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Thursday, July 04, 2002

Upcoming Purchase??

you know how you're not supposed to watch infomercials late at night because you always end up buying really stupid things? well...i don't think surfing late is a great idea either.
i mean.... someone could actually *buy* this. heaven forbid.

the aquariASS

the aquariASS
it's only $1500...US. *and* it can be installed on almost any toilet.
add a little life to your bathroom.

let me tell you. my bathroom is the last place that i want extra life happening in. that's what lysol's for.

- soufpawed @ 1:32 AM

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Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Yeah the graphics..

Very odd indeed. =[ The graphics are all linking to /archives/ directory which is very very odd. I remember them working before. But that's ok.

You know, living in this apartment right now feels sorta like a resort. Everyone here's so nice. It's really odd, Calgary is so so clean and people seem too friendy. I'm not sure if they are really hicks yet =P

War3 came out today. My mom actually went to EB for me and then called me long distance and asked me which box to get. I told her, thanks, I'd get the Undead box, but I think I'm just gonna buy it here. If there are copies available in Richmond Hill, then there has to be copies available in the lesser populated city of Calgary.

Yeah Mike, that's term 2, all the work they throw at you come at the worst times. I think 2nd year gets worse.

Oh yeah and Etheral, DID YOU GET MY EMAIL? =]

- Backstab @ 11:35 PM

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It got it to archive all the stuff

but i totally fuxsored the graphics for some reason. i don't know why. it was working before i believe
hmm how am i going to fix this dilly of a pickle
I'm really tired now. I got a fully night of sleep and such, but it's just the works has worn out my psyche. I've been delevopling an apathy for everything. Things like handing half done calc assignments, because i just don't care what they give me. CS programs not outputting right but Trevis and I obviously don't give two shits. The great thing about summer term is that they cram everything together, the bad thing about summer term is that they
cram everything together, it's hot and there is nothing to do in this cracker town.

Oh for everyone who doesn't know, i've increase my general use insults
I constantly refer to waterloo as a cracker town ever since canada day.
I use the term "cougar-meat" to vary my use of "shut your pie hole" so , now it's either "shut your pie hole" "shut up, cougar meat" or the hybrid, "shut your pie hole, cougar meat" (for those who don't know, a cougar is a middle age women who "hunts" for virile young boys/men)

I've declared that i'm comming home next weekend. Why? i'm just tired here, and i really need to get out. It's probably the fact that i'm seriously pissed at myself for not doing my work before canada day. But whatever

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 9:42 AM

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G I knew you hated it but at least it got the job done.

- Tom Marsden @ 8:42 AM

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Etheral/J check your mail!!

Extremly important email, check your jtflee student.math account.

- Backstab @ 12:29 AM

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Well it turns out that the place I'm staying doesn't have internet access right now, but I do have the whole place by myself in the meantime. I'm posting this at a friend's house. No cows, I'm living in an apartment in "downtown" Calgary, a downtown that's like 10 x10 blocks =P I'll be getting DSL in about 2 weeks time, yes this is lame.. but I guess I'll just live with it. Someone else is moving in with me and we will be sharing a DSL.

I just found out the archives aren't working, thanks for pointing that out soufpawed.

Mike, I need you to do something for me, I don't have an FTP program with me handy so you'd have to do this. I'll greatly appreciate this.
1. Download all the archives files from polaris in the archives directory to your computer.
2. Go to blogger, then Archive, hit republish all archives.
3. Now, upload all the archive files on your computer back to the archive directory.

p.s. Tom, I thought you know I never liked the idea of doing it till 3AM =]

- Backstab @ 12:15 AM

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Tuesday, July 02, 2002

alive?? i am...i think?

maybe. it's hard to tell, with this heat. i could melt away at any moment [much like the wicked witch of the west, only i'm nicer]

oh dear. i saw my fall schedule on quest. ::dies::
i must find a better way of waking up early. 8:30 classes *every* single day~

it looks like blogger is hiccupping at bit. i was thinking ooooh. this could be fun. no one will know who wrote what, but then i remembered that blogger tells us. i guess for outside people, the challenge is still on until evan gets his act together. [not that it's hard or anything though. our writing styles and personalities are pretty distinct]
oh. and the archives aren't working either; not sure if the two "issues" are related. mine seem to be ok...but it not so with other people's. i guess it mustn't be a polaris problem either.

yes. my parents left today for two whole weeks; i still need to find something to do before i die of boredom.

</talk of death>

ok. so i have bad timing and the whole ID thing is working now...
oh well. so much for having fun with it (:

- soufpawed @ 10:26 PM

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Lifes tough ... and then you die

Hey Mike,

Good to hear your keeping busy. I remember when these programs took a while. What G and I did is just stayed up till 3AM till it was done. That way it only takes one night and it gets done.

Anyways, G, I want to hear how the hicks are doing in Calgary. Make sure the cows can graze in your backyard.

Anyone else alive?

- Tom Marsden @ 11:16 AM

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Sunday, June 30, 2002

I'm not dead... not yet anyways

I just was so majorly screwed for CS, that i had to make the greatest sacrifice that any Canadian is asked to make. I had to give up Canada Day weekend to do work.

Well you see kiddies, i do not intend to go home with a giant uncompleted CS project looming over my head. So i stupidly said, "if the program doesn't work, i won't go home." If you noticed my absence, then you'll be happy to know that i spent friday and saturday debugging. Now this sucks some major ass. But oh well, my program now works. I just now got to fix up some stats outputs.

As an escape from debugging, I played settlers with joel, trevis and john. I finally won a game, and joel finally lost a game. It truly is a game where you build roads to kill off your competition. Very good game. i quite enjoy it. It's a little short for my tastes, but then again, everything is short compared to risk 2210. So we've begun create some cool house rules for the game. I just pray that i never will play settlers in the math comfy.

Class as usual is kicking my ass around, i don't understand much of what goes on. But i think after the next weekend i'll begin reviewing for exams. Yeah i plan to start reviewing a month ahead. why? because i'm sacred shitless of failing. Oh i need a job as well, but that's yet another problem which i wish i could just toss out the window. It seems like a new semester, with the same problems. I honestly don't know what's worse. The shit they put me though, or the fact that i have to repeat the same old problems over again. I can't wait until post graduate studies. That's what i'm gunning for, masters or phD. I really hope i can do it.

Did you know on Canada Day weekend, me and trevis are the racial minority in waterloo?

The One and Only,

*edit* i added a new gallery late in the day. more refusal to do CS

- Guru Mike @ 5:14 PM

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Need to fix up the links

The bottom left corner of this page needs to be fixed up majorly. Those links are terribly outdated and I no longer want some of them on my page. But I'll add new ones of course. Also fixed up that damned sidebar that's never updated.

Congrats to Brasil on winning the cup. This world cup was generally very interesting, due to all the favourites getting knocked out early, and all the surprises. Not to mention co-host Korea shocking the world by beating European powerhouses that are Spain and Portugal. *If you're good, you'll notice my sarcasm there =] *

- Backstab @ 12:31 PM

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