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Saturday, November 30, 2002

Follow That RING!!!

- The Student @ 10:38 PM

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Study time + Polaris Prime Awards 2002 Nominations

It's hard to believe but this term for me is done and exams are the only thing between now and Christmas break. Very strange indeed. My first exam is next Friday, then 2 the following Monday and Tuesday, then the next week 2 more on Monday and Tuesday. Which means that my last exam is on the 17th of December and I should be back on the 18th.

I can't wait till Christmas, tons of things I'm looking forward to be doing. Ski trip, DJ Equipment shopping, NerdFest 2002 and other miscelleneous tings that'll be going on.

In the meantime, there is one thing that we all need to do. We need to nominate for Polaris Prime Awards 2002 =]
I would like all of you to nominate each of these awards:

Post of the Year Award (the big one)
Drugged up post
Pointless post
Best post title

Other awards:
PP Game of the year:
PP Site of the year:
PP Movie of the year:
PP Tune of the year:
PP Lamer of the year:

You may add to any awards you like to this list (in other words, add your own award) to this list. Send me this list no later than December 20th 2002 through email, ICQ or whatever you feel like. Later.

- Backstab @ 2:47 PM

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Thursday, November 28, 2002

I hate my dreams

They suck. They seem to forsee the future, and just about everytime I dream about something, it's a bad dream or in some sense makes me feel like shit the next morning. Let's see.

Here's one I really remember having: I've had a dream about me doing the MSCI exam, and not finishing it, with the prof telling me to hurry the fuck up. One where I was trying to look for an interview room for a job interview, but I couldn't find it for like the longest time and when I did I woke up.

and loads more lame shit which I don't remember but deals with my own problems =[

They piss me off when I'm brushing my teeth in the morning and I think back of my dreams. Sure I mean, it makes some sense as they're warning me about things, telling me about MSCI etc, but some of them are so sad that it just angers me and puts me in a shitty mood. I hope my dreams will never come true.

- Backstab @ 5:37 PM

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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

One week?

What the bloody hell is going on, we only have one more week of classes before this term is over? Where the heck does the time go?? In other news, Happy Birthday George! The people that decorated your room must have thought you're American or something with all the red and blue! Anyways, what's Master of Orion?

I actually considered buying a Cube to play Zelda and Metroid, but Zelda looks kinda crappy, it's so cartoonish, they should have made it more realistic. But I can see how Metroid Prime would be a great game, the commericals already look amazing. Any news on AC2? Or is it dead?

My music taste has changed a bit, but not too much. I still listen to the same old rock stuff I use to listen to, but I've found that I'm very selective about what kind of rock I listen to. There's a lot of shitty rock out there, and then there's some good rock, so it's strange, I'm not infatuated with the entire genre, just a few artists and then a few of there songs. I've also started listening to a little trance over the past few years and I'm listening to JPOP alot less, I guess I'm sort of growing tired of it. On the other hand, I still can't stand PoP music, Justin Timberlake (oops, my alignment just shifted 5 points cuz i said his name), Eve feat Gwen Stefani (that fuckin song pisses me off), Ja Rule (Bay-bae), Blink 180 fuckin 2 (god damn white trash), and countless other pop artists can kiss my ass. Oh yeah, and Nelly feat Kelly sucks, what the fuck is a boo. God damn fed hall, they keep playing these songs, as a result I hate fed hall now. Oh well, now I'm just mumbling, gonna go. Randy, Christmas party before Christmas but after skiing will have to be on the 23'rd?

- Ethereal_Monk @ 11:53 AM

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Happy Birthday Administrator!

Happy birthday GT!

Master of Orion should be released a few days after the 28th, so probably around the 30th in Canada.

Just loaded Redhat Linux 8.0. It seems to work fine, and the dual boot aspect is working much better than I expected it to. However, did run into a few problems, although minor. It's mainly because I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing in Linux, so a few obviously newbie questions are listed below.

1. Couldn't play a CD through the soundcard. The audio mixers have to be set up, or I'll have to download a program that'll send the sound directly to the card output.
2. Forgot that Afterstep isn't part of the Redhat Linux package. I loaded X, but I'm not sure if they're the same thing... hmmm. Anyways, can't use X as a GUI. I like X because you can easily change the .profile for EZ aliases for the shell.
3. Where the fuck is ksh??? Gees, do I have to download that from somewhere else?

Other than that... Mozilla is great, the ability to run any program that resides on Ryerson's CS servers rocks a llama's ass, and install was in general, easy as fuck.

Also, WinXP is quite satisfying as well. However, I was also happy with WinME when I started with an empty registry and file system, but hopefully I'll format my drive more often that not and my XP/Linux dual boot should live in perfect harmony.

I'm looking at this year's Christmas party at my house. Around what day do you want to do this? (Preferably before Christmas and after everyone's exams)

My Name Is Johnny Knoxville,
And This Is "Rocket Skates",

- Liston @ 1:14 AM

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Fuck are you joking?

So here I am in my room, pumping a new tune "Raw Nerve" by Nomis ft Optiv. and then the girl living beside me told me to turn it down. Bleh such a runnin tune and I have to turn it down. What else sucks, she slams my door. Annoying, so I ignore her and she came up again and told me the bass is too much for her to handle. BLAH, come FUCKIN on man it's 12:10 am. I'm pissed =[

Shit I just realized I'm now 20 years old from a few "happy birthday messages" on ICQ. I still think I'm 16. Nonetheless I think I still look 16, but I'm not 12.

I am definitely down with Master of Orion btw. I'm thinking of having a Nerdfest 2002/Polaris Prime Staff Party on the same day. Dark Ice was mentioning that if we have something like that we should have webcast/audio cast some parts of this event. It might actually be really funny. The PP audio show probably will be postponed till later, after finals definitely.

"i'm easier than winona ryder?" Why? I guess you can say "i'm cash just like winona ryder but ez?" =[

- Backstab @ 12:26 AM

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Monday, November 25, 2002

Must be Made of Crack

Well i was at Liston's house and i helped him partition and install XP, because ME just wasn't cutting it anymore. His ME must have crashed 3 times when i was there. I can see why he needed to move to another OS and fast. Me and Liston are moving to a Linux/XP dual boot. Why? because i, mostly Liston, has had enough of microsoft's crap. i figured i'll just use XP for games really. And i'll get a program from Joel to boot XP on top of linux when i need it.

Enough about my computer woes, even though my hd's about to fail and my cd rom doesn't work again, once those problems go away it's time for linux. I promised to format before i head back into waterloo. But while at Liston's house, he introduced me to something called, metroid prime. Jesus Chirst that game is good. I normally hate fps on consoles because of the controls, in fact if we were playing bond 64, i would be the guy walking around in circles shouting out "shoot me! i'm easier than winona ryder". But Metroid Prime is different, and i'm still not sure why, but i like it, hell i'm 2 steps short of buying a gamecube. That why i've come up with the theory that Metroid Prime is crammed with crack during the DVD pressing process. That way when you play the game itself will emit the rare but intense beta-crack waves that it does. For all you physics people out there it goes,

alpha waves - which does nothing
beta waves - which pentrates everything but skin
beta-crack waves - which pentrate skin and induce crack like euphoria
gamma waves - which makes you big, green and scream out "Hulk SMASH!"

Play Metroid Prime, i love it, you'll love. If you don't then what the hell are you smoking?

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 10:54 PM

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Music Is Everything

By now, you all should know how my music taste changes ever so often. I was going through my old MP3s on my hard drive (I have not deleted any of them!) and I was thinking back of what I use to listen. That was four years ago, and to me it felt like a lot longer than that. I think it all started with me doing that research project on electronic music in Grade 11. It was during that time when I made discoveries to groups like Massive Attack, Portishead, Air, Sneaker Pimps, Lo Fis, Bentley Rhythm Ace, etc.

Wanna know my first CD compilation in early 1999? Tracks include:
UNKLE - Main Title Theme
Massive Attack - Teardrop
Massive Attack - Risingson
Crystal Method - More
Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy
Portishead - Only You
Fatboy Slim - Going Out Of My Head
Beastie Boys - Body Movin [fatboy slim remix]
Roni Size - Brown paper bag (OMG THIS IS DRUM AND BASS!!!)

I have been trying to appreciate pop music in this last month or so, and it's just not happening. I think I'm done with it, everything's pure crap nowadays. So what about the not-so-mainstream stuff, the stuff I started listening in late 98. Hah... it's a shame really, none of them have came up with much new stuff. I don't know when the new Massive Attack LP will ever come out... never mind Portishead. Sneaker Pimps actually had a new album but their sound is so messed up now, same with Lo Fis. I really don't like Fatboy Slim's, Daft Punk's new stuff at all. Crystal Method's Tweekend was such a disappointment also. I haven't checked out Air, Morcheeba etc but I know they got some new stuff. Perhaps I should get Kazaa Lite download whore again.

Well, back to Drum and Bass. I've found a new "group" (producers, whatever u wanna call them) that I'm starting to really like. Their name is "Sinthetix", composed of 3 guys from Washington DC. Techno influenced, dark but not too hard stuff really appeals to me nowadays. I've been pumping their stuff a lot as of late and I think Etheral knows them pretty well now (I noticed how he always shuts the door when I play that tune "Liar" by Sinthetix). Anyway, I updated the monthly top 5 tunes, this month features "Music Is Everything" by High Contrast. It's been out for a while but nonethless a good tune with a little bit of latino feel.

- Backstab @ 1:12 AM

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PP Awards 2002!!!

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