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Saturday, December 28, 2002

DnB 2002

Not like most of you would care, but I've finished my short article on this year's drum and bass. To take up some space, I'm gonna put out my top 20 for 2002. I think I'll make a mix in a few days which will include a lot of these tunes up.

(sorted in Artist/Song Name/Label)

1. Kemal - Let It Move You (Industry)
2. High Contrast - Return of Forever (Hospital)
3. Fresh & Fierce - Innocence (Quarantine)
4. Black Sun Empire - Smoke (DSCI4)
5. Black Sun Empire & Concord Dawn - The Sun (Black Sun Empire)
6. Concord Dawn - Take Me Away (Commercial Suicide)
7. Dom & Kemal - Moulin Rouge (Moving Shadow)
8. Raiden - Fallin (Renegade Hardware)
9. Sinthetix - Switchblade Sisters (DSCI4)
10. Sinthetix - Liar (Trouble on Vinyl)
11. Sta & Paul B - Gush (DSCI4)
12. Bulletproof, Optiv, Concord Dawn - Scorched Earth (Cyanide)
13. High Contrast - Music Is Everything (Hospital)
14. Marcus Intalex, ST Files, and High Contrast - 3 AM (Soul:r)
15. Sonic & Silver - Rocket Launcher (Virus)
16. Universal Project - Haunted Dreams (Universal Project)
17. D Kay & Epsilon - Platinum (Renegade Hardware)
18. Bad Company - Dosage (Bad Company)
19. Skinny & Lynx - Frost Byte (Audio Blueprint)
20. Chris SU - Astro-sine (DSCI4)

Well you can check out the rest of the article here!

- Backstab @ 10:57 PM

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Friday, December 27, 2002

the big two-oh

yes. it's quarter-life-crisis time for me...wherein i reflect on my life here and realize how much there still remains to do before it's all over and how little time is left. [well. no. not really, but one never knows when the end will be]

i survived 1A, even passing physics. the one stupid course i was sure i would fail. [yay for "conditional" promotion]. the status of the remaining 4 will have to wait till jan 23 because only rohan is really on top of things as far as marking is concerned. no real complaints there though.

off to =not= get plastered. alcohol and advil is a combination that just asks for trouble. who gets sick on their birthday??

p.s. when do we get to see who won christmas? [ie: polaris awards]

- soufpawed @ 8:49 PM

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Boxing Day Itis

Yesterday was boxing day. I only realized that it was Boxing day because I went to Yorkdale. Even though I was a bit disappointed that there was no pushing and shoving and sucker punching going on, it was still party time at Yorkdale.

After that we decided to chill at Tricia's and that turned out to be pretty interesting. Tricia's got a US version digital box for her TV and somehow has access to all the pay per views for free. Because of that we decided to watch movies for the rest of the day. Let's see if I can count them all... Ice Age, Back to the Future II, Scooby Doo... last 15 minutes of RoboCop III, last 10 minutes of Jason X (ooohh what a terrible movie), an hour of this movie called "Pumpkin" (let's not talk about this), some South Park, last hour of Glory, parts of Enemy at the Gates. Hope I didn't miss anything.

I also had my first taste of boxing day itis, and what a dinner that was. Fried chicken, biscuits and pizza. Damn good stuff I tell you. And yes, I did fall asleep on the couch =[

- Backstab @ 1:39 PM

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Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Chinese Medicine

That's what i smell like, because i've got some wierd chinese medicine on my knees. I've managed to get two giant ass brusies on my knees. The brusing has gone down alot. I hate this smell. why couldn't the chinese have invented a medicine that smells like the AXE deodourent?

I've got a shit load of pictures, but no space to host them. Contact me if you want copies and such. Many of them are of people sleeping or "taking a floor break" (alyssa, Liston and yours truly clearly had too much red wine). Knobody wished you where there, i had a hankering for some reggee. But i'm sure that you were damned sick because you're never ever sick.

I'm in general pain, but its ok. I actually can't wait to hop on a board again and see if i retained anything i learned.

What can i say about skiing? Everything is a blur, a fun, halirious, drunk ass blur. So many conversations are Polaris worthy, but i can't seem to remember them in enough detail that would make a good post. I think i'll just keep these memories to myself. Personally i had a rocking good time, Thank you Steph for planning such a kick ass event.

PS: we went shopping at cookstown. Liston and Stu burned a hole into their wallets whilst i got a Elvis action figure. Did you get yours? I don't think so.

Merry Christmas Everyone! i hope you have a good one because i know i already have.

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 11:09 PM

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Where's your head at?

Well I just came back from my 2 day ski trip from Blue Mountain. At this very moment, I feel pretty shitty... the feeling that is similar to getting your ass kicked by some guy. You've put up a hard fight, landed a few punches on him, but that just wasn't enough and he TKO'd you to the ground. Yep, that's what I feel like right now, except that I got my ass kicked but by the ski-hill. Why? Because Guru Mike the genius suggested that we go boarding instead of skiing. It's our 3rd time there, my plan was actually to try to improve on parallel skiing so I can clear the blues without any stupid wipeouts (unlike last time) but instead I tried snowboarding. Anyway, even though I'm hurting right now I think that was totally worth the experience.

Snowboarding is something pretty fucked up in my opinion, in the way that you have to try to imbalance yourself to get balance. Me and Guru's goal was to "rock tha hill", pretty sad because the hill is a GREEN hill. I think me, Guru and Student Hobo must've fell about a thousand times combined. I had some of the funniest accidents though. I really busted up my wrist falling once on get this.. flat ground. Yes... the slope was basically at an angle of 0 degrees. Oh and also, when I was about to get on the chair- lift, I lost my footing somehow... and tripped myself. When I tried to get back up it was too late, the chair was already too high and I couldn't sit on it... so I ducked instead and the chair-lift went on top of me. "Nice reflexes" goes the ski lift operator.. gee thanks I could've gotten decapitated.

Some quotes from the trip that you should remember:

Finally, like to say some big ups to Yausers for organizing the Blue Mountain trip this year because it was hella fun. Also thanks to the drivers Etheral, Yausers, Alyssa for the demon-hell-ride (not really =P )


- Backstab @ 1:55 AM

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Monday, December 23, 2002


BACK from the Dead are Ren & Stimpy Revived! TNN has just made it clear, to the world that we want our dear friends Ren and Stimpy back in an uncut format! this means anything goes! unlike in past, so more freaked out and crazy show are on there way, The new Ren & Stimpy Show episodes will debut in 2003.!!!!

I have an OFF Button!!! BAMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

- The Student @ 9:56 PM

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