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Friday, August 02, 2002

Interesting stuff indeed yo

To be honest, the drum and bass tunes as of late got a bit lame.... one day I was bored, so I went to check out some new drum and bass tunes on Dogs on Acid, DnB Arena and some other sites. Well, just as I thought drum and bass was going downhill, I heard some pretty interesting tunes. Seems like artists getting a bit more creative these days.

First to start off, a tune called "Macross VIP" by a Dutch producer named Falcon. The vocal sample of the tune was ripped off from one of the songs of the anime Macross. I'm quite positive about this one. Anyone seen Macross? Have a listen to it here.

2nd, a ragga style tune called "Start The Fire" by ... who else, )EIB( aka Bad Company, this is a remix of some ragga tune by Rawhill Cru. Listen to a clip of it here. Knobody, you really should check this out (listen to the whole clip plz, its got some intro). This sounds like reggae but the beats are twice as fast =P

3rd, I dunno what to call it, this sounds like 'pop' drum and bass? Like that tune "Shake Your Body" by Shy Fx, this one maybe pretty popular... this one by Roni Size and MC Tali. Pretty weird indeed, I think this is the first MC who's FEMALE.

Anyhow thats about it for my post today.

- Backstab @ 1:59 AM

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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Extra Extra! Extra!

In other news, during trevis' exam a police officier comes in and announces he is looking for "Trevis Alleyn". Trevis' first reaction is reacts "OMG, mike's in the hospital again!" then he thinks "OMG, Wagner called the police because he thought i was cheating" So Trevis walks out with the officier, wondering what is going on. Outside, the officier says to him "Trevis, it's about your mother" Now trevis is like "Oh shit, is she in the hospital?" Then the officier proceed to tell him that "Your mother couldn't reach you in the last week, and she's wondering if your ok?". At this point Trevis' fear turned quickly into confusion and then into began laugh. "This must be some kind of joke" No it wassn't a joke. Apparently his mom called to police because she hasn't talk to her son for a week. And the police answered the call.

Talk about above and beyond the call of duty
And trevis couldn't finish the exam with a straight face after that
the moral of the story kiddies, call you mom, she misses you. This moment brought to you by me and bell long distance.

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 10:38 PM

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Extra Extra!

Lots of new today! It was quite an interesting day for an exam day that is. I will continue my little diatribe on wagner. Further proving he is a prick without a doubt in my mine. I wouldn't care if he was the mejin of GO. He can GO to hell.

Now, ok this is in trevis' exam room. The girl besides him is looking through the exam before the exam beings. Then wagner goes up to her and flips out for cheating. He is like, "WHat are you doing?" the girl is sputtering trying to assemble a sentence of sorts. "Your cheating that's what!" He then proceeds to take her exam away from her and tell her kicked out of the exam. The girl was stunned, and still gathering words. Wagner starts walking away, and then stops. turns around and gives the exam back to her. " Don't cheat!" she manages to apologize "sorry" and he replies " No your not" He said out loud that No your are not sorry. What a prick! then while stomping away in his ape like manner he don't even bother muttering to himself, he just blurts out "fucking cheaters"

What on god's green earth is wrong with that man? yes she is wrong, but he didn't have to lose it. I mean she apologized, and he said "No your are not!" he appearently must have a PhD in math and telepathy. What an obnoxious prick. I give him the most obnoxious prick i've ever met award. And i've met alot of people. If he gets those kidney stones i've asked for, it will be a very merry chistmas indeed. And a happy fucking new year too

I've got yet another story. but i'm tired, i'll tell you later, when i'm less angry and less tired

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 3:17 PM

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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Whats going on

G, you haven't really told us any calgary stories or details on what the hell you are doing. What is going on?

And why is our degree going to complete shit exactly??

- Tom Marsden @ 11:27 PM

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I don't like Mountain Time...

It's so slow... it's 2 hours slower than Eastern Time which sucks because at 9pm it is already 11pm at Toronto and everyone goes to sleep at this time since they all have to get up early the next morning? Why am I saying this? It's because I'm always out of sync with everyone. I get off work at 5pm, which is 7pm Eastern, and people eat dinner. Now when I eat dinner (7pm), they're at their prime time (9 pm Eastern) which blows because that's when everyone is online. So that's 2 hours wasted already. =[

Oh I just realized I don't have a backup plan once my software (engineering) degree has gone to shit... so I dunno, maybe I"ll get a job at Food Ba$ics once that happen and be the next Kurt Warner, yeah maybe i'll go do that.

- Backstab @ 11:17 PM

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Monday, July 29, 2002

The Truth About Wagner

Prof Wagner plays GO, yes GO, i said Go. I walked into his office and he's got a set. The one with the thick wooden board and the little pot for all the pieces. So maybe he can't be all bad, well no wait he is ok that's all bye bye back to preparing to fail exams later.

- Avatar @ 1:27 AM

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Sunday, July 28, 2002

i can't believe i'm still up

when exactly does it get light out?

did someone say aqua... "i'm a barbie girl. in my barbie world. it's fan..." no haya. *shut up* =slap= hmmm. so now we know what sleep deprivation does to me.

this'll probably never happen again, at least not until i get some quality physics homework to keep me up into the wee hours, so treasure it while it lasts. read some of my caffeine induced posts. laugh at me. sponsor me! it's not too late. i'm 20 cents short of $30 [us... that's like $45 canadian. pretty impressive considering it's coming solely from people i don't actually know]

3.5 hours till bed.

- soufpawed @ 5:29 AM

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