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Friday, September 13, 2002

first week

i'm glad you like my class (= living in beck hall is awesome. my entire floor [and the one above, 10/11] is occupied by chem eng kids. invaluable help. also, i don't have to eat v1 food every day. although sometimes figuring out what i can actually make is a bit of a challenge, it's been ok so far.

algebra prof can't speak. and the physics dude... he's very feminine. and he gets angry with us at least once a day. it's kinda funny. everything else is good. this no tutorial/lab week was great. next week's schedule will probably be a little uglier.

is anyone going to the matthew good concert?

- soufpawed @ 11:56 AM

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Well, I like Friday. I only have 1 lecture, 1st year Chemistry and a chem tutorial which is of course cancelled this week. It's refreshing to see about 40 girls in your class. I went to the 1A Chem Eng class today for Chem... and I was surprised at the number of girls in that class. About 50:50 ratio in that class... unlike my 2nd year SE classes which has a male:female ratio of about 9:1 (5 girls switched/dropped out)... yup, feels like I'm in an all-guys school. Anyhow, let's say it's a refreshing break from those SE classes.

I love my new Nomad JukeBox... it owns, it really makes that 25 minute walk from school seems like 10 minutes!

Time to pack my bag for a short trip to T.O. later.

- Backstab @ 10:45 AM

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Thursday, September 12, 2002


We finally got have internet and digital TV. Anyway, I was thinking of some easy to cook university food...... Here's a few of them that I came up with:

Buffalo Wings, salad and rice
burger meat and sausage omelette
instant noodles, hot dog, salad

P.S. I will be back this weekend

- Backstab @ 11:09 PM

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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Artful Dodger

I've recalled my Artful Dodger from my old music collection. Here's the part of the list I forgot about...

Artful Dodger - Girls Like This
Artful Dodger f/ Lifford - Something
Artful Dodger - Who's The Better Man?
Artful Dodger f/ Craig David - R U Ready
Artful Dodger f/ Craig David - What You Gonna Do (Wideboys Undisputed Champions Remix)
Artful Dodger f/ Craig David - Woman Trouble
Artful Dodger vs. BB Mack - Still On Your Side
Artful Dodger vs. Destiny's Child - Say My Name (uk 2-step underground garage rds mix)
Artful Dodger - Dreams
Shola Ama f/ Craig David & Artful Dodger - Imagine (2-step garage mix)

On a somewhat related note, I'm currently listening to...

Buena Vista Social Club, Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger, Naughty By Nature f/ 3LW - Feels Good, Amel Larrieux - Make Me Whole, Mondo Grosso f/ Amel Larrieux - Now You Know Better, Jimmy Eat World - The Sweetness, Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At?, Britney Spears f/ Pharrell - Boys, Barenaked Ladies - Enid, J Lo & Nas - I'm Gonna Be Alright, Swollen Members - Lady Venom, Goo Goo Dolls - Big Machine

Oh yeah, do I have to remind people that The Transporter is coming out???! I'm watching it on Saturday in the T Dot, so if anyone is around, call me.

Ecstacy Is All You Need,

- Liston @ 11:28 PM

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Come to me my lovely

I found my wallet, i was smart enough to throw it away into my bag before i went drinking instead of place it Etheral's room where it was unreachable. In fact i was so smart that i didn't even have to bother to remember it. Nice

All is right with the world again, who cares that war might break out in Iraq, i have my wallet and that's all that matters.

Remember Jewel? the singer? I sure do

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 7:30 AM

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Monday, September 09, 2002

Sophmore Pride!

Sophmores. Represent.


It's hard to believe the university year has come full circle, and that we're all right back in the mix that we all started one year ago. Just for one minute, think of who you were one year ago today, and think about who you are now. Think you've changed? I think I have... a bit. hee hee.

So anyways, for those who don't know, I went to Waterloo University this past weekend. Saw where a lot of people are living now. Looks... interesting. Hopefully next time I come to visit I can drive since people are a fair walking distance apart... that and I'm lazy.

It's a really strange experience to live in JJGAVE's living room... something about not having a designated area to call my own always disturbs me. I left this morning from Waterloo University at 9 a.m, then went to my own university 90 minutes later. That was strange too.

I'm gonna put my timetable up. I guess it's mainly for the people in the T dot. I've got only 15 hrs this semester, so I'll be free for the most part. I still have so much little shit to do @ school still, like get my OSAP $$$, get my buisness course transferred, buy books, etc... frick.

Oh yeah, I was chosen for the Earth & Beyond: The Online Roleplaying Game Beta. Sorta cool, but it was a frickin' 950 mb download, then a 350 mb patch that the game's auto-update has to do. I've been sitting here for a good hour and it's only patched 1/6th of the damn game.


- Liston @ 8:41 PM

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Done first day

Hmm, I only have 2 hours of lectures today... not bad, except my chem class was weird and we're stuck with first year mechs. Yeah

Anyway, later... quick message once again from the Helix Lab. I should be posting better messages soon, on thursday.

- Backstab @ 4:08 PM

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Sunday, September 08, 2002

I am in the Helix Lab right now

Me, Liston and Jon are in the Helix Lab. This place looks like fucking dirt. They fucked up the painting and now it looks like shit colour. But they did change the polaris login into Win 2000 Nexus. Booya.

"My name is Cliff, brother of Joe.
I got me some crack, I want me some ho's.
Let me hear you say yeah! Yeah!
Let me hear you say yeeaah! Yeeeaah!!"

Dead man on campus owns.

So does Freespace 2, and Artful Dodger.

- Backstab @ 9:25 PM

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