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Saturday, January 04, 2003

Black Sun Empire

Sorry I couldn't make it for coffee, something important came up. I was available at 11:30, but it was snowing like nuts and my driveway was blocked.

To anyone who's interested in Black Sun Empire on the 24th. Here's the flyer, I finally found it.

Damn, gotta pack my comp soon because I'm going to Waterloo tomorrow =[

- Backstab @ 1:14 AM

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Thursday, January 02, 2003

Coffee Anyone?

Ok well Etheral's got basketball practice, but I think we can still all get together, I'm definitely up for it, hopefully ill be up and coherant enough to make phone calls tomorrow, but it is 8:00 in the morning right now... In any case, I was talking to Mike on New Year's and he said he'd be up for some pool (tho we never said when) I propose that we start the night off like that and then move to the Tim's. In any case at the very least I'm going to have coffee with Etheral.

Talk to you when I can see the sun,

- Knobody @ 8:04 AM

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Happy New Year, and a present to you all!

To start off 2003, I'd like to let you all listen to my "2002 year end" mix, which features a LOT of my favourite drum and bass tunes in 2002. Guru, I especially encourage you to check it out, because if you can't handle this, you have no chance in handling Black Sun Empire on the 24th. =P You too Liston, because I know you like that hype ass tune "Quiet Earth".

It's the longest mix that I've done so far, 70 minutes 18 seconds... messed up twice but thanks to Traktor I went back and fixed it. Regarding track selection, I went from harder stuff in the beginning to softer stuff at the end. I think it's the best mix that I've done so far, besides a pretty shady mix out in Fallin, everything else sounds smooth =]

The track-listing goes like this. Click HERE to download the lo-fi version (48 kbps MP3 - 24 MB). If you want hi-fi version, I'll gladly send it over to you through ICQ or FTP or whatever, just request for me by sending me a msg on ICQ/email etc.

1. Fierce & Fresh - "Innocence" 0:00 - 6:05
2. Kemal - "Plan B" 6:05 - 9:29
3. Black Sun Empire - "Smoke" 9:29 - 13:46
4. Sinthetix - "Switchblade Sisters" 13:46 - 18:04
5. Cause 4 Concern - "Blindside" 18:04 - 20:55
6. Kemal - "Let It Move You" 20:55 - 27:32
7. Sinthetix - "Liar" 27:32 - 30:45
8. Bulletproof, Concord Dawn & Optiv - "Scorched Earth" 30:45 - 35:03
9. Nomis feat. Optiv - "Piston" 35:03 - 38:38
10. Raiden - "Fallin" 38:38 - 43:38
11. D.Kay & Epsilon - "Platinum" 43:38 - 47:58
12. Bad Company - "Dosage" 47:58 - 51:09
13. RAM Trilogy - "Huggy Bear" 51:09 - 54:22
14. Bad Company - "Wednesday" 54:22 - 59:02
15. D.Kay - "Quiet Earth" 59:02 - 64:02
16. High Contrast - "Return of Forever" 64:02 - 70:18

Happy new year and enjoy!

- Backstab @ 1:59 AM

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Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Tomorrow Night?

Are we still meeting for coffee tomorrow night? I have basketball until 10 or so I think, let me know!

oh yeah, Happy New Year Everyone!

- Ethereal_Monk @ 11:43 PM

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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Polaris Prime 2002 Awards

Well it's been delayed because I was so damn busy this Christmas break. But yeah, it has been compiled and it's done.

You can check it out by clixing on the link on da rit3 hand sydebarz yo.

Anyway I also got an exceptionally good tune which goes by the name of Quiet Earth by D-Kay. You know I normally don't like cheesy guitar samples in drum and bass tunes. But this guy D-Kay shows you that it can be great when it's done right. Anyway, this tune will be featured in my "2002 mix" that's hopefully coming in the next few days.

- Backstab @ 6:01 PM

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Nerd Fest Twenty-Oh-Two

Lately i've been incoherant trash, so i've been putting off writing anything. Also i've been busy as fuck. How busy is "busy as fuck"? well clearly as fuck.

Again we've held another nerd fest, this one the last of the 2k+2 series. This time we started off with just chilling at G's just coping stuff and waiting. Jon learned how play SFC3 (starfleet command 3) which is not a bad game when it works. I also managed to fool Liston with some of my diversionary tatics (aka CHEAT) in SFC3. Then we moved to EliteForce when everyone got there. To piss everyone off i decided to choose the Captain Janeway character model. Boy do i know how to piss people off. It is like i'm an intentional jerk, when it is clear that i am born with a genetic pre-disposition. I heard Stu yell "fucking janeway!" a couple of times. (counting the popular variations like "goddamn janeway" as well) Etheral also managed to grace us with his presence and appearence, but we are sorry, but we barely noticed. Apparently he was there for at least 20 mins, i thought it was 5. But such is the way of nerdfests past and present. EliteForce is basically Quake, but funnier much funnier.

Now for the main event, Diablo 2. Even though we said we wouldn't play it anymore, we played it. It is such a mindless game, but we play it. Liston still hasn't seen diablo, but we heard rumors of their being gold in his belly. Again we didn't make it to diablo, but maybe some other time. Knobody managed to drop by as well (unintentional pun), but we noticed him because he stayed, in fact joined into the diablo foray. Props to him for jumping into nerdfest on the fly. Unfortuanately he managed to die at the Summinoer level. I also join him because of some careless mousing clicking. When i died, Jon also died because he was busy trying to get my gold. Thus three people died and so did most of our hopes for survival. We pretty much quiet because it was 5-6 am and we were all starting to space out. Damn Diablo! we will get your belly gold sooner or later!

Actually those crazy enough (Liston, Stu and Dark Ice) are at it again. In fact as i type right now, they are going for the belly gold of Diablo. Cheers and good luck to you. I've also managed to snap up a couple of pictures of 5 computers in Stu's Aztec. Yes that car/beast fit 5 computers, which means it fits 5 monitors, 5 cases, 5 sets of computer periphals. I am very impressed with the Aztec spacious nature now. Stu has now dubbed the Aztec as the Lan-truck, personally i prefere to call it the LAN-mobile. I'm still in need of some hosting solutions, but you can also email me (my email is in the FAQ page) and i will send you over some very high quality pictures of me cramming computers into a car.

Well, it looks like i'm starting to make sense again, happy new years everyone, Liston's going to attempt to be sober, i'll see if i can change that.

"I heard that his belly is FULL of gold!"

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 12:48 AM

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Monday, December 30, 2002

Any good boxing day deals?

The boxing day deals this year kinda sucked. I picked up a pretty good CD burner and a few pairs of Jeans, but that's about it. Anyone else find anything worth mentioning?

I'm up for that Cliff!

- Ethereal_Monk @ 5:53 PM

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Sunday, December 29, 2002

Sappy Sentimental Blog

I think it's been since about Oktoberfest that I've seen any of the PP Crew (and associates). Damn that's a long time. I really miss everyone and can't help but think that I just fell off. Haven't really made enough effort to find out what everyone's been up to and kinda disappeared off the Polaris radar for a little while. I think I really have to get together at least for coffee or something while everyone is in town. So I am proposing that we get together on Thursday if that's cool with everyone. For the moment, I'll just say let's go grab a coffee at oh...let's say 9, at umm let's say the old Leslie & 16th Tim's. But if anybody has any better ideas, let me know and I'll call up everyone and set it up. Place and time of get together are up for negotiation. I'll probably make a few calls tomorrow...or is that today...I don't know.

In the meantime, what's everyone doing for New Year's??? Haven't heard anything from the group this year, no posts or anything. Well early in the morning and I need some sleep, so I'll talk more later...I hope.

Your friendly neighbourhood sappy,

- Knobody @ 4:23 AM

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