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Saturday, September 21, 2002

Neverwinter Nights

I got this game 2 days ago, and I've been playing with it since. It seems alright, I'm playing single player right now because the version I got doesn't work online =P Right now, I'm fooling around with a ranger character... don't really know what I'm doing. I have no idea how/what skills to get and stuff so I'll prolly gonna start another dude and see which ones better.

Went to Skieblade's house yesterday. Haven't seen him in a while, and he has a foosball table. I just realized that how shitty I am at foosball. Kept getting owned. But at the end I'm finally able to get the powershots out. Maybe I should get a foosball table so I can practice and start owning people... haha, if I get a job at a company with a foosball table next term, that'll be awesome.

I'm extremely dead next week... I don't think I've had that many assignments/labs due in one week before. Check this out:
CS 241 Assignment
CS 241 unix assignment
ECE 222 Pre-Lab/Lab/Lab writeup
Chemistry weekly assignment
MSCI assignment
Stats weekly assignment

Yeah... all of these are due next week. Plus I gotta work on resume because jobs are already posted. I don't think I'm gonna come out tonight, gotta at least finish one of these before I go back.

- Backstab @ 4:13 PM

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Thursday, September 19, 2002

Staying Awake

It has come to my attention that, no matter how much you "try" to like your school term, you'll eventually hate it. Man... this term seems quite interesting, 2 courses running tings wit Assembly, 1 stat course, engineering economics and 1st year chem. Well, I'm not having quite an enjoyable time here, every course has an assignment/lab weekly... and I think you all know how painfully annoying those chemistry assignments are. So yeah, tons of work already.

Those 1.5 hr lectures are KILLING ME. Today I had 3 of those. Thursdays are the worst days of the week, 4 lectures, 5.5 hours of lecture time in total. I CANNOT pay attention in that Engineering economics course (aka MSCI). It is so hard to stay awake because the prof just gives you a formula, after example, after formula, then another example, and the cycle NEVER ENDS. That 1.5 hr lecture feels like a fucking 3 hour lecture. I think I checked the time like 27 times today in that class...

I told you to watch this space two days ago. I was gonna upload my profile yesterday, but I managed to do it today because I was quite busy yesterday moping the floor. Anyway here it is. CLICK THIS VERY LINK TO MY PROFILE =]

- Backstab @ 9:54 PM

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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

CD Roms suck, we need to move to a more reliable medium

Yeah my CD Rom just yaked, again. This is the 2nd time the piece of crap has stopped working. But not my plextor, which is a God send and a tiny miracle compared to my other cd rom. I dunno what's wrong, but it just keeps failing on me. So thus i propose we move to a newer better faster medium!

What medium i don't know, but CDs are starting to be a pain in my ass. Hunderds upon thousands of cds turned upside down on my desk. Empty, Half empty and full binders thrownbout my room. Lord, please let there be a magic upgrade for my plextor burner or a plextor brand when we reached the promised land of a stable medium with unlimted storage space.

So Computer Science brethern! i ask that you break off your shackles of techonological oppression and ask, nay, demand for a better quality of data!
Are you with me?

Well on the saner side of my world, as if there were, I moved some of my gallary pictures to tripod. My math account was overloaded and i couldn't recieve email. And i knew i forgot to do something, that something being my staff page. I guess i work on it, after i clean my room in the usual way. ( ie a can of gas and a box of matches)

By the way, WORK TERM SUCKS NUTS WHEN YOU DO NOT WORK. FUCK YOU and YOUR MOTHER CO-OP, I'll see you in hell. How dare you make me pay 400 dollars a term and only hand me one interview. You know what i should do? Clean up at co-op (ie burn the place down). But that of course will not stop them, seeing that they are building a new office. You see children, the moral of the story is that evil spawns. I guess i'll have to wait until octoberfest to christen (ie urnate) the new building.

I see Liston is in the thralls of Animal Crossing, good for him. Now all we need is AC2, City of Heroes and Golden Sun 2, and i think collectively we can all repeat 2nd year. Kudos to electronic entertainment.

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 11:32 PM

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Man, FUCK Assembly

Fuck you registers.
Fuck you stack frames.
Fuck you addressing modes.
Fuck you IEEE 754.

Yeah, fuck Assembly. I missed programming in fucking C when I was doing assembly, fucking C!

As for MIPS, I looked at some example code. It looks the same as the java interpreter (ARCSim) and the Motorolla 6809 chips we used. Except, replace $ for % to represent registers, and I'm sure the word sizes and # of addresses in main mem are structured differently. 32bit for ARCSim and 8bit for 6809.

Yeah. Anyways. Animal Crossing is going to ruin my life. So far, I payed off my small house (Tom Nook is building me a new one with a sky blue roof. It'll be done tomorrow), met some new friends (Chuck the horse, Teddy the bear, Ava the owl, Candi the mouse... Candi that ho, she never returns things on time!) Got my shovel yesterday and got my fishing rod today! Think I'll go ghost hunting tonight. Did I mention this game will ruin my life? Oh yeah, and Starfox Adventures comes out in the 23rd.


- Liston @ 12:31 PM

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Cracked-out Prof

Wow I never knew 2nd year Soft Eng/CS is all about Assembly the first few weeks. It's funny, because in CS241, we're doing an assembly language called MIPS through a Java interpreter and for ECE222 we're doing Assembly with some chip. I'll describe in a bit.

What exactly is MIPS.
"So what does MIPS stand for?"

Ok I lied I will not describe regarding to ECE222

I did a mix yesterday. My song selection in that mix was a bit strange, they're not extremely new tunes, but nonetheless, a fun mix. If you want the mp3, I'll send it to you gladly.

KNOBODY! You know that Adam F guy right? He used to be a drum and bass producer, and lately made a whole bunch of hip-hop stuff. He produced the song Smash Somethin' with Redman, Stand Clear (feat MOP)? and loads of other tunes. Anyhow... I have a few remixes of those songs by drum and bass guys. You should check them out.

Watch this space tomorrow as I'm uploading my *gasp* PROFILE page. (it'll be a surprise)

- Backstab @ 12:06 AM

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Psycho Killer

Let's play a game. I just invented it in the shower so gimme some slack while i perfect it. Ok in this post i will have hidden lyrics to a song. It's your god given duty to find the lyrics and then report back to me the name of the song and band who sings it. Here is a sample post with the song "I Do" by Lisa Loeb. This example of a typical polaris post with lyics crammed in, it does not count.

Fake-O, the second comming

Crap, nuts fart! boy do i hate co-op, all i do i get fucked by co-op! I bet that, everybody feels this way sometimes, everybody feels this way, I just know it! I know Backstab, Dark Ice feel this way and you know else feels this way? I Do CECS! you can't hear it, but i do.

The One and Only,

That doesn't count, but you get the picture. And it goes without saying that the nice italics won't appear. On and feel free to use the net, cheating will be tolerated. Email me with the answer. I do so love recieving the electronic mail, it makes me giddy. I wonder if i made this one too hard or do i need to make this game better....

C'mon get going, the game is already a foot and your two steps behind
Qu'est-ce que c'est

In other news, i also did recieve some odd icq messages from Alyssa. Very interesting opinion on your hair. I see the violence in that house is already brimming. It shall be interesting to see who will be dead by the end of the term. Oh and i need to get free space 2, free space 1 isn't working, and i bet free space 2 is Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better than one.

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 3:48 PM

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Monday, September 16, 2002

Mello Yello

Let me tell you, this drink rocks.

I know a lot of you already told me about this, but today was the first day I actually bought the drink and drank a whole bottle. Good stuff I tell you, good limey taste. I think it has quite a lot of caffeine in it, gets you wired up for class nicely. Think I'll alternate between Nestea/Mello Yello/Juice for my lunch drinks.

I bounded my report today at Davis Center Graphics Lab... for $1.80! It is $3.80 at Kinko's for exactly the same deal, I'm wondering why people go to Kinko's still/how does Kinko's stay in business?? Wackness.

Alyssa Mohino wrote: OMIT ANY MESSAGES TODAY FROM THE 16th of SEPTEMBER.... JASON LEE HELPED ME SET UP my cable and sent THAT message to random ppl. I did NOT cut my hair. It does NOT look like pubes.

jokes =P

- Backstab @ 11:06 PM

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Gamecube, Here We Go

It's the middle of September, and Nintendo has begun to sell their premier games. Hooray for GC owners (me).

Super Monkey Ball was quite interesting. It was like a mix between Marble Madness and Sonic The Hedgehog. However, I don't think I would buy it, nor it's sequel Monkey Ball 2. No no no, I'm eyeing something MUCH more devious.

Enter Animal Crossing

If you haven't heard, this game is sorta like the Sims, in the sense that you live a life in a virtual town, filled with a house to furnish (and pay for!), virtual neighbours who send you letters (and vice-versa), an internal clock that tracks what day and time it is (real life seasons match the ones in the game), the ability to visit other people's Animal Crossing towns via memory card (where you can buy new items, meet new AI characters, collect new items... fuck, even AI people can move from one Gamecube to another if they like you better), and a whole bunch of other stuff I don't even know about yet. Quite frankly, this game SCARES me. I could SO see myself waking up at 3:00am simple because some character in the town said that his cousin was gonna visit the town that night at 3:15am. It just may ruin my social life, even perhaps to a point where I'll only talk to other "real" people if they set up a character in my town, and I e-mail via Gamecube. haha. I went to their website, and it's strange that they have schedules for each month, such as on labour day, the mayor comes to your house and assesses your progress through the game. What happens if you don't show up on labour day? Yeah, if I buy the game soon, I could catch the sports fair on the 23rd, where me and my virtual friends can win prizes.

Can you see why this game scares me now? I'm planning a real life action (buying a game) around events that take place on a video game (the game I'm gonna buy)!!!

Oh yeah, Krispy Kreme opens in about 7 days... ONE BLOCK FROM MY HOUSE. This can't be a good sign either.

Hungry, Ugly, Angry, Surly, Portly, and Thirsty... Thirsting For What? Justice.

- Liston @ 12:52 AM

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Sunday, September 15, 2002

Super Monkey Ball/Work Term Report

Yesterday night at Liston's we tried the game Super Monkey Ball on Gamecube. Damn addictive. The party games are especially fun. The 4-player monkey fight gave us loads of entertainment yesterday. You need to swear to win! =P Monkey race wasn't bad either, mario kart style.

I realized I also forgot to ask Liston to burn Freespace 2... oops

Just finished my work term report today... useless 28 pages of crap. It's all about putting random source code into your appendix.

Oh yeah...St. Louis Rams 0-2 to start the season, looks like Vikings will be joining them.

- Backstab @ 7:15 PM

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