM

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Yeah. I think I am screwed, I have to memorize/know the proofs of 8 calculus theorems. I so far have memorized 0. I guess I'm just gonna know half of each theorem, perhaps some keywords, and just gonna try to piece together the 8 of them. I pulled through like that for C&O last term, but I don't these calc proofs are harder. The Calc exam is Tuesday, but the problem is, my ECE exam is on MONDAY. So that means I WILL NOT be studying Calc tomorrow (or in 8 hours). So I dont know how I'm gonna pull these ones.

School sux. Seriously, this 1B term has been hell for me. It's a demon hell ride to the max, hehehe wesley willis $$ For coop term, I might very well be staying in Toronto, not confirmed but I am contemplating of doing nothing if I can't find a job, and concentrate on music/war3.

p.s. Warcraft 3 new patch is pretty hype, up to 5 logins to bnet per cdkey now!! But then the ladder is really unstable so I can't play on it ;(

- Backstab @ 2:12 AM

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