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Saturday, August 10, 2002

Spotted Train

No i'm not talking about the dessert Tricia enjoys so much in England (Spotted Dick) Though they bare a phallic nature, I'm actually talking about Trainspotting.

What so good about Traingspotting? I watched it, i enjoyed it only on a minmal level. I mean i heard people calling it a favourite movie, i don't see why? It had some nice cinematography, but that is about it. The script i felt was very weak. It seems like the story in the middle part didn't know where it was going, and just picked a random direction and finshed there. THe music was alright, but that the extent of it. If somebody loves that movie, please explain why in an email to me. I'll gladly read it. I'm now wondering why people like it so much. I doubt you'll be able to convice me to like the movie at this point, but i just want to know the prime reason for this movie getting some kinda hype. Tentively i give it 8 gerbils.

Comming back to on Saturday, yes tomorrow. Liston it's time, for the Waterloo Switcheroo!

(in japanese voice) SWITCH... ON !

Yes i like everyone on the staff to flex a little bit of their design muscle and html (Now pronouced H-ut-mm-elle) skills. I doesn't have to be much, just something, because their is no way in heck i'm doing original designs for everyone. You can go suck on a Spotted Dick.

In Usher's song U don't have the line "Ask my nigga Pharrell" in the first verse. Is Pharrell his nigger or is the Ph pronounced like an F. So it would sound like "ask my nigga For real"? I always wondered about that.

The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 1:38 AM

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Friday, August 09, 2002

Staff Page Reconstruction


If you don't already know, the current staff page has not been updated for 10 months! Yes 10! I can say that because it still says I'm 18. Anyhow, as Guru Mike has suggested a while ago, we are now thinking of making a more personalized staff page... which means that EACH staff member will have their own "profile" page. On each page, you can put up whatever the hell you want, talk about whatever the hell you want about yourself, and whatever the hell the style you want etc. So get going and start working on your page. =] No maximum or minimum length of any kind, just one rule, 1 page thats' it. Done.

- Backstab @ 3:00 AM

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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

The Funniest T-Shirts Ever

This one and this one too.

- Liston @ 12:21 AM

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Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Asian Avenue - Click into Asian America?

To be perfectly honest, Asian Avenue is the most homosexual site ever created. This all started when one of my friends got an AA page up the other day because he was "bored". So I was trying to be nice so I'd sign his guestbook. YOU MUST LOGIN! Oh god, so I was forced to register... which I did. After signing his guestbook, I decided to check out some of the AA pages from some of the other people... and

page 1: "yO waSsUp mAh HoMies"
these guys cant even type... that kinda crap isnt even legible, and besides, you're not black, so stop trying to be like one.

page 2: "WelCuM moThA FuKKeN AzNs", with a few pictures of him looking like a gangster and all thugish smoking ciggarettes.

page 3: more of the same thing... this one's a girls page, the typing is all screwed up like the rest but the backgroud was covered with cartoon characters which makes the page absolutely crap

disgusted and bored, I decided to go make my AA page, its the best ever. Click here to view it It took me about 2 minutes to finish this page and it's already one of the best AA pages out there.

If you want a quick laugh, go to Asian Avenue and click on some random page. Funny stuff, good times.

- Backstab @ 10:30 PM

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1B Is Over

Whoohooo, its alll. Just finished writing my CS134 exam, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I thought i was gonna get destroyed considering the rate of studying dropped like a rock after algeo. The multiple choice part was messed up, the first like 10 questions were all B, what kinda pattern is that for multiple choice answers, I was like "ummm something is wrong here" but appaarently that's what everyone else got so either its right or everyone messed up. From CS134 I learned formal verification is STUPID.

In other news it was Joel's birthday last week. If you don't remember Joel he's the Irish guy who would do crazy things like hide in David's closet and scare the crap out of him. We had a party and went to buy alcohol. At the cashier when we were showing our id's the customer behind, some stupid old guy, started say "u'd better check their id's they could be fake", he even picked mine up and like scratched the picture, like wtf, mind your own business. Anyways we got the drinks and had fun as usual. Joel ended up huggin everyone like 10 times and chasing someone up and down the street because he couldn't find his beer. Overall a fun night.

Well im off to go do absolutely nothing productive. Later everyone.

- Avatar @ 6:13 PM

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Blast I've Been Discovered

Geroge it isn't that big of a secret, I thought you knew thats why I kept you around.

- Tom Marsden @ 8:58 AM

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Tommyboy likes little boys
(thats what his webcam is for) =]

- Backstab @ 3:19 AM

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Monday, August 05, 2002

I want in

Mike anytime your willing lets get that chat going!! =) I have a web cam (for reasons you dont need to know)

- Tom Marsden @ 10:49 PM

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Sex Chat!

With Guru Mike
Starring Guru Mike

OOh yeah, i've got a web cam, and if you want to talk dirty to me and pay me in wads of bills, feel free now!

Now mike comes in more larthargic and provokative positions! (what i feelings i provoke is still a mystrey to many)

See the Guru sit in front of the computer, and sit in front of the computer, and sit in front of the computer some more!
all for the low price of 29.95.

Call now!

On a more serious note, i found some funky option on my digital cam which turn it into a web cam. I'd actually like to test it out, but nobody has a web cam. Either way i'll test it out when i get back to T dot because I just want exams to end now! I just want this damn term to come to an end so i can forget about it!
This term sucked ass so far. nuff said


The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 7:31 PM

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why i don't owe my dentist[s] anything

the reasons my teeth are as beautiful as they are today are a) biannual cleaning and b) fluoride, both courtesy of my dental hygenist, the lovely Ginette, whom i've been seeing twice a year for...a long time. she's cool. i watch Y&R with her occasionally. and after she's done, my dentist comes in for 3 minutes or so and has a look around. he never actually =does= much, but i'm basically sure that much of the $100, or whatever it is that we pay them, is his.

i've lost count of how many times they've said "YOU NEED BRACES". i most certainly do not. my teeth are remarkably straight, and i don't think that inflicting that kind of torture on a little kid just to fix up the minorest, most insignificant overbite or gap or whatnot is good medicine.

i figure you brush well, you floss sometimes, and use a good toothpaste and you should be ok. besides, this whole 6 month thing isn't really going to work well with co-op for me anyways.

dentists are just sadists with newer magazines, right?

they =do= have fix your own cavity kits out now. it's only supposed to be temporary, until you can get to an actual dentist, but who's to say those biomedical engineers don't have something more up their sleeves.

- soufpawed @ 6:00 PM

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I Owe My Life to Dentists

I agree they may be over paid for their limited amount of knowledge about one section of the human body. But still, I would look a lot worse than I do today if it wasn't for kind dentists to fix me up, and nice insurance companies to pay them for it. Insurance rules.

Thats all I have to say.

- Tom Marsden @ 11:04 AM

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Sunday, August 04, 2002

Dentists suck

Dentists suck. First of all, the occupation of dentistry is ridiuclous. I don't respect that because they are basically really useless doctors and all they know is how to fix your teeth. How does that require any skill? I mean, I can learn how to fix up a cavity in a matter of days and become a dentist myself. Another thing that I can never understand is that how you have to go to THEM to remove the stain on your teeth. Why can't we buy our own equipment/own special tooth paste and use that so we never get any staining on our teeth?? Oh, and why are they all such greedy little cunts? Seriously it requires half a brain to do all that dentist crap, and they rip you off so badly for a single checkup. CUNTS.

That new dentist at the Richmond Hill Dental place is the biggest jerkoff ever. He seemed to be all nice and asked me if i wanna fix up two teeth because there was a tiny crack in it... and I said um how long/how much? He goes, it'll take 10 min, so I said fine whatever. So after everything's finished, the guy charges me $70 for the regular checkup. I thought it made sense... but then a month later, those dicks called back saying we owe them like $100 for the two teeth they fixed up... so I was like WTF u forced me to it bitches, but since I wasn't there to take the phonecall (my mom did), my mom paid back... seriously what I should've just told them to screw off and told them to go ahead and sue me.

Hopefully, with the rapid technology advancements nowadays, the occupation of dentists will be eliminated and become obsolete. And the simple tasks of teeth removal will be replaced by surgeons or even family doctors=]

- Backstab @ 11:15 PM

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