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Saturday, July 27, 2002


The algerbra co-ordinator this year is a man name Prof. Wagner. I take back the statement where i said he is a man, he truly is an ape. The sloping forehead and numerious other ape-like facial features make up only part of his ape-like qualities. This man must be bitter at something because he just seems to have endless amounts of crap to dish out to his students. Apparently once he even lost it and told he whole lecture to shut up. So how does this ape like mongoloid cross my path? Even thought i have all medical documentation for the whole lung fiasco. I asked for a defferral of the exam. I mean it's not like i cheating him or i'm a bad student. I do my work, get some decent grades. I mean i want some time to study, but that ape asshole won't even give me a second thought. I wish him kidney stones of an unsually large calibar that can't be broken up by modern medical procedures. I hope he enjoys passing that. APE

On thrusday i got free dinner from the don. It's an end of the year thing and we've got too much res money left over. Afterwards we go for bubble tea. At the bubble tea place we decide to play scrabble. It seems that nobody know how to spell these days. Me included. I spelled woven, WOAVEN. and rediculous words like foamy. My don manages to spell long, and then parlays it into schlong. We decided to let that one go. Other words that came into question was axer, kyoto and many other miss and poor spellings. In the end, i was lagging behind because i had be blessed with the Q and no U's. No fret boys and girls, because when i'm out there, i'm doing my best to be repping polaris. I manage to spell aqua on a triple word score... score! Pushing me to lead. Wow exciting stuff folks. In all honesty, this was a terrible game of scrabble. It really is a wonder how we all pasted OAC english.

APE ( did i mention that i submitted a prof eval with wagner's name on it that said "APE" in big letters on the back? )

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 11:58 PM

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i still have 9.5 hours to go... i've made 27 posts!

anyways, i just had to say that i think that the 27% is probably the bunch that can't get laid. and aren't doing well in school either.

- soufpawed @ 11:23 PM

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Warcraft III replays and Soulseek

I uploaded a few replays of War III. They are now up at the games section. Check them out if you like... btw you have to right click on the link and hit "Save As" because if you left click Tripod nicely screws it up. =[

Btw Soulseek has been really good so far, I've gotten most of the songs that I needed for this month. I do agree tho that a large majority of the people there are drum and bass/trance people. Anyway, Mike maybe you should start doing a Soulseek icon =]

- Backstab @ 11:21 PM

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I Don't Like Donovan Bailey

Yeah, I don't believe he embodies the Canadian spirit.

Did you know that 27% of U.S. male college students believe life is a meaningless existential hell?

- Liston @ 9:27 PM

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Friday, July 26, 2002

beck hall, that's where i'll be...

i came up with a good long list of excuses for my extended hiatus from here, but the real reasons are just pure laziness and a general lack of creativity. i'm trying to get back into things now though...
and tomorrow starting at 9 am until 9 am on sunday morning, i'll be posting every half hour on my website [for charity, engineers without borders. you can sponsor me. i'll love you forever] so i might make a random appearance here too...just because i don't think i've ever posted anything here past 4 in the morning.

so yeah, waterloo sent out room assignments the other day. of the millions of us actually going next year, i only know of *one* person that got into V1. she didn't even get a single room either... interconnecting w/ a random =non-chinese= girl. the rest of the people from st robs are in ron edyt, except me, that is; i'll be on the other end of the world at beck hall, which i'm fine with, stream 4 and all.

that is all.

- soufpawed @ 4:28 PM

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Thursday, July 25, 2002

If you don't already know

Asteroid > Earth in 2019

Will Starcraft 2 come out before the death of humanity? We will never know =[

- Backstab @ 5:05 PM

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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

A few things updated

1. Right side bar updated:
- Warcraft III link
- Knobody's Work Schedule

2. Music page updated

Other updates following shortly =[ BTW if anyone has War3 and plays on Azeroth (US East), give Chitzkoi a message. I'm really bored.

- Backstab @ 7:23 PM

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Monday, July 22, 2002

Playing Around

Well for the time being I'm attempting to post my work schedule up here, just so that everyone knows when I can't come out. Well more so that everyone knows when I can come out. Been feeling a little left out these days, although I have checked in with the crew a couple times recently. In any case, I need more social interaction so, umm, now we all know when Cliff is working, and we will all call him up when stuff is happening. I think... Oh yeah, schedule is supposed to be underneath the pic of the day, until I find a better place for it. This is assuming that my brain is still functioning at 8:00 am (no sleep yet). But I'm gonna have to wait for the page to refresh to test it.

Just out of curiousity, are we planning any trips this year? Gotta book off work and all. Nick make sure you pick up from me before Donato's thing.

Guru, good to see you are kicking around again. Delayed reaction and all, but lazy...hope you understand. Oh yeah, and tell Chris she's allowed to e-mail me too.

Well, after a day with SoulSeek, I like it, but for my music the queues are huge, and it's only good some of the time. It's a huge resource hog tho, and I keep getting disconnected. Still looking in to that. The wishlist is a great feature, but I still can't find the only song I have on it. Stupid Canadian artisits. Oh yeah sould explain that, the wishlist is a list of songs that you want (in the form of a search entry) but can't find. It periodically runs the search and brings up new results in a separate window. Right now my biggest beef is that I can't search fro specific file types and as a result get crap results when I'm looking fro a song. It's fine when I know the exact title and artist, but the more general I leave it the worse my results are in terms of lack of mp3s. Kazaa is much better for that stuff, since you can look for different media types. I think I'm gonna jump back and forth between Kazaa and SoulSeek for a while at least until SoulSeek polishes up their program a little. But it's got a lot of potential, and it reminds me of the good ol' days of Napster.

Signing off,

- Knobody @ 8:07 AM

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It's Been Some Time

Sorry I haven't been posting for some time. I guess I've been pre-occupied... which is hard to expand upon since I have no job and one class a week. lol.

I'd just like to comment of Dave's BBQ. It was really nice and I'm sure we all thank Dave for getting us all together on a sunny Beaches afternoon. Thanks Dave!

My body still hurts from last night. I figured out that I don't get hangovers, just a lot of body aches after. My stomach is all screwed up for some reason... (possibly from the sushi, sake, and tequila)

SO YEAH, for those of you who don't follow, the jazz festival was jumpin' last night. We found this amazing mariachi band. People were dancing in the streets, it was all good. Got toasted off sake, then Tequia shots at some tiny, tiny place called "Arax". Then the night ended with drunken stupor on Queen Street at 2 a.m.

I got Sandy to drive my car last night, and I told him I would pick it up from his house in the morning. I fell asleep at 5 a.m. At 9 a.m, my father barges into my room demanding to know where the car was. I told him it was at Sando's and he got all pissed off. I told him I didn't want to drive drunk (no shit sherlock), and he later (much later) told me I did the right thing. Fuckin' A.

From The Good Kid Gone Bad,

- Liston @ 2:34 AM

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Sunday, July 21, 2002

Greener Pastures

Does that mean i have to design a soul seek logo and put it on the links page? I'm quite fond of the AG logo, but not AG anymore. I remember the moment i created that logo. It took me all of 50 secs, but for some reason, i like it.

Yeah i'm quite aware it is 5:41 in the morning, for some strange reason i keep waking up really early since the whole lung incident. I remember the days when i used to go home at this time. Knobody, email Christina, She says she'll kill you. I'm not sure if i'm insomatic or i'm just have a decent sleeping habit now. Did i ever mention that in the hospital, i had morphine nightmares? If you think my normal dreams are fucked up wait until you hear about this one...


Fucking Tease

Moving on to greener pastures. I have a ball and chain, and it's called Math. I have moved my exams or will have moved my math exams to a week or two weeks after exam period ends. It's really nice because i get to study. It's really bad because i'll literally be the only person still in school. Why on God's green earth did i do that? Who knows? i'd probably like a living chance at passing or actually doing well on my exams.

My life is really fucked up at this current moment. Nothing but fun in the future for me. Sometimes i make myself naseauated. Thank God i don't have a girlfriend. Whew, other wise i might as well be dead with a captial "C". You can let that one stew in your mind for awhile.

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 5:58 AM

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I'm really impressed with their interface, but been using it for 20 minutes and haven't been able to download anything. It's probably better for electronic stuff, but I'm finding a lot of people with huge queue lists, that I can't touch. Like an allowance of 2 uploads and 183 queued uploads. Okay well that was the worst one but I've only looked at three. But at the moment I am searching for reggae, and am getting results, so I can tell you all that it's not just for electronic music. Anyways, I'm gonna keep playing with it, and I'll let you know what I think of it in a couple days.


- Knobody @ 5:18 AM

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