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Saturday, November 02, 2002


Yeah, my BK post was interrupted today and I couldn't finish it in time and I only hit Post, then Etheral posted one on top of that so that was like oh fuck.

Two days ago I picked up a $10 bill on the ground. Yeah, it's only 10 dollars, but how the way it went was really weird. We were all walking to DC to lunch, and I caught of a gimpse of a $10 bill lying on the ground near one of the paying lineups. At first I thought it was the girl's $10 bill and I didn't say anything... but then I decided to pick it up and I went into the line, budded through the line, said "Excuse me" to the girl, took the $10 bill, put it in my pocket. It's so weird because nobody said anything and nobody seemed to notice, the girl just moved out of the way and let me pick up that $10 bill.

Three groups of people visited our house today. Thought it was strange, Anyway, Fil and his group isn't subletting from us anymore because they originally had a group of 4 coming in. Thanks to me for getting that job in Waterloo, I took one of the spots away. Oh well, then another group of people came to visit. Apparently they were Fil's friends who they met at McDonald's, and Fil just told them about us that we needed 3 people. Heh. Then it was Trevis who came and looked at the house.

NFL Predictions tomorrow will be:
Baltimore at Atlanta, Philadelphia at Chicago, Jacksonville at N.Y. Giants, Minnesota at Tampa Bay, New England at Buffalo, Miami at Green Bay

Oh yeah, updated my MP3 of the week/month. This time an interesting little tune "Switchblade Sisters" by an upcoming trio, Sinthetix. Well, these are the kinds of songs that I like these days, techno/not too hard/dark & spooky vibe tunes.

- Backstab @ 10:26 PM

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i am officially a UW engingeering student

why now you ask? well. this week, i accomplished the two things that every UW engineer must do before this officially becomes home.
a) meet alex matan. for those of you who don't know him, he's a 7th year elec and president of the muskoka club. basically, he knows everything about everything and to a class of 1As, he is god. i guess after hanging around here for 7 years [and two failed attempts to transfer to arts] you've gotta figure out how things work and where all the fun stuff happens.
he was fairly impressed with the coolness level of my class...

b) go to a batch party. the alcohol delivery system for engineers. for $5, you can get pretty damn trashed in 2 hours. if you have yet to make an appearance at one, you should totally go to the next one before EOT. it is an experience. and unit 36 is something that has to be seen.

you're not officially an engineer till you've done that.

- soufpawed @ 12:04 PM

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Road Trips

Lay's Hot Barbaque Chips taste like the old school barbaque chips, try them!

Anyone wanna go shopping in Buffalo, gambling at Niagra, or Skiing/Chillin in Quebec or Montreal this winter? Let's go on a road trip, we've never gone on one out of the country before, even if it's only Buffalo, or maybe New York. Hey, 15 bucks for 3 hours at Playdium is really good, I'm in if you guys go next weekend.

Who's gonna play AC2 retail? I don't like it as much as I thought I would, I think they totally screwed up the skill system, it's so stupid now, AC1's system was so much better, AC2 is an MMO Diablo (only there are more things to customize in Diablo, ie skill credits and character stats). But I'm gonna start looking for NHL2003 and NBA2003, I might even end up buying them, Warcraft 3 sure seemed to die pretty fast. I also want to play Starfleet Command 3, that looks pretty cool.

And fuck, I have a mid-term today, on a Saturday. That's so screwed up, ok, lates.

- Ethereal_Monk @ 11:24 AM

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BK owns

BK's the shit. I don't think I have to reiterate this but BK is definitely the best place to eat. Whether you're drunk, high, or just really hungry, BK will taste so good and serve your munchies well. Yeah, why does BK taste so good?

- Backstab @ 11:20 AM

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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

You know what owns?

Barbeque Ruffles chips, Dole Bananas and Chunky's Soup. Yeah that came out of nowhere didn't it.

Yeah so I have been thinking about getting 2 CD players and a mixer so I can have some fun and do some sets. I'm not even considering getting turntables since vinyls are so expensive and that you can't download MP3s and cut it on acetate for a cost of a CDR. Oh, and plus the fact that scratching is sorta pointless to what I would do. Check out this DJ CD Player... it's unbelievable. It is so damn expensive though, but look what it can do. How about 2 cheap CD players will only pitch control and cue, but with a nice mixer? That sounds like a pretty cool combo and I think I can get all that for perhaps 700-800?? =P

- Backstab @ 8:43 PM

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Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Hmm i've had a thought...

Stu have you ever thought of becoming a radio personality?

Just a thought. (i've got to stop writing these three line posts)

The One and the Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 9:52 AM

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Monday, October 28, 2002

Gettin a bit too close

Sorry to all I've been talking about school so much as of late, but it is only intersting because I'm doing exceptionally bad right now.

To update my current situation, I'm getting close to that Academic Probation borderline. So I got my MSCI midterm back and I'm like aww... damn, a 67. In a way I don't care, but in a way it's really really sad, because the average in my class was 79.5??? Oh shit. I've dropped deep into the lower quartile. I believe I also got an 8/12 on my Chem midterm, which is a 66%. But I'm sure the chem midterm's average is below 66. ECE? Um, I predict a 55-65. Well below average for sure. I sure the hell hope I didn't fail.

So I was eating at Mr. Sushi today with Puloxor, and we were like, fuck, we suck ass. Puloxor being the genius that he is, thought he got owned by his standards as he just beat that average by like 2 marks, and got owned by people beyond his level. Sure, you may think marks don't matter, or do they? This term basically has gone to shit for me, I think one reason is that I can't deal with so many things at the same time. That last week for example, Oktoberfest, 3 midterms, 3 interviews, assignments, and other stuff basically sucked up all my time. So I really had no time to study. This probably mean that I. The only saving grace was that I got the co-op thing settled so I don't have to go into fucking continuous phase. (hopefully finalized otherwise I will seriously KILL someone)

OK... so who here actually finds lectures useful? (I'm not asking for your opinion Tom) I personally find most of my lectures are totally useless. Why? They are all about theory, nothing practical, nothing that will help you in your homework/exams. And if you have a bad prof, it adds to that. Another problem I have is that I can't listen to a prof that teaches weird... like my ECE prof, sure he's a nice guy and seems like a good speaker, but the way he teaches is really hard to follow, all he does is he asks questions to the class? And he doesn't really answer them, and that somewhat confuses me. So I've began to think, maybe I should only really go to Stats (only good prof in this term imo) and maybe Chem lectures, then just read and do some homework on my own at home everyday. That'll take up the same time ?

And maybe I should start taking more math/physics courses. Those I can actually do decent on I think because the lectures and homework directly affects your finals and stuff, and you can derive shit from everything. What do you think? Calculus 3 perhaps? Quantum Physics 1/Physics 2? hmm.. those are the ones I'm thinking about right about now for my next term.

- Backstab @ 1:55 PM

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Sunday, October 27, 2002

Nothing Like A Good Ol' Fashioned Inquisition


OOP and Data Structs Midterms this week. Sort freaked out by OOP, mainly because I'm not sure what he's gonna ask. I'm going over everything C++ and Smalltalk.

Going to watch The Ring on Friday, if you want in call. Supposed to be really scary.

I guess we're play BOTF on Saturday. Looking forward to a good ol' 16 hr+ multiplayer computer game. We'd better start in the morning this time...

Attempting to perfect my Oatmeal Cookie recipe. It's tough, trying to find the right size of cookie and bake time is the hardest part.

Oh yeah, anyone want to go to Playdium? I can get $15, 3 hr passes (originally $50). Think 'bout it.

- Liston @ 11:01 PM

Rotten Tomatoes? |

Mario Party

Ok from Mario Party i've concluded that, Lady luck is a bitch who will do everyone but me. As you can see from my distainful remarks, i obviously got my ass handed to me in Mario Party 4 on the GC. While the game is simple, it has very little skill involved. Liston made a very interesting comment on the game, "it's not a game of skill but of endurance" Why? because the game was driving us fucking crazy, yet nobody would shut it off and walk away. It just kept going and never ever ended. We all seem to be asking for liberation but never taking it. 50 turns later, Dark Ice wins. We scream and run out of stu house at 2:00 am

The last part i made up, but it should have happened. What the game needs is more bombs. We were pretty slap happy during and after the game. Oh we also said some unsavory things that night

Words that should have not been uttered..
- (Guru) hey guys, i need to go out and buy ALOT of C4, put it into a treasure chest, bury it and start handing out maps
- (Liston) I want juice, hmm mike, remember that conversation we had about juicing things that couldn't be juice? (Guru) You mean like rocks? (Liston) heh heh yeah and juicing juice over again (Ice) You mean like juice pulp?
- (Guru) Why is DK wearing a tie? Does he work in an office?
- (Baltrops) Stu snores wierd
*note Baltrops said ALOT of other things, and they shouldn't be uttered so i won't re-utter them. *

I'll send an SOS to the world..
err i mean

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 9:25 AM

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