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Saturday, December 07, 2002

John 3:16

After 5 years of Catholic school and forced bible thumping, i have taken the culmination of that and what have i done? I have used that for the forces of the dark side. You see a Johovas witness came to my door, well not one but a Older more experienced lady and her Appentice. They were comming in for the convert, seeing that it was nearly noon and i looked quite disshevaled. I should be an easy kill right?

Well i answered the door, master and apprentice stood their waiting. We began with basic agruements and statements of purpose. I'll try to refrain from the details of the agruement because they are quite irrelvant. My Mother came out to see who it was. "Are you bible talkers?" she asked. She hates them and just turns them away at sight. I love them and you'll soon see why. I said to my mom, "Don't worry mom, i'll handle this, you go back and finish lunch" "OK but don't let out the heat" she replied. "Oh come in, come in" i said gentilly to them. Yes they are in my house now! my house, my turf, home team advantage. It is time to thump some bibles.

I know i know i'm a terrible terrible person, but i figure if they go all the out of their way to come to my door, it's only fair that i give them a chance to present their arguements. And that's what we did, we started arguing it was very basic religious stuff. It seems that pushed her into a corner, then she pulled her ace on me, the bible. I may not know the bible as well as she did, but i'll just have to think quick.

Passage after Passage i stood toe to toe with her. She even tested me to see if i was lying about my bible studeousness. She asked me if i knew Jesus' 2nd commandment. EZ $$ as G would say. It was great and fun, until she brought out something i did not recognize or understand for that matter. I admit, she had me their. I had to think of a way out, a new tactic. something that will turn the tables to my advantage. Then i came up with the most ingeneous and very evil tactic. I was going toe to toe with the master, how foolish of me. I can't change her, and in the end she won't change me. Who i could change was her Apprentice, the young and easily impressed one. I already noticed him smiling when i started putting up a good fight against his master. It's now time to use him and possibly turn him. I let her attack, i was ready.

She was comming at me from a rather expected angle. She claimed that people that don't interpret the bible literally are coping out. I claimed that the bible shouldn't nescessarly be interpretly literally. A clear and simple divide between our positions, until i decided to redirect the flow the of conversation to the apprentice. "What do you think?" I said. "umm umm" it was clear he wasn't ready "I think we should interpret the bible literally, but" expected answer but what? "we can't always interpret the bible literally" Like shooting fish in a barrel. I have struck the apprentice! Now she will be forced to defend his weak comments. And that she did, and since she was now in a defensive position, it's time i take the offensive. Thus my friends the tables were turned. I started my attack and there was no end in sight.

She was forced to leave. Any further would just result in her losing ground. The day is mine! What's important is that i have sowen the seeds of thought in the apprentices' head. And so they left of their own will. I never asked them to leave, they probably felt they had better things to do.

I am an asshole, a big giant asshole. Even my mother thinks so because she over heard the whole conversation. She said to me afterwards "I didn't raise you to be like this" I know i'm bad, but i keep doing it. I wasn't ready for the mormans earlier in the year but i was in good shape today. I've also thought about going through the bible and marking off good verses i can use. You know bring the fight back to them. Next time i might not have an apprentice to take a stab at. I'll say it again I'm an asshole, a big giant asshole.

The One and Only, (big giant asshole)

- ?!?!@? @ 1:26 PM

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My tunes are up!

They're now up at

After about a 7 month break from drum and bass producing, I'm back in business. I've decided to start producing again because I honestly think I'm on the verge of getting signed. I know I haven't really put much effort into trying to get hooked up or sending demos because of school and all. But still, people who knows whats up knows that some of my tunes are pretty good, so maybe I should give it a shot again.

Well since I don't have a synth here, I've been gathering samples all over the net and I came up with an unfinished tune. Click here and have a listen. Very techno influenced and bouncy. I'll hopefully get over this techno stuff soon because right now all I can think of is this kinda stuff. =P

I also put up a couple of my old tunes from this year (well not really THAT old). The quality of them are only 96kbps because I don't want strangers to rip off my stuff and start taking credit as themselves (happened to people I know before =[ ) So for 192KBps qualities of my full tunes, ask me for them, and if I trust you and I'll give them to you =]

P.S. IRC rocks =P

- Backstab @ 2:03 AM

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Thursday, December 05, 2002

Dead Man On Campus

is on City TV right now.

Tomorrow's my first exam, Digital Computers. This course is like stuffing an entire textbook up your brain, it's a lot of theory on hardware =[

Get ready for an interesting update tomorrow as I have a new sub-section coming up for Polaris.

Let me here ya say yeah! Yeeeaaah!

- Backstab @ 8:27 PM

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Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Ground Zero

You know that restaurant Ground Zero inside Student Life Center? Yeah, I went there today for lunch for the first time. The food there isn't bad, I'd prefer that stuff over Mel's. I ordered their special which was a roast beef caesar salad wrap, a pickle, a cookie and a pepsi. Not too bad for $5.25.

Here's some random stuff:
There are a whole bunch of cool videos up in Drum and Bass arena.
Apparently there's a video shoot for the song "Start The Fire" (Mo' Fire, Bad Company remix) I think this is funny as hell, this song might hit the charts in the UK and I wanna see this video on Much or something.
Then there's DJ Craze who's one of the best turntabalist dude there. He was also showing this new software thing that hooks up your computer to your turntables, and exports a song from a CD into a vinyl through some USB port or something.

Pretty cool, check those out.

- Backstab @ 9:34 PM

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Monday, December 02, 2002

Liston you're such a pine user
Stop using msword *.doc files! It's such a pain to read them.
*.txt is MUCH better.

Owned by Linux

- Backstab @ 7:43 PM

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In retrospect (edited)

I think I've totally lost touch in my posting technique. I was reading some of my old posts, they were actually humourous and witty, unlike all this crap I've been posting as of late which consisted of basically whining, and more depression posts.

So maybe I should cheer up a bit. I just like to say thanks to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday and you bastards who "decorated" my room up on the 26th. =]

Liston, if you're gonna bust out a party, I suggest either after Ski trip and before Christmas (which is 23rd) or after Christmas (27th+). However keep in mind that we're gonna do NerdFest/PP Awards Ceremony on the same day or somethin, probably after Christmas... so I dunno... tight schedule =P

Talking about the PP Awards, I posted an info page regarding it. Click on this very link Also, I have a feeling that the PP awards will be recorded (in audio) and possibly WEBCASTED. I consider the webcast a "success" if there are more than 1 people listening to it! (not including ourselves)

Bust your style, keep the mercury risin!

- Backstab @ 12:49 AM

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