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Friday, July 12, 2002

Guru Mike

If you don't know already... Guru Mike is now in a hospital in Waterloo. I'm not going to disclose the details without his permission... but I'll say this is quite serious, I haven't heard of this happening to a lot of people. Anyway, wish him good luck and a speedy recovery.

- Backstab @ 1:52 AM

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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

A Serious Note

Sorry to ruin everyone's mood. Guru Mike is not feeling well. Keep him in your prayers.


- Avatar @ 3:25 PM

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IF He Beat You....

Then maybe I would say it was me. But first of all I hate the undead as you know. Actually I hate all races equally and have really no strategies at all. Maybe I should actually play the game to develop a couple. Hey G, how many night elf missions are there??

Good to hear you actually got a connection in Calgary. Thats something you can probably brag to everyone in town. =) Actually Calgary isn't that hick. Who are you leaving with, and how are things going out there??


- Tom Marsden @ 2:51 PM

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LOL! Nice coincidence? =]

So I was playing a ladder game today, and guess what my opponent's name is! It's "Marsden".

He was a level 5 undead player and I asked him, "are you Tom?". He replied "Yes." I was like WTF? But he made no stupid remarks or anything... so to make sure I asked him another question "where are you from?", he replied "north dakota". Guess that was another Tom Marsden, haha.

Anyhow, he wasn't that bad but I owned him pretty are 2 screenshots of me owning him.

I hope that's not you trying to cover up Tom. =P

- Backstab @ 1:40 AM

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Monday, July 08, 2002

Well I think I'm connected for now

I'm sharing a connection with someone so I don't have a whole lot of time. This DSL is weird, I needed this CD to set up... for some reason the modem doesn't recognize my ethernet card no matter how hard I tried, until that Telus' DSL Setup CD made it work.

So yeah, finally played some War3 games. My nick is Chitzkoi on Azeroth (US East), look me up.

War3>women =]

I actually am checking out the stampede tomorrow though.

Well if you guys are still cool with this site I'll continue it of course, it's just recently it seems like this site is so lame. Mike, I may try ot install Jedi Knight II on my system so I may play that as well =P

- Backstab @ 11:53 PM

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Stations of the Cross

Sorry, my bad, i've been putting off posting for a bit because i'm just in a state of sloth and/or zombification. But let me tell you a story about a man, with long hair and a beard. No not Jesus. His name is Dan, but we all call him dancin' Jesus behind his back. Why? because he's a DDR freak who just happens to look like jesus.

Well, i was at cove night, which is basically free play all night long. And Joel has just gone nutso for DDR. He can't stop playing it, and he's not half bad, but not half good either. He's racking up 50 combos and 100 combos at the machine while looking like a whirling dirvish of arms and legs on some setting he describes as "manic". He beats collina for sure. Well i'm surprised by joel's abilities. But in step a large fellow. Joel tells me and Trevis, "oh my god, that's him, that's Dan, that's Dancin' Jesus!"

Now i've heard of joel speak of his man. Kind of disorienting seeing the savoir of mankind in person. He pulls out his PS memory card like they were the keys to heaven itself, and sticks it in releasing a whole bunch of secert modes of the sort. Wow! Damn Dancin Jesus got connections. Then he and his friend ( possibly the 13th aposotle, i have yet to confirm....) pick some mode called roulette, where it just randomly picks a song. Wow Dancin JC show no fear at chance.

Then he busts it out. He's off like the man himself could walk on water. Racking up combos, he overtakes Joel's combo high right away. Jesus' got rythmn. Heck, the son of God,err i mean the son of Man, must be good at dancing.
200, 300, wow
it looks like Jesus' isn't missing a beat.
But then....
Jesus falters for the first time.....

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 2:45 PM

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I changed my name for ya, you biaaaatch.

- Tom Marsden @ 9:19 AM

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G, you been smoking something?

Or has it been that good ol' Calgary air getting to ya. Yeah, it must be that because it doesn't make any sense why you would take the site down. And stop dreaming about playing games, have you ever heard of women, try them some time. I know I'm joking around but still, who cares how far up the ladder you could be. Ahh well, what can you do. How was the stampede??

Anything else new from anyone.


- Tom Marsden @ 9:17 AM

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The End?

No, it can't be!

- Knobody @ 6:52 AM

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Bleh I need a connection

I should hopefully have a connection soon... I really want one bad because at the moment, people on the War3 ladder really blow. I mean, when my 2v2 partner is 39-3 playing random on US East, there is a huge problem. I really want some freebie wins =[

Where's everybody anyway, you guys compeltely disappeared off the face of the earth? I'm thinking of putting this site down... There is nothing going on and I might as well eh?

- Backstab @ 12:35 AM

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