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Saturday, October 26, 2002

Fuckin' yeah

Shit so I'm pissed off the whole of last week... but now it's all good, because I got an offer for co-op. MUAHAHAH

This is awesome, it's a Web Development job in Waterloo. Informal/chilled out workplace, small young team of about 20 people, no cubicles. Only problem is it's in Waterloo, so I'll be in the ghetto for a whole year, meh. Nonetheless, I'm pretty damn satisfied, this totally supersedes over all my disappointments with those bullshit midterms.

So now, my plan continues. Which is, to look for some DJ equipment. Ah this is gonna be fun.

NFL Picks... if anybody want in, send me the picks for the following games before midnight:
Tampa Bay at Carolina
Detroit at Buffalo
Pittsburgh at Baltimore
Arizona at San Francisco
Denver at New England
Monday nighter: N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia,

- Backstab @ 12:42 PM

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and i take

literally. one of my friends on our floor went away to some party for the weekend and left his door open. we decided it'd be funny if we removed EVERYTHING from his room. including the big furniture. in fact this evening, we moved a tv in there, used his bed as a couch and watched movies. it was a lot of work, and the payoff won't happen till sunday afternoon, but when he gets back, it'll be soooo good.

so anyways. this week is going to be one of those heavy drinking weeks. i too am done midterms!! yay for 1A being half over. 101 is not an acceptable room for human use. ranking forms are available in an hour on access. and basically all our midterms will be returned by next friday, just in time for MOT.

next time you're in 101, bring a clipboard.

- soufpawed @ 5:14 AM

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Friday, October 25, 2002


My midterms are done finally. I can't believe I just wrote a midterm in RCH 101. Seriously WTF? My back hurted so much after it. THere are NO desks in RCH 101 besides a small little fucking flap that you can put your paper on. And should I say it's slanted? so your paper slides down. It's absolutely ridiculous. We should've boycotted that garbage. I had to put my calculator on the chair, which was gay. Oh well, I give.

GOnna level my Tumerok guy in AC2 now.

- Backstab @ 7:39 PM

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Thursday, October 24, 2002

Beware of the Bees In Your Socks!

I'm serious! I wake up brush and get dressed. When i'm putting on my socks i feel a rather large sock puffy (is that it's technical term for those little fuzzies inside your sock?) So i pull it out and it's a fucking bee. It wasn't even dead. I started crawling around my carpet, obviously confused from me putting my foot in it's face. I'm like FUCK! So I go to pick it up and i realized the little SOB already stung me. Punk! I throw the bee down the toilet and wish it off on it's merry way.

What a way to start a day. Bees in Socks! Watch out. This day is going to be painful, i know it already

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 12:49 PM

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Terribly busy week that has gone terribly wrong

I screwed up so horribly on today's ECE 222 midterm, and it wasn't even that hard. I think I messed up an entire trace question worth 30% of the midterm because I was smart and read the question wrong + made a mistake. I'd be happy with a 65 and above. You know what that's called? It's called chokage. Yesterday's MSCI midterm was so freakin long it's not even funny, and it was pretty difficult. You know it's long when Tommyboy almost didn't finish the midterm. So yeah, that's probably gonna be another 60-70 mark.

Add to the fact that I have 3 interviews this week, monday, tuesday, thursday. Plus an extremely time consuming CS Assignment that's due on the same day as the Chemistry midterm. I don't want to take another late, so there goes Chemistry down the drain.

And it's not like I can blame you guys for fucking me up royally this week by coming up in the weekend. I've accepted the fact that it's my full responsibiliity that I fucked myself over. =P

2A will be my worst term in my university career. Mark my words. I'm gonna love to see what my midterm average is.

p.s. Physics 115 and MATH 115 midterms were my best ever. 12/12 and 50/50. Oh yeah, the average for the PHYS 115 midterm last year was 66% for all engineers on that midterm so that was like insane ownage. Don't ask how I pulled that off. Damn... why can't I be pulling those marks now? =[

- Backstab @ 12:59 AM

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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

my ass hurts

p115 was the worst rapage ever. i don't know how any of you could get even CLOSE to perfect.
i guessed on 6.

tomorrow is giving the gift of life day [blood donation] + interview with merck! [in the canadian form of genpharm]...i'm off to bed.
no 102

- soufpawed @ 9:46 PM

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Data Structures

Yeah, so I did my data structures presentation on Monday. It was a group of four and we had to talk about a few types of sorting. I was doing the analysis of an insertion sort. Anyways, we decide that I should go last because I didn't bring any overheads and was gonna write my stuff on the board while everyone else talked. So I spend about 20 mins writing C code, some sigma notation, some recurrence relations, and a mathematical formula. I filled up a section of the chalkboard about 1X1 metre large with stuff. Just as I'm about to take my turn to speak, the prof announces to us, "You have one minute left". So I smile at the class, look up at the board, and shrug. A few people laughed, but I don't think the prof was impressed. Anyways, she gave me time at the end of the period to finish up. I totally skipped the iterative analysis of the sort and summed it up by saying, "Yeah, if you heard what the guy before me was talking about, it's just two nested for loops.... uh... n times n.... so yeah, it's O(n^2)" Man, I was flying.

- Liston @ 7:35 PM

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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Never laughed so hard... (V2.0)
Damn I hate how Blogger seems to screw up only with me. Some VBScript runtime error. Bull.
Anyways, let's see if I can't rewrite most of what I had Blogged before:

Okay, maybe the title is a bit overstating, but it's definitely been the first time I've ever laughed so hard twice in one week:

1) Just as a small correction to Backstab's latest post about Oktoberfest, Knobody was the one who shot the cue ball into Bourgeouis' nads (who hereafter shall be referred to as MB for ease of typing). This was how it went down:
Me and Liston had just finished schooling Melissa and Jen in pairs 8-ball, this despite the fact that we were both drunk, and they were both sober. (Pshh.. let us win? Yeah, right!)Anyways, game's over. Knobody and MB are clearing the table (yes, there were that many left on the table), then there's only the cue left. Knobody just shoots it towards the other end of the table, where MB's standing. He drops his keys onto the table. The cue hits the keys, then hits some air, then hits some sac.
Everybody was laughing... I was laughing on the floor in at least 4 different positions of unbalance for a good solid two minutes, considering I had alcohol in my system. I've never been so deprived of oxygen in my life.

2) MacHall: "The Writing's on the Wall"
This is reason for laughter #2. If you aren't disgusted or busting a gut, then something's wrong with you. Look at the happy little expression on his face..! (Not Drew's, but in Drew's little drawing) GOLD.

- DarkAesthir @ 3:16 PM

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Monday, October 21, 2002

Oktoberfest Weekend Summarized

I just realized I haven't had a post in a while. Well nonetheless it was quite an interesting weekend, not as crazy as that 1st year Okotoberfest. Let's start with Friday.

Friday: I just remember coming back from school, eating that leftover rice from Sunshine, then read some Chapter 5 and 6 of MSCI. Then Liston's car came at around 4-ish. So here's Liston and Tricia. A few of us left for some food at this restaurant in Kitchener called Zeke's. Apparently they have some pretty good ribs there, but I wasn't hungry enough so I got a burger. On the way back, we were trying to listen to the Artful Dodger CD only to find out that that the CD player has no batteries!! It was pretty hilarious as I was trying to skip the tracks to find the good songs but it failed everytime because I couldn't hold still and the pin had to move an extra bit so it took up a bit too much battery power.

When we got back... it was weird because we resorted to studying. That miserably failed so Liston busted out some Twister and so it was me, Liston and Dark Ice duking out at Twister in my room, while Tricia was surfing the net. I dunno wtf happened there. Next thing I remember, we were watching Game Show channel. We saw this English version of Lingo, too bad the words PZONE and HAXOR never came up LOL. Russian Roulette was also a funny as hell show. Knobody then finally arrived with Guru and Stu and a few others, and we were set. Destination Filthy's. Funny shit again as when we went in, everyone was looking down at that dancefloor. I saw this white dude dancing like a drunken maniac and I was wondering if I know this guy... for the longest time he reminded of someone. Even funnier was then he got kicked of Filthy's, only to find out that he is Joel. So we finally sat down. I drank a lot that night and I was so fucked up that night. I think that was the most I've ever drank...

Saturday I don't even remember how Saturday started but the next thing I knew, there was Knobody's PS2 in the living room and everyone was playing that new X-Men fighter game. That game looked really addictive but since I suck at those games terribly I decided to just watch. Anyway, we didn't do much but they were just playing that game like crazy. Then Liston tried out the NOLF 2 demo on my comp. Funny teaser, but quite confusing. Then we were all watching Etheral trying the Hitman 2 demo. That game was also pretty interesting, tons of funny shit happening throughout.

We decided to go grab some fast food to save money, so we decided to go to Columbia/King McDonalds. That's gotta be one of the worst McDonalds I've ever been to. It's funny because Guru ordered a Big Xtra meal and got charged for a Big Mac meal, while Knobody ordered a supersized Big Xtra meal and got a double Big Mac meal supersized. Weird shit eh? So we came back from that, recouperated, then left to Morty's. I decided not to drink and I was designated driver!! Still can't believe Liston let me drove his car after stealing his car that time at Etheral's place =P Nothing weird happened there besides the pool table incident, where some girl shot a cue ball into Bourgeoius's balls. Yeahh... I tried to freak out Liston on the way back by driving on the other side of the road but that didn't realy work because he was smashed and wasn't really paying attention. Oh well...

Well, I guess that's pretty much it. By the way, we're doing NFL picks again. Me and Stu were doing some NFL picks yesterday, I'll be posting these tomorrow. If anyone wanna join, email me the picks and I'll post them up.

Tune of the weekend - Artful Dodger - I Can't Give It Up

- Backstab @ 12:23 AM

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