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Friday, December 13, 2002

You know what's mean?

Changing a red-green colour blind person's windows theme to be all red and green.

Now that's mean!

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 10:17 AM

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Thursday, December 12, 2002

Channel Me

Yeah, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince. I saw that video on Much More Music a few weeks back. Why was I watching MMM? Because that's what Alyssa always watches. She won't stop watching those damn music videos and I'm forced to watch that bs with her. =P

I think I'm addicted to downloading MP3s nowadays. I got a lot of new stuff these past few days. I realized how much shit there is in drum and bass. By shit I mean literally SHIT, useless and terrible. I'm starting to get picky in too. I really hate songs which just sound good when you're drunk or high, tunes that go nowhere, tunes that have basslines that sound like fart noises are all CRAP.

Now to more interesting news, Massive Attack's got a new album coming out soon in February 2003. Yep yep yep. Much anticipated. Anyway.. I'm looking forward to that as well as the new Unkle album. $

I don't have any new games at the moment. Any good IRC channels for games? I got a bit bored and started another Madden 2002 season with the Rams. I'm trying to use Warner like Michael Vick... except he's so damn slow, but running with the QB is fun. I made Faulk my QB a few plays just to do quarterback draws and stuff.

I should be back next Wednesday. Wow this term really went by fast.

- Backstab @ 9:59 PM

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Do You Remember...

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince? Remember the song "Parents Just Don't Understand"? I downloaded the video, and I just recalled that as a small child, I remembered the words to most of that song. Actually, the video seems quite ridiculous... huge watches, huge thermometers... man, what were they thinking?

I returned NBA 2K3 because it kept crashing on me. When it comes to GC, Sega Sports and go to hell. I refunded it, bought Hegemonia: Legions of Iron, and got some store credit. Oh man... Hegemonia... gotta check this game out just for the dialogue. At first I thought it was just a really bad story line, but it turns out that if you listen carefully, it's just badly translated german. I mean, read the title... Hegemonia: Legions of Iron? Does that make sense? In briefings, they say things like "You must save Colonel so-in-so or he will die!", "I don't believe in this science thing... how can science help me and my troops?!", "You must destroy Mars!", and the best combination "This is my space, get out!" "You just signed your death warrant!". And for some reason, the main character keeps calling this one chick "My Lady". Also, when you create a new squadron, you'd think they'd be called cool military space names like "Alpha" or "Gold"... nope... they get called names pulled right out of a bootlegged-crackhead-3rd rate german-english dictionary. Names like "Pig" and "Big Snot".

Oh oh, been playing Hitman 2 as well (full version). Awsome wicked game... I dunno what it is about that game that makes it so fun. There was a really cool assassination mission that reminded me of the movie "La Femme Nikita" (original french version), not the movies or series....

Speaking of Joel Surnow... the man is a genious. Got the entire first season of "24" on DVD. Excellent. On 1p.m, only 11 more hours to go.

Oh yeah, I have like, one full month off school... cool huh.

You Just Signed Your Death Warrant,

- Liston @ 1:20 AM

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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

PUBLISH damn you!

There we go.

- DarkAesthir @ 4:05 AM

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Middle Earth Madness

No, I'm not talking about the upcoming Two Towers movie, or the LOTR Risk game that Stew recently got.
It's late, I'm bored, and I don't exactly wanna study. (who does?)
So, here's a little conversation I had late at night with my good friend Skieblade.
Bear with the length, the funny stuff's at the end.

It all started with him sending me this link: UofT: HUM 199Y1
*later**begin conversation*
and why are you taking english?
Dark Ice:bird course
which it was for the most part.. no exams
SB:english a bird?
i haven't heard that one before
DI:it's not english
it's english for math students
imagine a bunch of retards from other countries who can't speak english, and then get into math at waterloo
now imagine the univ trying to teach them english skills that'd be used in the workplace
so easier than ESL =)
DI: hmm.. dunno, i've never been to esl =)
SB: neither have i
but they still try to make you competent at reading literature
DI: ah, well they don't do that here..!
DI: well they have a group project worth 60%
and when a majority of the students in the class speak with an accept from either europe or the orient...
SB: rofl
so guaranteed like... 85 in the course?
DI: uh.. if i did the work, maybe
what a waste of a bird course...
DI: well if i had to WORK, then it wouldn't be a bird course
SB: rofl
the low standards at waterloo ;)
DI: and this after you sent me the course info on middle earth?
elite =)
i can't believe there is such a course
DI: i don't think the elves and dwares can either
SB: how about the hobbits?
DI: oh, they knew it was coming
they live in burrows... they know what's happening on middle earth
and gandalf?
DI: oh yeah, wizards know shit
crazy shit
SB: hahahahahaha
oh well
that course is just too funny
DI: i wonder if they teach you how to make pointy hats..!
or golden rings
DI: can't say i'd be surprised if they started to teach blacksmithing and enchanting in class
or how to bite fingers off ;;)
DI: uh.. now that's just poor taste
in both ways
*end conversation*

...And so ends this blog.
Remember little boys and girls, don't mess with wizards, cuz if they know something like this is coming, it means they know shit. CRAZY shit.

- DarkAesthir @ 4:03 AM

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Tuesday, December 10, 2002

CS251 exam...insert random explicative here

okay, i really don't know what to say about that exam
fortunately for all of you, you didn't hafta take it
cept for mike of course, he's gonna face it in the end...
anyways, yeah.... what the hell was that!?!?
it was probably my own fault anyways, for not having gone to class... done the assignments... or having studied when i should have.
but i crammed a damn good amount, and you know what? reading that frickin textbook is painful. I kid you not... diagrams, and stupid concepts everywhere!!!

so when i got to the exam, still studying my brains out, outside of the room 10 minutes before, i probably learned... hmm... 15%+ of the exam right there, and it was actually useful
i mean, damn! and on top of that, the other stuff which i didn't ahve time to learn, i just kind of made up/learnt on the exam itself. i swear, if i pass this, it'll be either a miracle, or an indication of what the content of the course is made of... pure rationalization, even without ANY technical knowledge...!
we'll see though.
I personally wanna find out what my mark for that exam'll be in the end, it'd be a good laugh either way i think.
oh yeah, and if anyone ever wants me to explain to them floating point numbers in IEEE754 format, or cache access formats, or hell, even those frickin multicycle/microprogrammed circuit diagrams. have faith that i know what i'm doing. i think i got it down pretty good, haha

Still hoping to pass cs251,

- DarkAesthir @ 3:41 PM

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Monday, December 09, 2002


The other day well yesterday Mike B, came over and started to read from the Book oF Gord! This is a guy who owns a video game stored named "gamers edge" anyway's he made a web site and I must say it's the best web site ever! the stories are written so well and clear. It's so funny how dumb people can pushed around and how the GORD can get away with this stuff. I laughed, I cried and now I have a new Hero!

This is a story from the BOOK OF WRATH! Chapter 4 Titled "The Trap That Never Was"

One final trap that was being worked on before Gord took his leave at the empire was a delightfully cunning trap, as traps were wonderfully intellectual exercises!

The bait: GoldenEye for the N64. This particular cartridge had been destroyed by a family that had placed gum on the connection bridge, then they had their pet monkey who was wielding a screwdriver try to clean it off.

The plan: Rig up a series of capacitors inside the cartridge that would charge and then discharge sending 50,000 volts of electric death into the N64. It would work exactly like a taser (think stun gun). Then once this cartridge of N64 doom was ready, it would be left on the counter to be stolen.

After it was stolen, it would begin it's long reign of death! N64's around the city would be destroyed at their very cores! In one last defiant act, Gord would leave a murderous rampage of dead N64s in his wake.

Sadly, the screwdriver set required to open an N64 cartridge did not arrive before Gord had left to destinations overseas. This glorious exercise would never see the light of day.

Or would it...

- The Student @ 11:53 PM

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Sunday, December 08, 2002

Get the audio tracker winamp plugin

So you can let everyone know what you're listening to, isn't that cool? As you can see, I already added mine on the feature column.

Audio Tracker

Works with Winamp versions 2.0 and Winamp 3.0


- Backstab @ 9:52 PM

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Challenge to the Nation

I challenge anyone to the GC version of NBA 2K3, simulation styles (which I happen to have bought yesterday).

Thank you.

- Liston @ 8:34 PM

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Also, I have something else to say, but it deserves it's own post. (Above)

- Liston @ 8:32 PM

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Guess what i got?

Starts with an F
ends with a 'usion'
and traditionally should be followed by an exclamtion mark.

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 7:20 PM

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Praise Jeebus!

LoL, that's great Mike! I wish I pulled into your house just as they were leaving and ran them over with my car. Ok, not really, but that would have been funny. When you talked about the master and apprentice, I kept thinking about Star Wars and that you were talking tot he emperor with Darth Vadar by his side. Impressive.. but you are not a Jedi yet! I wish Jehovah's Witness's (which I will call JeW's from now on) would come to our door, man, I wonder what an amish JeW would be like. Why do I care, I don't know, what the hell.

Anyways, I need to go shower, bye.

- Ethereal_Monk @ 12:11 PM

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