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Saturday, April 27, 2002

Dinner at Tiananmen Square

I just came back from dinner. My parents took me to a wonderful chinese resturant called "The People's Choice." Now in english it's not very impressive, but in Chinese, it's quite haliarious because it works out well to "Tiananmen Square". I was quite amused to find this out. What is really funny is that there is a giant mural there with many world leaders on it. Ranging from the small, Bob Ray to the infamous, President Bush. What is also funny is that the mural also included all major communist leaders. Fidel, Yeltson, and even China's own chairman. All leaders were similing as if they didn't hate each others guts. Even Yasser Arafat seemed quite content. At that point I was giggling like a school girl through out dinner. Otherwise the resturant was normal. The food was quite decent, it would make President Clinton proud.

Hail Communism!

Did you know that my Grandfather, is a communist? He really is, i'm not shitting you. I just wish he still had his red book. I'd like to leaf through it because i can't read Chinese.

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 8:14 PM

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Don't Eat Cigarettes

Warning to all. Don't eat cigarettes, especially when you're pregnant, because it kills the baby. Says so on the Du Maurier box.

- Backstab @ 6:07 PM

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Friday, April 26, 2002

Forced to XP

That hit by Kyle McLaren was pretty ugly, I was flipping channels yesterday and was watching the last few minutes of the Bruins-Canadiens game and I saw all that live. I don't think it was intentional. One fact I know is that he does have a clean record and isn't one of those players who give people cheap shots. But yeah, he'll be suspended for sure, no doubt about that, probably not as severe as Domi's suspension. I think the Montreal coach overreacted... I watched the press conference, he was pretty dumb. I'd be pissed if I lose Zednik but wtf was he thinking "we'll go after their guys", that's stupid.

I finally upgraded my computer to XP because I have to install Visual Studio.NET. I guess it's decent. I had to upgrade my sound card drivers, and something's not really working. I've yet to figure out what but my best guess is I have to reinstall all my audio drivers which sux.

oh and this came in my icq yesterday in respond to my st. rob sux post from one of our good friends, I thought it was funny.

st. robs should've been called st. fobs
ms. gadzala, enough said
our locations: hello, where could we walk to in our 40 minute lunch???
security guards? (although they were good for a laugh)
the rising prices of nella's catering
OAC chem with Devellis, need i say more?
our wonderfully equipped computers in commtech

oh, and who can forget ms. ricci!! hahah, whooooor!!

- Backstab @ 2:55 PM

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Before I start......WTF happened to the city of Toronto's sports teams? all 3 teams lost in the same night! why does all the sports teams of Toronto suck ass? the Raptors, The Leafs, and those poor Blue Jays? and may I say this now and forever!! I Hate New York!! the rangers, the islanders, the knicks, Yankee's.....U name the team I hate them, all of them trying to buy championship teams! I'm glad the rangers sucked and I hope to sweet baby Jesus that we kill the islanders!! Those people in that city with argggg, i just hate all of the New York sports teams!!!!!!!!

AND WTF was the kyle Mclarenof the Boston Bruins thinking?? like you team won the game by 3 goals with only 2 mins to go, why in gods name did you feel you should pretty much body slam Richard Zednik? like with domi the game had no score anyone could have won it, but in that boston game, you already won?!?! I hope that now that the players on the Canadians don't start to take out all the boston players! they should but know that an eye or an eye may be comming.........

I'm right now working on the first of the Stew's crazy challenges, but first I must talk about how I am jobless!! I have no job this summer which bites!! I have no money to do anything anymore. This just hit me as I went to the bank the other day to find that I have gone down the buffer cash I have saved all year! that lonely $500 I'm been saving for a rainy day, and by god it's poring all the time now.

It pains me to find that I might end up working at some fast food joint, I tried to get a job at many places over the net like and etc, but most of them you need some kind of or 2 to 3 years of work in that field but I ask you this how can I get experience in that field if I need experience to get a same job to get that job??? other sites I have found told me that the deadline was back in march, thanks very much town of Markham!!

my friend Blake at fob mall can get me a job as a security guard, how could you see me doing that? I'm not picky but man walking all day doesn't sound so great to me, Milk Man John has offered to get me a job back at mcdicks, working as a chef again.

so I'm at the cross roads of the HUNT! this job hunt of 2002! I'm going out today and am going everywhere to drop off my resume in hope that I get a job so I can be a nerd!

The question is up what to do where am I going to work! can you guess where?

From a card board box somewhere, I'm

- The Student Hobo @ 1:56 PM

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Life isn't what it seems...

1024x720 isn't as standard as you'd think... I was actually surprised at how many people still use 800x600, but whatever.

Speaking of admin... I never wanted a football team, or a field hockey team for that matter [although we do have girl's rugby going this year, and that's just cool], but st rob's continues to be a disappointment. their main problem is screwy priorities. the students are obviously not on the top of the list. actually, i don't think they are anywhere near the list. item #1 is image, and they will do =anything= to maintain that, include cheat, lie and steal. they haven't approved a single proposal for activites this semester except for the terry fox walk, which they are turning into this super lame prize driven contest. no one even =wanted= to do it, it was sort of forced on us because ... well, if they give a cheque of $80,000+ to the terry fox foundation, it would make the school look really really good, and so we come back to the issue of image.

we have too many portables. yes. even more so now than when you were around... they currently are lettered up to "X".

and gr 12 computer this year [turing and all] was CANCELLED. that's right. because 14 people isn't enough for a class.

damn them to hell indeed. 38 more days of this hell...

- soufpawed @ 1:50 PM

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Thursday, April 25, 2002

Stay away! I've been infected!

Yeah i've just realized that i've been infected with S.A.D. Yes, S.A.D., the serious disease of our time. Cancer, AIDS, the Clap? pfft nothing is a bad a S.A.D. Well, what is S.A.D.? S.A.D. is short of Seasonal Affected Disorder. You see when the day looks like shit, you feel like the aforementioned human byproduct. Consequentially, when the day is nice, everything is groovey. The cure? Easy, either a) move south or b) hope global warming affects us in a positive way. The second option may make you a case for something i like to call Foolioitis (pronounced FOOLIO-itis)

Somebody asked me if i could get 40 pounds of weed, you know my answer.

Fucking penalty shot

Bachetti? Get Cancer! If it were not for the cool people i met in St. Robs, i think i'd shoot myself. I remember in OAC i always made this hand gesture. I'd point a gun to my head and proceed to fire but i'd always just make a clicking noise, denoting an empty chamber. Ooh and i also remember talking to the fat cow in guidance, and while the sow was yammering away, i just walked right out, she seemed quite disgruntaled everytime i saw her after that. Mike 1 St. Robs 9999, congrats Mike. Soooo Nostalgic.

Malevolence all around!

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 9:50 AM

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Too late for that

Yeah seriously. No football team is horrible. Their excuse was no money for equipment and not enough coaches. For gods sakes, I can be their offensive coordiantor/defensive coordinator. They're dumb. Talking about St. Robs, here are more bad things about St. Robs:

- absolutely terrible admin with a few really bad (obese) secretaries
- nazi-ish music teachers
- lack of sports teams (like football team)
- too many portables
- Turing for Gr11-12 computers?? Teach C at least for gods sake
- unbelievably inconsistent teachers/marking scheme, you gotta love the transition between Bachetti to Gryski, from a 65 to 90 in my essays is simply awesome. (thank god I got gryski in OAC, lol)

yeah thats about it, I can't think of more. I think they layout is fine. I am not really sure if people still use 800x600?? 1024x720 is now standard isn't it?

- Backstab @ 1:48 AM

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Wednesday, April 24, 2002


I just realized how shitty St.Robs was. We didn't have a football team or a field hockey team. We didn't get to go on many field trips, what the hell is wrong with the the admin therel. Instead of spending money on the students, they used it to build themselves a damn meeting room with nice chairs and a nice table, damn them to hell! I wanna go back in time and transfer schools, damn it!!

- Etheral @ 11:25 PM

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Tuesday, April 23, 2002

You asked for it, buddy

actually, i thought the overall layout was very well done. i really like the colours, and the graphics are pretty cool. only one *almost* [imo] cardinal sin of design was committed: you've designed for a resolution higher than 800x600. although i'm sure sometime soon, that will disappear along with the mandatory "websafe" colour scheme that we no longer have to use, right now you still have something like ~60+% of people viewing @ 800x600.

i was thinking that it'd be cool if we had a comment system. my provider has stopped accepting new members, and most of the other ones require php [which is decidedly not supported by tripod] or cgi [ditto], but i found one that is decent. it's not =as= customizable as the other ones, but i think it could probably be tailored to look enough like the rest of the layout, give or take a little. anyways, check it out and tell me what you think.

and on a final note, for all you trekkies, check this out before the old fives disappear and all we'll be seeing is the hockey sweater.

that is all.

- soufpawed @ 4:36 PM

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30 bullets per clip

Rogue Spear is a great game, after going through it at BlueSky, it just recalled what a great game it is. Aside from the fact that the game is more unstable than Windows 95 (albeit, any microsoft program) it is still a great game. I quite enjoy the co-op missions because it take some serious communication to play that game. When one grenade can kill a whole team, or where position is incredibly important, that takes true skill to play. I think i might buy the next R6 game that comes out, Raven Shield.

Ok i need some NEGATIVE SITE feedback, it's not that i've been getting positive site feedback. If you have any, i just want to know what i did wrong designwise. So i that i may avoid making the same mistake. Ie, the white text too hard to read, links don't work, I love you mike, make love to me and hold me tenderly etc.

Dark Ice and I have decided to start up an anime section. We will start by reviewing Martian Sucessor Nadesico. I figure Dark Ice is the best candidate to partner up with because he's probably the only person i know that might have a possiblity of watching more anime than me.

Ok i just thought of this while making a night trip to the watercloset. 30 bullets per clip is a lot of bullets. I mean honestly, when will you ever run into a game or reallife situation where there is 30 guys in a room? I mean if there are 30 guys in the room, you're dead! Ok even if you take 2 bullets per enemy, then you still can theorically kill 15 enemies. I figure if you just don't unload like a maniac or CAN hit the broadside of a barn, your good.

I've also decided to wait until i get back until Waterloo to write my first article. Why? because you heard enough of my whining about my Work(less) term. So you'll just have to wait until i find a nice grassy knoll to sit in and write before you can read my next article. I'll probably finish my Nadesico write up before i do my first article for the new site design. I'll try to avoid mentioning site design in the article. Fucking Tables....

FYI: my drawven character in disciples 2 is lvl 16 now. Initiative 70!

The One and Only

- Guru Mike @ 12:58 PM

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Monday, April 22, 2002

Go Leafs and Raptors!!

What the hell is this cheering for Canucks. Suppport the great teams not the medicore ones. No I'll give you Vancouver is playing well even though they did loose last night. But there was luck on the Wings side and I hope to God that they lose. Because I don't want to see teams think they can buy a championship, but it would be nice a lower income team in the Canucks knock them out.

Well I haven't posted much at all, and I realize this but there are good reasons for that!!

First, I didn't really have anything to say, for my mind was worn out on other issues, like school, which is enough of a bitch in itself.

Secondly, I didn't have time, I thought my time was better spent wasted, which is a mistake, and know I'm trying to make up for that wasted time.

CS and 112 marks are up and I'm happy with them, but thought I would do better, oh well I bet the tutors screwed up some of the marking on those exams for sure!! Anywayz, if the next nerdfest was too happen here that would work fine, for I have all the space in the network at least. The only problem may be the power. Thornhill may need to put the backup generators like this. Right now I have a power bar plugged into a power bar plugged into a power bar, which powers a tv, vcr, fridge, 2 stereos, 3 monitors, 2 computers, and one printer. If that doesn't spell a fire I dont know what will.

On another note, what has everyone been up too. I know most unlike us lucky waterlooites have exams but if anyone is up for going out or whatever give me a call. I'd love to try this risk game you guys talk about. Anyways, gotta start the WAR3 now, considering I'm a legit beta tester I'd better start flexing my testing muscles. 3 others use my key so if one more person wants to use the key on bnet let me know, since you can use 5 intances of one key!!

On a final note, the Raptors may have stunk up the place last night, but watching that game was no different. The raptors played well in the first half but just couldn't make a basket for their life, and when you can't make shots thats when you lose. Now detroit did play good defence, but the raptors got their normal shots and just missed tis all. Ben wallace can suck my dick, if I was that big and didn't get 20 rebounds a night I'd shoot myself in the head. Also, I didn't know if anyone else noticed this but the TNT tv announcers are the worst announcers I have EVER heard in my life. They were calling pistons raptors names, they knew absolutely nothing about basketball, just plain DUMB americans. Look at jeff van Gundy, he is the biggest idiot I have ever heard announcing a game in my life. Too bad that idiot Marv Albert got in an accident, because I would much rather hear him. Or even better get the raptor announcers out there, Rautins and Swerski, are much better.

Anyways GO LEAFS GO!!!! I can't wait for game 3!! Bring out the brooms boys!!

- Tom Marsden @ 2:13 PM

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