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Saturday, October 05, 2002

Weird Dream

I meant to post this yesterday, but it was getting late and I was tired =[

Well, on Wednesday night I had a really screwed up dream which I'm still trying to figure out what it meant. I don't understand what the fuck this is supposed to mean.

I was in some place which was reminescent of uptown New York, with, get this, Mike and his dad. We were in the car with Mike's dad driving, and some old Chinese lady was following us and yelling at us. Mike's dad started to drive crazy and going past red lights.

Now I forgot what happened here, but the next thing I remembered was me, now in Waterloo. For whatever reason, I was carrying the snow globe (an item an NWN, inside the snow globe is a miniature world, bending time and space) Anyway I was trying to figure out what's in the globe because some NPC in the game told me that I had to? I don't remember who it was. So I ran down into WEEF Lab, and I was like, oh god so many 1st year engineering students, like what the fuck are they doing. I ran to the back and picked up a microscope and started zooming into the snow globe. I saw these letters, then I saw sentences of words, that don't make any sense. So while I was trying to decipher this garbage, some one from SE that you people don't know, who was using a microscope (btw there are no microscopes in WEEF) told me that "I'll miss the Chem quiz". I was like oh shit, I gotta go, but wait a minute, you only have to show up for the last 30 minutes of Chem right?? Hah! Right. But I don't know why, I left the Lab, went down the halls, went upstairs and into the classroom, which looks like one of the classrooms on the 2nd floor of St Robs, exactly the one like Classic Civ room except its flipped. Made no sense, and that wasn't Chem tutorial either.

Anyhow, the rest I forget... but that was pretty messed up. I didn't think of this dream until Tom asked me about where I was in NWN during Stats lecture and I was like, " yeah... chapter 3, gotta do the Snow Globe quest." It was at that time I went... oooh shhiitt... my dream last night was so fucked up beyond belief.

Oh, and I checked ACCESS this morning. ANd let me tell you that this job applying system really needs to be changed. ACCESS is updated slowly, the site is also slow as hell. And as always, Co-op screws me over in some way. I have THREE jobs in my access in which I didn't apply to and it says applied to... I have no idea why, but I highly doubt I put them in the wrong bin. Anyhow, we'll see, but looks like I'll have to talk to Co-op monday morning... which means, I gotta miss Chemistry. SO gay.

- Backstab @ 1:15 PM

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Friday, October 04, 2002

Fuck Chauser

Who the fuck is chauser anyways?

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 3:10 PM

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Thursday, October 03, 2002

fuck access

my computer doesn't like it either. which is why this message is coming to you from fulcrum. at 7:54 in the morning.

ditto on the physics problem. though i'm not in it for winning gumballs. i need a new prof. why? because amir ghezelbash [at least i think that's his name] is the worst person to ever walk into a classroom. ah, but sheer genius told us to check the schedules posted in CPH. why? the mechs [both 4 and 8 depending what day it is] have been graced with the neatest guy ever =and= they've got physics right when we do. score! so yesterday, i sat in on their class... it's getting a little crowded in there [i guess we aren't the only smart engineers. LOL] but i figured that since there are only 6 girls in that class, i'm actually adding value. the mechs are a lot smarter than the kids in my class. [someone said that the mechs were stupid last year.... no. you have to see my class. i question how many of them got into engineering at all. i'm not complaining though. it almost guarantees my spot in the upper half of the class]

still interviewless [but with only one NO! for cambell soup. damn. no "mixing of ingredients" for me (= ]

- soufpawed @ 8:02 AM

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Wednesday, October 02, 2002

I have arrived -- finally!

Damn, I've procrastinated for how long about this???
I can't even count that high, that's how long!

Oh well, here's to my sudden "anti-laziness" spurt I've been on since the 2A term started: yay.
It's unenthusiastic, but it's hard to be energetic after all the crap I've been doing.

Anyways, a few things:
My house has some vacancy. I'll have to check whether it's alright with the girls (yes, I'm living with two girls... 2B Elecs, no comment) and aside from that I may have room for 2 comfortably. If you don't care about comfort, then hell, come on over! Got plenty of floor space. Just lemme know about it in advance if possible, otherwise I just won't let you know where I live.

You know what? I hate co-op... fuck, I'm almost glad I didn't even look at it last term. If it helps me get a job, sure... but that won't reduce my contempt for this rigid, anal system of regulations. Makes me really like those companies who post jobs like "Human Cannonball" or "Evil Death Ray". You know which ones I'm talking about...
And speaking of aggravation/co-op, why the hell can't I log onto ACCESS?!?
Wait.... that's better, never mind. Guess it just needs a good threatenin' once in a while.
Now if only it weren't slow as ass...

General stuff
I can't believe I slept through that! Realized at about 4 am that I have a Lin. Alg assignment due. Did most of it, up until class at 8. Got to Lin Alg, realized I left my assignment at home, with one question left unfinished.
So I bike home and figure "I've got time, I'll finish the question."
I finish half of it, then while I'm thinking about the other half, I fall asleep.
I wake up and realize my assignment was supposed to be in 4 and a half hours ago. FUCK.
I then realize that I'm an hour late for my ENGL 119 (mathie english) group meeting. FUCK.
I then realize that I'm 20 minutes late for my soccer game. You know the drill.

Anyways, I make it to the game (cuz I figured: "screw the other things, I'll never make it"), and we're down 0-2. Know what the final ends up? 2-3. If only I woke up on time...

Anyways, that's enough crap for now.
Know what? ACCESS is still loading up. 551.76 seconds to load??? (Insert appropriate profanity)

(As proclaimed by Guru Mike:) "The Man",

- DarkAesthir @ 10:26 PM

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You fade to grey my submarines,
we suggest you fly away.
Do you ever wonder what it means?
Choosing midnight over day.

- insert name here

Oh... against all odds, I got an interview! An Intermediate only job too, Assistant Web Developer at Human Resources Canada LOL. I'm 1 YES 2 NO so far. Hopefully I'm not gonna end up with 1 interviews and 23 rejects. =[

- Backstab @ 9:22 PM

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I've got a physics problem

I dunno based on your elite physics skills, i was wonder who could created a formula in which you could accurately guess the amount of gumballs in a jar. Yes all you engineers, mathies and computer science students use your skills to help me win games in church bazzars, carnivals and school events.

I think that would be a seriously cool formula. I mean i figure we are smart, we might as well use it to win local yolkel contests. We should really work that one out.

again i'm dilly dallying at work. I even took a nap yesterday at work. Of course nobody knows i did.

Yeah so everyone, get working!

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 10:02 AM

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Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Too bad... Undergrads IS such a great show

Yeah pretty scary Ryerson / Tekerson.

Oktoberfest stuff:
Something we agreed upon today. The Mechs... Jon and Emily have get this, 6 (SIX) midterms that following week. So obviously said no parties in the house. I'm planning to do some hardcore studying during morning/afternoon then go out on those nights. We also agreed that we're only letting 3 people in, last I heard Guru, Liston, Skieblade. Also... Dave sent a message yseterday telling me that one person can stay at his place. Ask Nick to see if he can get a person into his place too, I'm sure he can.

Neverwinter Nights:
Oh god... I'm obsessed and addicted. Besides work, that's what I do. I'm not gonna pull a 12-hour marathon like what Tom did last night though to finish the game. I finished Chapter 2 today, and to tell you the truth, I'm quite impressed with the storyline. The game actually gives me the urge to wanna win, in Diablo, it was all about getting the uber items and levelling like mad. This was about questing. I get really attached to my character when I play... in a way it's really bad, maybe because I made my character a classy red-head chick. Everytime I see her fight it's like ... damn, she's so cool when she's owning up some badasses... ughhh

Ok yeah.. that's too much and I think you might all think I'm crazy now. =[

- Backstab @ 11:45 PM

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Sorry, I'm all upset becuase whenever I watch an undergrads episode, I think to myself "Damn, this show is amazing!" Then I get all pissed that they cancelled the release...
Then I get more pissed that they only made 14 episodes. FUCK! Will we ever find out if Nitz and Jesse get together? FUCK!

Anyways, I was trying to figure out why the release was cancelled and I came across the page linked above. I came across this page. (sidenote: I've heard that the writers are Canadian, and that Canadian cities influence the series. Couldn't find much proof, until I found this page, and guess what school (institution?) is listed first by Gimpy... strange huh?)

- Liston @ 10:58 PM

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Big UP!!

Aight peeps and peepettes I have returned. I figured out this one thing about me, I'm a binge poster. So I figured its that time again to binge. J, you didn't know the raptors are in town?? Pre season starts today over at Rim park. My cousin may have an in so I may be able to get in on a practice, or we could just buy those tickets for saturday. Also let me add in my two cents of NWN. I played baldurs gate back in 1B and became seriously addicted where time seemed to stop and all I did was play. I didn't have the courage to break the mighty downward spiral that I was in. Well just as I thought I was sucked back in with NWN, the spiral was broken and the city of Neverwinter returned to its past glory and flourished all thanks to the hero me.

Also another note on housing. For october fest I would gladly lend some housing room, but I think our house may be full as well by various peeps. Buy your tickets soon!!

I got a co-op job for January back at Leitch so there are rooms available at my house for any of those off stream people. I already had about 3 groups look at it but want to wait a bit for deciding. Let me know if anyone is interested because I will probably have it sold by the end of next week. School is going well, its not quite as crazy as G says it is but it is definetly getting there. Gotta run to class.


- Tommyboy @ 9:43 AM

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Monday, September 30, 2002

Oktuberfest vs. "mid-terms" (latin for half time)

Oh my, the eternal battle... Oktuberfest vs. "mid-terms"

Why Oktuberfest? Cause it's uber.

Just the reason why you should throw all your midterms out the window and come party with the neo-germans (not to be mistaken with the Neo-Nazis). Trade in your dreary H20loo life for the Oktuberfest city of gold. Trade in those pencils, erasers, and calculators for beer, fun, and sausage!

What this about eating cookies of an unknown time length? Is this because of the 10 year old hotdogs?

- Liston @ 11:39 PM

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Raptors to appear in Waterloo!?

Hey, seems like the Raptors are gonna be training in Waterloo and there playing a game in the PAC on October 5'th! Check it out here. That's so cool, I'm gonna see if I can pick up some tickets tomorrow. Ha ha, I don't know why I called you Chitz, sorry Backstab, I completely forgot that you're Backstab on PP. Fuck, I don't know when my accounting mid-term is, I hope it's not tomorrow.

- Ethereal_Monk @ 9:40 PM

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Ha ha ha

Backstab (Backstab: plz refer to me as Backstab not Chitz plz), if I was taking your courses, I'd just jump out my window again and again until I was dead, I wouldn't even bother. We have to discuss with the others in our house and see if they will mind, they might not even want 1 person here, not to mention 2 or 3, so we should get everyone together and discuss it as soon as possible. I just found some chocolate chip cookies that I put into my portable shelf cuz there wasn't enough room on my desk... I can't remember how old they are anymore, I'm kinda scared to eat them, I'll save them for you to try when you come up Liston.

- Ethereal_Monk @ 7:13 PM

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My ECE 222 midterm is on the 22nd, which means I'll have 3 midterms the following week, which means I will be fucking dead if I don't study.

1. Fuck thanksgiving, and come up (which I don't think you guys would do)
2. My room is out of bounds until after dinner.

Then again, it all depends how much material I need to know and study. I think solution #2 will be in effect though. It's 3 midterms nonetheless + some assignments. Still not sure whether or not we're able to have all 5 of you to stay. It's just really inconvenient. So I dont' know. But I'll keep you posted.

Etheral, I probably misinterpreted your meaning. Obviously you would care less if you're taking all those scrub courses =P

- Backstab @ 2:46 PM

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Working is for chumps

That's right you heard me. Working is for chumps. It's not that i hate work, but i'm bored to tears. Co-op is basically hiring a student instead of hiring of 8 dollar/hour work ape. This outlash has been brought to you by Velvet Rope, the pregnancy tester packaging that i'm currently designing for our mexican friends.

By the way, if anyone can come up with a better name for a pregnancy tester other than velvet rope. Please, by all means tell me. I came up with velvet rope and i think it bites. The only restriction on the name is that i cannot be named any other colour than purple. This is because the package is purple and anyone who tells me to change it can go to hell in a hand basket.
Feel free to msg me on icq or email me.
(ps Fat ho and preggy are not canditates for names)

I finished Golden Sun because i was bored. I have been hesitating to finish the game because i was leveling up my chars to see all the coolio spells. Alas my boredom got to me and i just went and smacked the final boss. Also i learned that golden sun's story line does not end at the end of the game. I now must wait for part 2. I hate cliff hangers that will cost me 50 bucks.

Dark Ice has just earn "The Man" title. He gave me some rather rare manga that just made my day. Nick, your The Man.


The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 11:26 AM

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I said I didn't want too many people here? Actually I could care less becuz all of my mid-terms are over by then anyways, but I said the "engineers" (not Etheral) meaning Chitz, Jon, Alyssa and Emily might not approve of it. So it's up to you Chitz, you guys are the only ones with mid-terms left I think.

- Ethereal_Monk @ 9:38 AM

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It's about 1:30a.m and I really should be asleep so I can get up at 9 and start the long journey to Rye. Lost my metropass for Sept, so I resort to parking on Bishop east, past Willowdale. 25 min drive + 10 min walk + 25 min subway ride + 5 min walk from Yonge and Dundas to Ryerson = ALWAYS LATE FOR MY FIRST CLASS. Oh yeah, multiply that by two cause I have to get home. The walk to finch station is okay, but the walk back sure is a hellride. All I think about on that subway is the long, tired walk back to my car. I have a feeling one day, I'm just gonna walk up from the subway station, stop, and just sit on the ground and scream, "Fuck this, I'm not walking anymore! I'm gonna sit here until tomorrow! Fuck you all!".


Bought Starfox Adventures. It's a pretty cool puzzle game. It's keeping my interest.

Have a Data Structures test on tuesday.

Can you believe I ate 10 year old hotdogs? They've been frozen for quite some time. They taste like I remember, but the texture was strange. Sorta gummy.

- Liston @ 1:44 AM

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Weekend Recap

It has been a pretty lame/dull weekend here at Waterloo. (my first one for 2A)

Well I honestly did barely anything. Workwise, yah I almost finished my Chemistry assignment, and did some quick review, but that's about it. I played quite a bit of Neverwinter Nights...I'll just do a quick recap of what actually happened =P

Friday: Played NWN... took me 3 freakin hours to pass this one dungeon. That place never ends. Mini-bosses after mini-bosses, prisoners after prisoners, levels after levels. Ridiculous. I think that place had 7 levels in total (4 levels were caves of trolls/bugbears/orcs then 3 levels of ancient crypts) Anyhow, pretty crazy.

Saturday: Woke up at around 11, ate some instant noodles. Some NWN. Went to Farah's Food to buy some hamburger buns/patties. Turned out they don't have any patties, so I bought some "steakettes" instead. It was pretty funny also that the guy that worked there came up to me and said "This place is way overpriced". Haha. I was hesitant to buy that issue of GQ... they have some nice pics of a few of my fav women's tennis players (not kournikova) =P Meh, I might buy it another time. Went to Pizza Pizza for a late lunch and got 6 wings and a stuffed burger. After dinner there was this party going on, I decided not to go to this party... wasn't in the mood at all, so I did my chemistry assignment and more NWN. Tried Stat Assignment but failed on question #1... doh
NWN is getting freakier. Some of the side quests/stories are really messed up and I didn't really understand what was going on. Don't wanna ruin it for you guys tho!

Sunday: Decided to do a little bit more chem but got sick of it so soon. So more NWN... and I levelled Anastasia to level 11. Wow this game is LONG. It's about 3-4 times longer than Diablo. Anyhow, she's finally beginning to own with dual rapiers. I'll post some more nice screenshots as I got a few really cool ones. Watched a bit of football, now WTF is up with the Rams... bleh, gay season. Jon made some really nice chicken for dinner, he really is a good cook =P

BTW guys, I still haven't TALKED to the people here about Oktoberfest... but Etheral said he doesn't want too many people staying here. If you guys have cars I suggest some stay with Nick/Dave or whoever. While some stay here. I will tell them though about it. Also I have no idea when my ECE 222 midterm, hopefully the week before Oktoberfest (I'm praying for that to happen)

Aight it's gettin late, time for me to go to bed and return to my boring life... =[

- Backstab @ 12:55 AM

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