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Saturday, October 12, 2002

Hard disk error, refugee styles

Yesterday was a pretty long day. It all started in the morning, woke up at 7:25, left the house at 8 for my 8:30 Chem class. Tutorial at 10:30, learnt a whole bunch of crap in that tutorial, took that quiz and I think I smoked it as usual. I have to say, that Chem tutorial is pretty useful. So when I got back home (waterloo) at around 1:00pm, I had to finish my CS assignment. But my bro is coming at 3:30-ish so I knew I had to hurry up. While booting up my computer, it didn't read my primary hard drive for some reason. Anyway, really screwed up, because I'm getting some SMART failure garbage and it's telling me that the drive is fucked up and I need to back up my data immediately. So I had to bring my CPU home. I did question 3 in about 10/15 minutes... I think it works, tested only a few test cases, didn't test it totally. When my bro finally came at around 4-ish I still wasn't really done, until about 4:20/4:30. After picking up everyone I think we left at around almost 5-ish.

So it was me, Dark Ice and Etheral in the car. And since we left late, traffic was pretty damn slow. We managed to crawl back at Etheral's house at around 6:50. But shit, I'm supposed to meet the guys at Silvercity Richmond Hill at 7, and I haven't eaten dinner/lunch... I was starving so I told my bro if he can go into McDonald's drivethru, get me and Dark Ice both a BigXtra meal. We did that, and my bro dropped us off at Silver.

My goodness, I have never seen so many ugly people in my life before. There are so many teeny boppers in that place it's funny. You see these tiny little grade 9s who dresses up as if they were Eminem or something, and you see tons of ugly girls dressed up like sluts. Met Liston , Dave, Guru and there. I think Liston couldn't stand it so we decided to watch it at Empress. The security guard dude hassled me and told me I can't go in with Mickey D's food, so I was like fuck it I'm eating outside. God, I felt like a refugee as I was eating McDonalds outside Silver.

Then we went to Indigo, brings me back to the Grade 11-12 days where we used to chill there. Guru was looking for that October Computer Games magazine for a demo of AC2, but they are already sold out and November was already out!! Etheral gave me this "No One Lives Forever 2" poster earlier today and it had this chick in the front. I saw that ad on Maxim and I was like hey, that game looks cool. As we walked out, Knobody, being the good old Knobody that he is, went up to me and said "yeah btw, I have no use for this CD so its all yours". He handed me a "Computer Gaming Mag Demo CD" which has the "NOLF 2 Demo", which he just ripped out of from a mag at Indigo. Nice.

So we got to Empress, ate some more at some Chinese restaurant across the street. Then saw Transporter at 10:40. That movie had no plot whatsoever but if you're an action movie guy you'll like it. It's got some funny action stuff throughout but otherwise its definitely a waste of time in my opinion. I was pretty disappointed, I think I'm too old for this crap. Then again Liston told me that Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever was total shit, lol 0 stars.

Finally got home at 1:40 am, it really was a long day.

- Backstab @ 12:41 PM

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Friday, October 11, 2002

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Well, on a last minute suggestion from yours truly, Stu and I decided to go to the Stokes Concert at the ACC. Why? Well the Strokes have a plus in my book so why the heck not? Plus i think me and Stu were feeling equally stupid and quite impetuious that day. So what does that mean? Adventure time!

The concert was on wednesday. We decided to go on tuesday afternoon. So we buy the tickets. Mother of pearl does ticketmaster pick your pocket when you want tickets! 8 dollars for service! What service? A server handles everything online! Fuck ticketmaster. They've just made the list. The last person that 'charged' me 10 dollars for service ended up with their house on fire. Ticketmaster can eat me.

Enough about Ticketmaster. So me and stu get to the Acc. We get to our seats. Let's just say we didn't have anybody behind us. Yessiree bob, highest seats and furthest back. I guess that's what happens when you purchase tickets the night before. First thing i notice, the smell. Even though we were sitting on the highest seats, we were definitely not the highest, if you get my drift. If Alyssa were there, i'm sure she would use her guleph slang and say "Wow everyone here is enjoying their salads... made from electric lettuce!!!"

1st act: Har Har Superstar
More like fake Jack Black if you ask me. This man was a joke, but not in a funny way. His music sucks but not a good sucks like wesley willis. He was going nuts on stage and we didn't give a rats ass. So as usual, me and stu being our yelling. "you suck" and "Get off the Stage" Since we are sitting in nosebleeds, Mr. Har Har didn't hear us. But some lovely ladies did. "Who is that?" So we launch into a conversation with them. How nice. So for the rest of the act, we spend it talking to various people around us and eating popcorn. Who sells popcorn at a concert??

2nd act: Sloan
I was betting on Sloan to save this concert. There were supposed to be my light at the end of the tunnel. Because Mr Har Har did enough sucking for my tastes. They played only one or two songs i was familiar with, but overall they sucked it up. Why why? But i love you sloan! Et tu sloan? (make a stabbing in the back motion) Stu was quite disappointed, i could vividly tell by the swearing and the "God! why did sloan blow goats?" and I can't forget "Sloan was so good at oasis, why? why? " as if it was a retorical life type question.

Main act: The Strokes
I said "they better be fucking amazing or i'm going to be pissed" Well, i'm not pissed. Why? because they fucking rocked. The Strokes were solid and had a much better act put together. Even in our seats they sounded good. I have a new respect for The Strokes. They blew all the opening acts out of the water. Yeah Strokes!

In conclusion, Strokes rocked, Har Har did not. The concert was alright, but since the opening acts sucked, i have to give this event mike's thumbs down. For what we paid, the concert wasn't good enough. The Stroke were great, but their lackies sucked. Sloan shouldn't have sucked. Har Har shouldn't even have been there. So i have concluded that concert was alright, but slightly dissapointing and nosebleed seats are for getting high and meeting girls.

Brought to you by the letter Z and the number 1337

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 1:28 PM

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Life Gets Better

I'm sitting in Chem and I'm listening to the prof, were doing some Molarity, Molality shit and I read Georges post. Come on G cheer up a bit. If I were to put my physcology hat on I would say you need a distraction with your life. Your days are becoming too routine and all you end up doing is school work. And of course this stuff should be interesting. I find ECE and CS interesting because I find the assignments challenging and accomplishing those feats I feel as if though I'm getting SHIT done. Stats is not a joke, its fun because its somewhat simple and routine and we have all seen it before. Msci is great, I like thinking the business way so in that case I enjoy it. The leaves chem, I dont particular like Chem, I took it because I didn't want to take BIO, but I'm actually finding it interesting because there is a challenge there.....pause gotta take down some notes....

Ok I'm back. I also have to RANT. Lets talk about those Toronto Maple Leafs. I love how they operate!! Have a shitty preseason, gets fans pisssed off, gets people thinking it was the biggest mistake to get rid of Cujo, and then go out and win the season opener 6-0 ON THE ROAD with Eddie the Eagle manning the crease!! What a game, but you know whats wrong, I dont get TSN!!! CAn you believe to get the package with TSN and Much costs another $15/month for about 15 channels. And no you cannot say I want TSN for $1/month. ITS RIDICULOUS!!!

But anyways I sat on my couch and streamed the radio broadcast by watching some mainstream reality based crap called survivor. Then a little CSI, which could very well be the best show on TV, it actually makes you think!

Well, I'm now all excited about the leafs season(not that I wasn't before) and I can't wait for the leafs to bring home Stanleys Cup to the proper place!!!

All for now,


- Tommyboy @ 9:09 AM

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Thursday, October 10, 2002

School and stuff

You know sometimes I question myself why I'm in SE... It happened again yesterday.

I was in the ECE Lab yesterday, thinking sigh, this blows. CS blows as I learnt about half the course a day before the midterm. Chem, I've tuned out in class for about 2 straight weeks. A random thought. Marks are so misleading, especially when they are high. I can know absolutely nothing and pull high marks sometimes, which is very very bad... I think I'm sorta doing it in Chemistry. Today Tommyboy asked me what we're doing in Chem, and I thought "Fuck, I don't even know what we're learning at the moment". I don't even have a textbook or a periodic table ( is the one I use when I'm doing assignments).. and I seem to sorta know what I'm doing. Then again, Chemistry IS a 1A course. I did 0 homework for Linear Algebra and was getting something like 95 going into final exam. Obviously got raped on the exam afterwards

Anyway back to my courses, ECE 222 ... everyone thinks we're gonna get raped/milked on. There's a lot of things happening in ECE right now and I'm not sure what. Hardware is something I don't like and something that I've never understood. For god's sake I can't even build a PC together. The last time I tried hooking up my computer I almost blew up my hard drive. But then again I think this will be like the SE 141 midterm in 1B. It'll be relatively straightforward. I'll get a good mark on it, and I'll be misleaded to think that I own the course, then get raped miserably on the final. Stats... you know, I love stats. Stats really rock, because it's the only class in which I can do all my assignments without any sort of help. It doesn't mean shit though... now the fuckers in my class think Stats is a joke. See what I mean? I hate how a lot of people in my class thinks when something is "straightforward" it's a joke. Fuck, if thats the case, everything in life is a joke. Everything I got above 80 = joke right?? LOL. MSCI just downright pisses me off. Stupid stupid course.

I also thought of a theory that I might be getting stupider or that my brain is in some way "capping", I'm not sure exactly why. At least that's what I feel. Maybe it's because everyone in my class is so ahead of schedule and I still procrastinate. My attention span is really short, I can feel it. I can't listen to some types of profs at all. If the prof sucks one bit, I tune out the entire class and will have no idea what went on, except for glimpsing over a few keywords. I think it's downright hurting me. I probably should see a psychologist or run a few tests just to make sure I don't have ADD.

Well today I did the CS midterm and it sorta blows. I didn't really finish the thing...i got to about half of my DFA, but I think I know wha t I'm doing. I think I did pretty shitty, I screwed up some relatively straightforward questions... this will probably my worst CS midterm to date.

All this leads to this question here: Are you supposed to "enjoy" what you're studying and your program? Because I sure the hell don't. I know my interest level dropped after 1B. I was hoping 2A would be great after a nice break and having a good time during work term, but this is turning out to be the opposite. And I know it won't get better. Perhaps it's because I technically still don't have an elective (chem does not count). And what the hell am I gonna do if I'm NOT in SE. There is basically no way out for me... either way, I don't think I know what I'm talking about... I'm probably just pissed off righ tnow!!?

This is so reminscent of 1B... except that there's no War 3 yet? Hopefully AC2 will come out later and will NOT be a replacement. Otherwise, my social life would be dead (if it isn't dead already), and so would be my normal life, school life, everything. =[

AND YES, I'm coming back tomorrow. I think a lot of us are.

- Backstab @ 11:28 PM

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The Transporter

Hey. We're gonna watch the Transporter on friday. I don't know who'll be back for thanksgiving weekend, but if you want to come, give me a call (@home, cell isn't working right now)
Prolly gonna watch at Empress Walk or Colossus. Ain't playing @ Grande, SS Richmond Hill.

- Liston @ 3:03 PM

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Wednesday, October 09, 2002

$$ (and anti-$)

Don't get the title? Don't worry, it'll all make sense...
First of all, just had a phone interview on Tuesday, went pretty well I think.
For internal tech support at a law firm by Eaton's Center. During the interview, they never asked any technical questions, it was all just chatting, jokes, descriptions of the job and company, etc.
Wish all interviews were that easy and completely not related to the job - aside from the aspect of being friendly and helpful while solving computer related problems.
Second, I just checked now (don't ask why I'm up at this time, I'm just freakin nocturnal again...) and I got another interview, for Software Quality Assurance at Clarica. Hence, $$. No idea when the interview is yet, but I don't mind, as long as I got one.
And so now the totals are up to 2 interviews, 12 NOs, 1 cancellation, and 9 resumes pending, I'm feelin pretty good.

Oh yeah, had the Lin Alg 2 midterm on Tuesday as well.
Everyone was comin out smiles. Need I say more?

Knew it wouldn't last long...

"For every action, ..." you know the rest
Time for a good ol' rant..!WTF?!?!?! For those of you in CS241, you know what I mean. First of all, having the midterm in the same week as M235 (Lin Alg.2)... that I can accept. Damn how I miss the scheduled Monday midterms of frosh math. But the kicker's the fact that with a midterm for the course on Thursday, there's an assignment due on Friday. And it's not a pretty one... or so I've heard.
And thus, anti-$.
Good thing for late submissions - you get 3 of them for CS241, in case you weren't told before.
You wonder why they never told you, huh?

Hell, gonna be so tired today... got 2 hours of class.
All's cool you think? that's what I thought until my day was pointed out to me:
math classes, (2 hrs)
meeting for my english group to prepare our project proposal (3.5 hrs?),
kendo [with a shinai - bamboo sword] (1.5 hrs),
studying for CS241 midterm (who the hell knows?)

and oh yeah - unix assignment 2 for friday, and that frickin CS assignment for friday(/monday)

I guess there is balance in the universe

Oh yeah, who's goin back to TO this weekend?

- DarkAesthir @ 6:45 AM

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Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Gotta clean up my harddrive

Why? Because I have crap on it.

Besides the games that I don't play... I have some really weird mp3s on my harddrive.

Last night I heard Etheral (Yes it's Etheral, I have not been mistaken) playing the song "Family Affair" by Mary J Blige. So I was like, um wtf J why are you playing this shitty song. So I retaliated by playing "Blow Ya Mind" by Eve feat Gwen Stefani and Etheral's like "yo wtf that is so Fed Hall etc" So he switched his song on his comp to "Never Ever" by All Saints. So now I'm like "WTF that's it," so I played "Get yer freak on" by Missy E... yeah, it went on for another min or so of "who's playing the shittier tune" and I thought it was pretty hilarious. After all that I realized... why the hell do I have all this garbage sitting in my harddrive?? LOL. So yeah, I gotta clean up.

Also, the other day one of my friends in my program was listening to "Think About Me" by Artful Dodger on my Nomad and he went "woah, strange beat". I didn't even think about it until today in class and I was wondering about mixing that song... then I realized, oh what the fuck, that song is 3/4! 3/4 tempo tunes... blah, is it even possible to mix a 3/4 song into a mix (unless the whole mix is 3/4) without sounding like total shit?? Damn, maybe it is the 3/4 which made that little tune oh so special to me. Just good times and reminds me of a lot stuff. Damn. Good R&B = good! I also really like that tune "Bag Lady" by Erykah Badu. Sure it's old but what the hell.

- Backstab @ 10:24 PM

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me me me!

hey. i'm a chem eng and i'm the quietest person you don't really know (=
soares will be back tomorrow. though personally, i liked the TAs better. apparently he's one of the best funded chem researches in the dept... interesting.

anyways. me. i finally finished my profile. actually. it's been finished forever. i was done before any of you even started ;-) but here it is. 100 things.
i really should be studying for that darned EAP tomorrow, but . . . all you really need to know is The Calling of An Engineer is run by the Corporation of the Seven Wardens and you're all set. (= i was at a big engineering party this weekend at which there were a few ringed guys. can we just say ooooooooh. 4+ more years....

i finally have an interview! score. but i looked at the list of other candidates and a) i'm the only girl and b) i'm the only non-elec/comp. so yeah. i don't know if i actually have a shot at all. it would be sweet to be able to live in waterloo for coop though. so keep your fingers crossed for me. k?

- soufpawed @ 12:01 AM

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Monday, October 07, 2002

Dont Diss The Dell

Its not the fact that the video card is shitty. Its a GeForce 2 for Gods sakes. Its the fact that games are trying to do to much. All games till about 2 months ago are nice and smooth. But also it is a laptop! I've decided I'm getting a new desktop soon enough because I can't deal with these low PC prices and super video cards. So it maybe a merry Christmas for me from Santa.

I hate chem in the mornings. Those darn chem eng's are so bloody loud!! =) Maybe my prof will finally be back from Germany or some shit!


- Tommyboy @ 11:37 PM

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Asherons Call 2 Beta

One of my friends got it two days ago and is already playing it!!

However... I've decided not to get it, besides, I dont' have the key, and it's only beta. Accounts will be reseted. Plus the midterms are coming up.

I checked out the graphics on Tommyboy's laptop. He's got a pretty shitty (no offense=P) 32MB video card with 1024x768 low texture. It was choppy as hell, but the graphics already look amazing. It doesn't look blocky like in AC 1. Also, the skill tree resembles the one in Diablo, the entire skill system seems to be different.

Anyway this game is gonna be interesting nonetheless. I'm still unsure as to what kind of a character when the game comes out for real. I'll make... possibly a human mage this time. In a way I'm glad I finished Neverwinter Nights, hopefully now I'll have time to do my work.

- Backstab @ 10:14 PM

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Well that how i think you spell it. What did i do this weekend? Well i got Tetenus, injected anyways. Apparently it's been 10 years since my last shot. So i got my shot, and i got sick. Yeah headache, armache and sniffiles. I think the tetenus vaccince is live. Tentenus apparently sucks, so i suggest you get your shot or get Tetenus. Whatever works for you.

Hmm strange, i seem to be a person in everyone's dreams, first sandy and then george. Who's next? Not to one up Backstab or anything, but my latest venture into sandland has yielded a vision where me and epharim were in my room and he cut up my carpet. Why? on the fact that there was mold on it. Then he took the cut up pieces and then proceeded to attempt to roll it up in to a smokeable form. Now i was busy hassling him that he couldn't do it. I gave up, and paid no more attention. When i returned, he had successfully rolled up the moldy carpet and was already in the process of smoking it. "It's good it's good, you wanna try some he said"

I don't think tetenus caused that. You know what's funny? Left handed keyboards. Think about it.

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 10:04 AM

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Sunday, October 06, 2002

It's Tough to Say Goodbye...

Well I finished Neverwinter Nights. Quite an impressive single-player campaign, even though I expected a bit more in the ending. Anyhow, since the version I play doesn't support multiplayer, I have nothing more to do in the game. Which means, my experience with NWN is over. =[

Which means, I will never be able to level up Anastasia anymore. =[

I think I need to see a psychiatrist.

On another note, I FAILED my workterm report checklist, which means I have to resubmit. What a piece of shit.

- Backstab @ 10:37 PM

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