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Saturday, November 16, 2002


Damn, I've been working on that CS assignment last week and I felt all weird after. I started talking in CS terminology, I was telling someone I'd unstack my clipboard of paper... bleh. That damn thing took way too long, I had no time to do anything else really. I think the upside of that is that I got a lot better in tracing hundreds of lines of mips code. Yeah. I've been recently interested in making BADASS test cases which will fuck up your program good. You always get surprising result from them.. if you get it right, good for you, if you get it wrong, well, have fun debugging it =]

There's nothing much going on for this whole week. The only thing I can remember is that on Wednesday, so guy came into that first year Chem lecture late and tripped over like four chairs and made a fool of himself in front of everyone.... yeah, you get the idea how lame this week has been.

Yesterday was somewhat of a strange day. I only had about 5 hours of sleep Thursday night and woke up a little tired. I had a huge stomach ache midway through that Chem lecture, probably because I ate some uncrispy chips =[ Friday for me was coffee day so I'd get all wired just for the Chem Tutorial. After that we saw a whole bunch of kids and then a bunch more near Modern Languages. Appanrelty they were high school kids going to see some play, well, we quickly made note of that as one of my friends said "Gotta be high school kids, everyone's white". Hahah.. it's strange because Waterloo is a pure white town, but the university itself has so many asians. I wonder what the high school people are like, "yo why the fuck are there so many asians?". I wonder what it was like to be white living in Richmond Hill back in the 80s and the 90s period when like a whole chunk of people in Hong Kong just got shipped into Canada and basically took over Richmond Hill. "It's like yo WTF is this shit?" If I was white I'd say that and wanna kick the fobs out. St. Rob's used to be a pure Italian school and looked what happened now. Haha, anyway, enough of this.

That night we went to Kitchener's Fairview mall. We had to buy some stuff for the house so we hit Walmart first. It's funny because when we walked into Walmart, me and Jon walked in through the exit door, climbed the barrier and got yelled at by this old wench working there. Now I normally wouldn't call her a wench because that's pretty mean, but she was such a jerkoff for yelling at us and got all pissed off about it. Yeah. Anyway that mall sorta blew. So did the last five days.

- Backstab @ 2:20 PM

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Jackass: The Movie

I saw Jackass: The Movie.

There sure was a lot of dick it in.

- Liston @ 11:14 AM

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Thursday, November 14, 2002


Guess what i cloned my first object today while programming! Oh yes i did and aren't cha proud of me? I've known of the clone method for quite awhile but never found a legit use for it, but mark this day in your calendars kiddies. I have cloned my first object.

For those who have no clue about what i'm talking about, don't worry, it's CS related and it's one of those geeky milestones. What is more important is that i noticed a lack of posts from me. I mean this term i don't have any more fucked up dreams. Or i don't go on any zany adventures. Could it be that *gasp* i'm maturing right before your eyes? NO.

I've just been chained to the desk like one of those monkies writing War and Peace. It's very sad and in some countries considered animal cruelty. But it's not outlawed in this country and you are refered to as a "chump" with some extra "ump" ephaisis on the P. So what will i do? Of course a grape escape! (no error there) Yes i call this the Grape Escape. I will fake sick, take a holiday and then make my break to York University because it's time for the YORK REPORT!

Yes it's time for another report of school that i don't belong to. I'm questioning if i should bring my camera. I probably should. I am following Stew Pei around for the day and going to see glorious York. I'll be watching the elusive Stew in his natural habit doing whatever stew does. You know, watching him wax on about Voyager's 2nd in command, him flirting with the the girls and in some cases, guys of York and see Stu fall asleep in class.

I'm so lame, i break out of work to go into class. Have you been snorting ants?

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 8:43 PM

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Life is weird without computer games

Quote me on that one if you want.

It's really strange to do play no games for so long. It's been...2 weeks now and I'm sorta crapping out on myself because it seems like I'm missing something, and I know exactly what it is, it's computer games. I dont know what, I just have this urge to play something when I get bored. I know it fucks you up one way or the other, like how Neverwinter fucked me over for a month in class etc, and the effects of War 3 in 1B, but nonetheless, I'm missing something. And TV just doesn't cut it. =[ Maybe I should start watching TNG... hehe.. So I dunno, I need a game, just not something that'll get me addicted to, perhaps I should try to get myself Madden 2003. You can never get addicted to sports games.

Spam mail alert... I got 2 of those in the last few days. It's quite a lot for me because I don't sign up anything, unlike Dark Ice =P Anyhow, I got this extremely strange email from some Arabic country dude telling me not to expose him and help him transfer money from his bank account and stuff, because he's getting fucked by the government and they'll shoot him or something. Pretty screwed up eh? I'll forward it to you if you wanna read it.

I'm gonna update my recommend list, haven't done that for a while.

- Backstab @ 12:32 AM

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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Drums Drums Are all I can HEAR!!!!

It has happened I have gone mad with the need, the hunger, and the pain......those who scene what I have scene can never look back! When Randy said that he wanted to buy season 1 and 2 of Stargate SG-1, I thought that was a good idea. when randy said that we should watch the whole thing in one night I again thought not a bad idea. I was never really a fan of the show and I kinda stop watching it after the 4th show because I got bored of it.

But this past Saturday, 5 Brave souls ( the master-mind behind the madness Randy, Our offensive buddie Barltrop, the unwilling pawn Mike, the innocent bystander Nick, and myself ) went on a quest an adventure into the world of stargate SG-1, 8 hours later and those lives have been forever changed! The past few days I've been on the net none stop reading about stargate SG-1 finding out about the story and the 6 seasons. and to my surprise, I have found out that they will be making season 7! with the return of Dr. Daniel Jackson to the full cast! As well as they are going to make a spin-off of stargate SG-1 called Stargate Atlantis.

I don't know what to do now! All I want to do to is to watch anything to do with stargate and am waiting for the show to come up this Thursday on CH. And knowing that the new shows will only star being shown in Jan of 2003 has make my madness worst. It's like a drug I need a little bit of it daily or I'll go nuts! I wake up now at 3am in a cold sweat hearing drums!!! That night messed me up! I wasn't able to pick the football games for that week! oh well all I can do now is to exact my revenge against YOU!! Randy you better sleep with one eye OPEN!!!

P.S. the views before you are the views of stew who didn't sleep last night, and does not mean that this may be his views tomorrow moring. thank you

- The Student @ 2:35 PM

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Monday, November 11, 2002


Ahh so I was watching NFL Primetime yesterday and I was like sigh... why didn't we pick for week 10? =P Yesterday's games were among one of the best games this season, nice comeback by St. Louis and New England, and the tie game between Pittsburgh and Atlanta.

Well, so I saw Starfleet Command III. I dunno, it doesn't look so appealing to me. The graphics seem so very unrealistic for today's standards, same with its general presentation. Is the gameplay any good though? Oh yeah, I don't think I've ever seen anything like this but Etheral's EQ CD was warped so badly, like a whole chunk of sectors were erased from his CD.

Oh yeah, think I'm gonna d/l Roger Wilco. I need to check the quality on it. You guys should too if you haven't.

- Backstab @ 5:27 PM

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