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Saturday, August 24, 2002

Weirdest competition

I was channel surfing, and i surfed on the ot life network. At a moments glance, you would see 4 barbers cutting hair. Ok maybe i should call them stylists, because i dunno i might offend somebody. But i took careful notice of the national flags above their mirrors. I'm like what? Is this some kind of competition? Well it is. 4 barbers, from 4 different places completeing with 4 judges. What the heck is that? Is this the next olymipic event?

Well it turns out that of the 4 barbers there, 3 have been working most of their lives and one is an imposter! Yes that's right. one guy is a fake barber. He only has had 4 weeks of training. At the end the judges were supposed to guess. Well at the end of the hair cutting and styling, the judges were asked, who has the best cut? well the fake, were rated best by 2 judges. No bad for 4 weeks of training. BTW, the fake is normally a sheep sheerer. But in the end, all the judges guess him as the fake. So he lost, i think, i'm not too sure. His trainners and him were all crying at the end like everything was over and it was a colossal waste of effort. I was very confused at that point

Which brings me back to the orignal point i wanted to make, what were the country labels for?


The One and Only,

- Guru Mike @ 7:29 PM

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national slackerday

well. i guess that means that today, i can be legitimately justified to be a slacker like i usually am.

- soufpawed @ 11:01 AM

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Friday, August 23, 2002

Last Post From Calgary!

Well today I went to see Spiderman at a cheap theatre.. lol, $4 =] Man, today was the first day I saw ugly people in Calgary....... the teeny boppers are back =[ Maybe I just haven't seen those grade 8-9s since I've always been in "downtown" Calgary.

Since this is gonna be my last post from Calgary, I just wanna do a quick shout out to the people at Calgary, it has been a really fun 2 months here. I've learnt quite a bit, both work and life. This is totally a different experience than university. Like to say thanks to everyone who helped me out and all the things they've done for me out here. I really had a great time.

So ya... I'm gonna be back tomorrow night (9:30pm) in Hong Kong aka Richmond Hill. =] (edit, I mean tonight, August 23rd.)

- Backstab @ 12:35 AM

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Thursday, August 22, 2002

Where do you go to find the dumbest of the dumb?

Step into a Futureshop store and you'll swear you just stepped into an idiot tank. The people that work in Futureshop stores are the biggest bunch of idiots on the face of the god damn planet. I went to Futureshop the other day and it took 4 cashiers to open the damn register. Yes, 4 of them, not 1 (like it's suppose to) not 2, not even 3 (which is suppose to be the charm), but 4 friggin Futureshop employee's. And then today I went and I saw 2 identical scanners side by side. One of them said "Clearance Price, $149.99" and the other one said "Out of Box Price, $129.99, Original $149.99". So I called over the dude that worked in the computers department and this is how the conversation went.. (I don't remember the exact words, but it was something like this)

Me: Excuse me, I'm just wondering, if something is on clearance, does that mean it's on sale?
Dumbass: Yes, when we put things on clearance, we lower the price because we want to get rid of it.
Me: Oh ok, so the clearance price is lower than the regular price right?
Dumbass: Of course, most clearance prices will be lower than sale prices.
Me: I see, so are these two scanners the same?
Dumbass: Yes, see, they are the same model, but one is on clearance and the other is out of box.
Me: Oh ok, then how come the clearance price is the same as the regular price? See, the clearance price is $149.99 and the regular price on the out of box is also $149.99.
Dumbass: That one is out of box, it's $129.99, this one is clearance, it's $149.99.
Me: I know, but the tag of the out of box one says that the regular price is $149.99, that's the same as the clearance price.
Dumbass: Yeah, the regular price and clearance prices are the same, there's no sale.
Me: Oh, so the clearance price isn't any cheaper, it's the same price as the regular price?
Dumbass: Yes, clearance doesn't mean sale.
Me: I see, thanks for your help.

Yes, I was very disappointed, Futureshop would be better off replacing their employees with card board cutouts, at least that way nothing stupid will be said.

- Etheral @ 2:06 PM

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Would you rather be crippled or dead?

I was watching a documentary on the Dieppe raid the other day and a veteran said that he was praying to god that if he was going to get hurt, that he'd rather die than become a cripple. So I was thinking, what would life be like if I didn't have any legs? I guess I'd be sort of like a tree, I can be moved, but not on my own, I have limbs protruding from my sides, but that's about it. I wouldn't be able to play sports anymore, drive, who the heck would marry someone without legs? (aside from someone else who doesn't have legs), life would be quite a bitch, not to mention you'd be a burden on your friends and family. So I ask you this, would you rather be crippled or dead? Let's say crippled means no legs, or no arms. And then if you would rather live, then would you rather be severly crippled or dead? Severely crippled being that you have no legs and no arms, then you really are just a tree stump. Retarded or dead? Homeless or dead? Wow, there are so many situations where people might want to kill themselves, no wonder there are so many suicides! Then how would you kill yourself, running into a wall until you die? Eating a jar of nails? Hitting your head against a tree until you die? Picking a fight with a grizzly bear without the bear suit? The possibilities are endless!

- Etheral @ 11:21 AM

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Strange Encounters at Wal-Mart

Alright, so I went to Wal-mart the other day during lunch time and went to eat at the McDonalds there. BTW, the Wal-mart McDonalds suck ass, it's so slow and the people seem really stupid, I don't know why, but they can't get an order right, it's ridiculous. Anyways, I sat down with the girl I work with and we're talking, and then I look up and who do I see sit down in the table across from mine? None other than the only famous person to come out of St.Robs, PJ Phil! He sits down with this little kid (probably his) and I'm staring at him and my friend turns around and stares and him and he just glares back at us, so we stop staring. That was definately a strange experience. What's even stranger is that Dave said the South Park movie was pretty good, geez, like wow man, wow.

So you're comin back this weekend G? Anybody wanna go to the Ex? Pickle pickle pickle!

- Etheral @ 11:06 AM

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Wednesday, August 21, 2002

The Artful Dodger

GT, you're not getting into R&B until you start liking "Twenty-four Seven" by Artful Dodger feat. Mel Blatt. That's how the standard's set. lol

- Liston @ 10:49 PM

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Tuesday, August 20, 2002


Don't ask why, I got a bit bored from drum and bass, even though this month is TUNE EXPLOSION MONTH, check out my "Top 5". Well, I've been listening to some old Radiohead, and that Artful Dodger CD... yeah, I'm finding that Artful Dodger CD isn't all that bad, and for some reason, even though it sounds like some pop R&B tune, it actually sounds good. I find a lot of tunes to be pretty good, my favourites would be "Think About Me", "Outrageous" and of course, "We Should Get Together" (muahahaha)

Crap.... I hope this doesn't mean that I'm getting into *GASP* R&B???


- Backstab @ 2:08 AM

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Monday, August 19, 2002

Free software from Microsoft

Taken directly from University of Waterloo's Daily Bulletin

Everybody was talking about C# last week -- that's the new computer language that's going to be taught to first-year electrical and computer engineering students as part of UW's recent "alliance" with Microsoft Canada. Here's a practical note about C# from Carol Vogt, of UW's information systems and technology department: "C# is one component of Microsoft Visual Studio .Net, and is available free of charge to all students, because UW is a member of the Microsoft Developer's Network Academic Alliance. Students can obtain Visual Studio .Net by completing an online form and bringing it to the CHIP (Math and Computer room 1052). Also available to students at no cost as part of this program are Windows XP Pro, Visio 2002 Pro, and Visual Studio 6. Faculty may also obtain these products at no charge for instruction and research purposes by completing a form and bringing it to MC 2008 or MC 2016."

Hmm, that is elite, Microsoft sells VS.NET for around $400 and they're giving this shit out for free.

p.s. I've been working on and off on my profile page... and I know Guru started his.

- Backstab @ 4:27 PM

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Sunday, August 18, 2002


has anyone actually started their profile page yet?

anyone who is a =tablemaster= belongs on my list of heroes.

does that even make sense? i've become overrun by calculus this week. *shudder* but now i understand delta-epsilons, even if just vaguely.
besides "calculus for engineers" [MAT117 text] doesn't really get that into them.

- soufpawed @ 11:45 AM

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