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Friday, May 03, 2002

My god... Blizzard owns

I never knew that Blizzard made the game "Rock & Roll Racing" back on SNES. It was a pretty fun game from what I recall from playing it a few times in a friends house. I was surprised, I've heard the name of this game come up numerous times as the "best SNES" games ever... Anyhow, I thought Blizzard's first game was Warcraft I. Apparently not!

- Backstab @ 3:24 PM

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Yes it is 2:20AM!

I just got back from watching Spiderman...TWICE!!! Incredible. I'm speechless...almost, awesome movie, so good...damn. Okay well I'm not writing a full review, cuz you have to watch it yourself. But I was a little dissapointed that they left out Gwen Stacy, and by their casting of Mary Jane, but whatever. But for the hardcore Spider-Man fans, the fact that they got rid of the web shooters is horrible. Now Spider-Man's webbing shoots directly from his wrists. Other than that the discrepencies were minor and understandable since they are shoving a lot of crap into one movie. GO SEE IT!!!!

Your friendly neighbourhood Knobody (Check the article history I've used that many times before),

- Knobody @ 2:19 AM

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Wednesday, May 01, 2002

WERD Up to the Wise

Lets discuss my job for just one moment shall we. Lets see, one thing, Leitch is a huge company, lot bigger than I thought, and also in addition quite succesful!! I'm happy to be there. But lets just say the job is quite easy. For the most part of my day I'm fixing small desktop problems, like "I can't print" or "I can't login". Some can be difficult but mostly routine. Tomorrow I should be doing more challenging stuff. Another thing is, the dress code, well there really isn't a dress code, things are quite relaxed. I'm dressed up and I'm wearing a nice sweater and cargo pants. Maybe I should make up for this by coming in naked tomorrow.

Well another discussion I must discuss is the Islander/Leaf situation. I remember talking about it before where I was just saying how the leafs were playing great hockey, well that was in Game 1 and 2. Then the series got REAL screwed up, due to who?, yes thats right you have guessed it the devil himself, "Mad" Mike Millbury, whining about the refs. But even though its old news now, without that the leafs probably would have swept in 4. I have no respect for mad Mike at all for screwing us and bringing in "quality" players like the convict Jim Cummings and as the islander fans inform us everytime he is on the ice, Mr. Steve Webb. Man I hope feels good about himself for if I got cheered like that for playing less than 8 minutes a game I'd feel great. Now I will give him credit for throwing good checks, but the fact remains is that is all he did, the only time he saw the puck was when the guy he hit passed it away, and even then it was going by them.

I'm glad to hear your happy back in the big UW in beck hall mike. I hope to hell you DONT have my CD's!!

Lets now look at the Sens, is there a chance? Well yes there is, but it isn't as great as i would like. But i love cheering for the adversity just like the Raptors. So look for the leafs to win in 6. Remember the leafs will be at home every game, for there are as many leaf fans in Ottawa as Sens fans. So on that note GO LEAFS GO.

The other game to watch this Thursday is game 5 at the Palace in Auburn hills. I hope the piston fans bring their brains and DONT boo the Anthem, but I figure it will happen, they are just as bad as new yorkers. But this will be a great game, I can't side with one team or another at this point, but I will live and die with the raptors on this one. GO RAPS GO!! Lets live to see at least 4 more games. Experience is on our side for this one, so lets hope it pays off!

Anyways, maybe I should get some work done!!


- Tom Marsden @ 3:11 PM

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- Backstab @ 3:05 PM

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Back in Res

I'm back in Res in the newly renovated and painted Beck Hall. Its actually quite nice, the furniture actually is staying together. The one problem I have with this place is that the elevators stop inbetween the floors. Like u have to get off at floor 2.5 or 3.5. That is messed up!!! Anyways, I'm outta here got class tomorrow at 8:30, damn all you who got the afternoon classes. Anyways later and night. All the guys at Waterloo we should meet up this weekend.

- Avatar @ 12:11 AM

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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

I can see again!

Yes i can see Polaris again! Finally i can see the fruitition of my work and labor. Why? It's because i'm back in Waterloo. Which means I'm back on Resnet, which also means i can't download assloads of anime, but i can download loads of anime still. I'm in the luxuarious Beck Hall now. They just got new furniture and repainted it so it doesn't look very ghetto. If i get my camera or some's digital, i'll post up pics of my new pad. It is quite L33t compared to V1.

I've decided to trash the article on my last adventure. Why? because too much of it is classified. I don't want to give away anything from the car rally. Yes i went on a serious 'arcore car rally. It was SOO much fun. Why don't i want to tell you every detail? Well i think we might try to hold it. Me, Stu, Dark Ice and Ryan Soo See might actually attempt to hold a car rally. So everything is really hush hush and etc. I don't believe it worthy of an article to have classified blanks everywhere. I might save it and release the article later when we either hold the rally or we dump the rally. But I think i might write my next article on Beck Hall. Good and Bad stuff and thoughts one living with Trevis. I'll probably do a post of what i can tell you from my last adventure.

It's 10:30 pm and Trevis not here yet. Maybe he's dead? Well, in any case, i get dibs on his room. I really could use more living room. And i get his PS2. I hope he's alright, what's a hero without an archnemesis? Dear lord i've got class tomorrow, back to the grind, Yay! (my old self which is 1a self would be sick)

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 10:52 PM

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Thought Gator and all that crap is spyware

That's what I thought. I'm not sure if Audiogalaxy itself is spyware or not. I know it contains or is included with spyware when u get download the thing. But anyway, Audiogalaxy is a really good program to find not so popular songs, it's perfect for Drum and Bass.

- Backstab @ 12:31 PM

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today in writer's craft, we were going through example kid books because...we have to make our own. there was one called "the house the crack built". [a takeoff on the house that jack built, remember that?] requiem for a dream, but in rhyme. it was hilarious [well. not really. it was pretty disturbing. and sad], though obviously unsuitable for kids. ["Girl who's killing her brain/Smoking the crack that numbs the pain'' and the "Baby with nothing to eat/Born of the girl who's killing her brain, smoking the crack that numbs the pain..."and so on]

Alias mentioned Audiogalaxy a while back... as a way to transmit secret files.

- soufpawed @ 11:47 AM

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Monday, April 29, 2002

Short And Sweet

Ecko is da shit. Like Backstab said... QUALITY.
Audiogalaxy is spyware, read the disclaimer, but I don't care I still use it, really well done search program for stuff that's common or impossible to find...but with any search program you still find the crap that other people leave around and it's really inconvenient to get a different version with the exact same filename...overall I like it better than everything else, but if you get stuck with a crappy file it's shitty. Maybe I shoud do a full review on it....meh, too much effort.

Peace Out

- Knobody @ 2:27 AM

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My life for Orc

Well, I'm sure for those of you who got a job, co-op starts tomorrow. And for those of you who are heading back to Waterloo, you should be getting ready. These two weeks have been good times so far, and it feels so good to live at home again.

Lately I've been watching quite a lot of TV, which is pretty funny. Monday = Boston Public, Tuesday = Buffy (sometimes)/Scrubs, Wednesday = Smallville/Trek, Thursday = Survivor (errr). That and plus a ton of sports like playoff hockey. I also find myself watching a lot of Voyager/DS9 episodes. I finally understand why people like Star Trek, it IS pretty good, maybe I should start watching Next Generation too, haha!

Warcraft III Beta is still going, the game isn't gonna change much. The single player from the gamespot preview looks very nice, it is like 50% Diablo, 50% Warcraft. It's looking very good and I'm really looking forward to play the single player, as oppposed to SC and BW, in which I only bought the game for multiplayer (I didn't play a single mission in BW campaigns).

I also wrote a new article, go check it out in the article section, it's titled "Backstab's Recommend List". It's not done yet, in fact, it's never done, I'm gonna keep updating that thing as life goes on.

More articles coming up soon. I mean it. I'm gonna bust out at least one article per week, so look out for my articles in the upcoming weeks.

- Backstab @ 2:03 AM

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