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Saturday, May 25, 2002

Plz read

Just a short note on why I am so busy as of late and...

I'm currently doing a web design project for my friend's company. I need to do this in order for me to get a job! The project is pretty tough, since I just learnt all this in the last month... Anyhow, I will be working on this for a while, and won't be coming out very often because of this. But I do plan on coming out in the weekends... just not very often.

BTW after that's done, I do have plans on taking PP into the .NET environment and getting a new host ;) I already made a new posting thing (that is sorta like blogger, but with more control) with user functions and stuff and it's under alpha phase... so I will get into that if I have some time.

- Backstab @ 1:27 AM

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Thursday, May 23, 2002


Tuesday is such a wonderful day of the week. This is so because a lot of restaurants have food promotions. Wing night is one such example. But it still confuses me how some people can totally ignore the overwhelming value of a Tuesday.


Kentucy Fried Chicken has a GREAT deal. For $2.22, one can purchase two pieces of chicken and fries (or salad in substitution). I'm willing to line up for up to 15 minutes to get in on this wonderous deal. However, when I listen to what people in front of me in line are ordering, they ask the dumbest questions and order the most expensive things. I've seen people order the expensive family meals (who wants to spend $40 at KFC?) when they could simply order 5 boxes of Toonie chicken.

Also, when I order, I refuse to say the word "Toonie". This is because I can understand the frustration of people who work at KFC having to use the word "Toonie" every third sentence while on duty. I'm sure hearing the word "Toonie" would drive you crazy too if you worked at KFC. The same goes for saying "Mc" for people who work at McDonalds, "Whopper" for BK, "Timbit" for Tim Hortons.

Which brings up another point. At what point exactly did Tim Horton's coin the definition of "Timbit"? As I recall, they were generically known as "Tidbits" since they were small (tid) bits (bits) of left over batter from donuts.


- Liston @ 1:23 PM

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Wednesday, May 22, 2002


Well I didn't do much to New York, mainly to help my brother move out. I still don't understand how you can live there, everything there is so expensive. I know that you earn like a lot more... but still, with the expensive shit there, it evens out.

I went to Breakbeat Science to check out some drum and bass records. It's pretty neat, the guy there was nice and he let me listen to like every single vinyl there. Pretty cool. Vinyls have such UNBELIEVABLE quality, I couldn't believe it at first. I don't understand why opened the store like a few blocks away from Chinatown... weird place.

I got a whole bunch of nice tunes this month, ahh and it's time to update my Top 5 of this month. So I will go do that now.

- Backstab @ 9:13 PM

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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Whats Happening
Man this place has calmed down quite a bit. Good to see Mike and Cliff are alive and listening to TLC. I don't know if the listening part is good but to each his own. I just hope that something like that happened with BIG and 2Pac doesn't happen with Lisa Left Eye, cause she is not my favorite. She burnt down a house for crying out loud. Talk about having a few screws loose.

Anyways, to talk about the seriousness at hand what about those leafs. Here is a team that never continues to amaze me. I said to my friend in the third period of game 2 when the leafs were down 1-0. I go, you know the leafs are going to tie it up in the last minute, cause this team always seems to do what you dont expect and sure enough they tie it. Just completely amazes me!!



All for know

- Tom Marsden @ 11:13 AM

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Monday, May 20, 2002

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Damn, I haven't listened to that CD in such a long time, I forgot I had it, I'm gonna go find it and listen to it again. I think that was their best album, Creep is my favourite TLC song but I really, really liked Kick Your Game, don't remember why, but I remember I really liked it. Too bad they never released it. Anyways, gonna go dig up that album and throw it in my car, I feel like listening to that song again.


- Knobody @ 10:14 PM

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Sunday, May 19, 2002


My long weekend just got 10X cooler, why? i found my TLC cd.
I felt that this joy must be shared by all.

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 12:43 PM

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