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Saturday, January 25, 2003

Worst weekend ever

Pretty bullshit to be honest with you. Long story cut short I missed BSE last night. Me and Guru were basically so dead tired yesterday we decided to just screw it. BSE was gonna play at 2 am which was way too late. It's really unfortunate because their flight was late and they had to play last at 2am.... they were supposed to play at 12 at first I believe.

Oh and did I mention I have to work on Sunday. On Super Bowl Sunday?? Sigh. I don't have time to do any shit anymore. I'm really pissed right now because I was supposed to call up the guys in my program and we're suppose to go for lunch tomorrow. But something came up and I left for half an hour and guess what. They were online asking me whats going on and I missed them. Blah

- Backstab @ 6:15 PM

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Friday, January 24, 2003

watpub tonight

i don't know how many of you are interested in this because when i talked to dave, he didn't seem too enthused, but... for those of you who are in toronto, there's a watpub tonight. details are as follows:
mosquito moe's at 6:30 ish to... whenever
130 Eglinton Avenue East
Take Yonge subway line to Eglinton.
Walk 2-3 blocks east.
Moe's is on the North side of Eglinton.
Tell the host/hostess your with the Scotty B party. We'll probably be downstairs, by the pool table.

and that's it.
today's waterloo engineering alum ski day at osler bluff, so no work for me [boss is at osler right now]! woohoo. so nice to finally sleep in after being dragged into this 9 to 5 thing.

- soufpawed @ 1:45 PM

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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

January mix!

Alright, I finally got some webspace thanks to Tommyboy and I finally upped the new mix!

Click here to download (51MB 128kbps MP3)

Here's the tracklisting:
1. Bad Company - Nectarine 0:00 - 5:23
2. Sinthetix - Neurotoxin 5:23 - 9:20
3. Backstab - Approach 9:20 - 14:11
4. Black Sun Empire - Asphyxiation 14:11 - 17:55
5. SKC - Broken 17:55 - 21:21
6. State of Play - Play At Your Own Risk 21:21 - 24:45
7. Black Sun Empire - The Rat 24:45 - 28:42
8. Concord Dwan - Bad Bones 28:42 - 33:22
9. Keaton & Hive - Resolution 33:22 - 37:18
10. Raiden - Abyss 37:18 - 40:43
11. Moving Fusion - Nine Venoms 40:43 - 44:39
12. Kemal and Sinthetix - Creature 44:39 - 48:17
13. Universal Project - Vessel 48:17 - 52:36
14. Pyro - Fresh Air 52:36 - 57:05
15. Black Sun Empire and Concord Dawn - The Sun 57:05 - 62:36


- Backstab @ 11:31 PM

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Flaming Fruits

No, I'm not talking about homosexuals, despite the connotations the title has.
I had a dream, and no doubt you already know one of the things that was involved in it. Anyways, long dream short, I'm walking around with Liston, Guru, and some other guy (who I can't remember due to a subconscious with a short memory span,) through a mall with a Loblaws in it. We leave the Loblaws to enter the mall, and on the right I see a rack of fruits. But instead of those hoses spraying them with water to keep them moist and fresh, they're spraying them with... you got it, fire! So I pause, look and start to laugh. Guru notices, and he waits for Liston to respond. Once he finally notices, he says "Oh my God! ... Flaming fruits!!"
Mind you, there were vegetables as well, but even my subconscious knows that "Flaming Vegetables" just doesn't have the alliterative zing to it, and doesn't have the subtle doublemeaning.
Yeah, that's pretty much it for the dream. I'd like to see that someday... jets of fire splashed onto everyday produce in public. And the produce resists it!

Well, haven't posted in a while, due mainly to being busy, and having nothing interesting happen in my daily life. Holidays, I spent as much time out as I could, and I'm damn glad I did. My body is uber-screwed now, at least in _my_ terms. I sleep at regular hours... REGULAR HOURS. Think of it, ME! Weird, huh? Just like Backstab does now, my regular weekday schedule is: Wake up, drive w/ family to subway, commute to Queen, work from 9-5, (possibly wait around the mall for my mom/sister to finish work,) commute back to Finch/Sheppard, drive home, eat (hopefully), "stuff" time, sleep. Everything except the "stuff" time takes about...21 hours of my day, normally.
Wish I could just say "Bite me, co-op job" at some point, but alas...
I wouldn't have my PS2 without it.
Yes, as most of you know already, I purchased a PS2 with my first paycheck. A damn well spent one if I don't say so myself. And FFX. Got that too. It's probably the best investment I've made, because considering the amount of time I'm gonna waste on that thing, not to mention the aggravation from work that I'll play away, I won't be spending money for a good long while.

Last thing: I'm gettin damn good at crosswords now. At least the easy ones I do daily in the Metro paper during the commute.
Another last thing: Just watched a show called "The Dead Zone" yesterday. Pretty cool show. They just restarted the series on Space, Tuesdays at [I don't know what time]. Guy can enter a person's past or future by touching them. Kinda like a clairvoyant ability, wish a cool twist. I suggest checkin it out.
Final last thing: I don't understand the meaning of "last".


- DarkAesthir @ 8:35 PM

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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Sobering Thoughts

Well i was in the shitter today like every other day. Then i heard the fire alarm. The fire alarm goes off all the time because that is how the stove is. But the sobering thought is, "What if i died while on the can?" What if there was a REAL FIRE and i died on the can? I can see you all thinking about it right now or laughing at me, the latter more likely.

I've also been introduced to a new fear by alyssa. I'm afraid of the earth's magnetic poles reversing! It's happenend in the past and the earth got all messed up. We know nothing about it aside from the fact that it's VERY abrupt! Freaking the hell out of me.

It's been a constant crazy rush since my feet have touch the grounds of waterloo. Work, Workreport, More work Co-op, the usual standard crazy affair. School has got me running around like a gopher. Go for this, Go for that. School bites, but that is no startling revelation.

What's going on in Loo? well, There is a coup d'etat going on. FEDS (student government) vs. UW admin. Go to, they are talking about it in the forums. UW yanked the liquer license of the Bomber and FED hall for reasons unclear to me. (i've heard both sides and i'm not sure who to believe, but i'm leaning towards the FEDS explaination) UW is basically trying to fuck us good. I'm sure UW didn't like it when FEDS came into power. I'm betting this is just a reason to retake power. Why do i have to go to schools run by facists? It's not about liqueur, it's about power. UW wants the bars because the bars to make money. FEDS runs on proceeds from the bars. Looks like the proverbial two birds with one stone.

Just some sobering thoughts, I've got more co-op nonsense to deal with. We've got to stick it to UW someday, because i'm tired of jumping through their friggin hoops.

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 11:37 PM

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Monday, January 20, 2003

what's going on?

can someone closer to the action down in waterloo fill me in on exactly what's going on with fed? i've heard all sorts of rumours and someone said that this could last up to a year or something. =now= what's going to make up for the suckage of cecs?
also. does poets have their own licence?

just wondering.

- soufpawed @ 11:08 PM

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Same shizzz different day

Same shit at work today. Everyone's quiet and didn't really talk about that night. I sorta expected a little different. Still pretty funny as I was talking to my supervisor when I was about to leave... going yeah I said something along the lines of "yeah I'm fucked up"... by the way. Apparently our CEO usually doesn't drink that much and that was considered "special" for him drink this much. Well I don't think he was really smashed, still funny as hell when he said "BAAAM!"

Last night I went to the drum and bass show at Waterloo radio. Anyway, I now sorta know the guy who owns the show and he told me to "drop by anytime you like". Pretty cool. What's funny was one of the guys rolled up two joints and smoked inside the studio the whole time. He offered me a few times and I declined because I was hungry and I really hate the smell of weed. Reminds of the cabin trip. Those guys were really cool as they let me mix in a track of mine into theirs. But that totaly failed as none of them know how to operate the CD-deck... and I forgot to hit the pitch control button to turn ON pitch control... until it was late... so yeah, total failure.

I finally watched playoff football at Waterloo. Really pissed that I missed last sunday's games (I shouldn't have). The story is that the quiet guy down below "stole" our cable, and that's why we were wondering our cable didn't work. I found out later that there was an odd looking cable coming out of his room and he realized he's been using it. Anyway he heard me talking to Mike about it and I think I scared him because the next thing I know the cable was unhooked and on the ground outside his room. Sorry Vince, but the guy is really quiet... and he doesn't say anything.

I made another new mix in the weekend. I'm thinking of doing 1 mix per month. Well my traktor mixes actually sound pretty professional. I'll post the listing up soon and hook you up a link, however, I'm still looking for webspace. I'm also thinking of doing a breakbeat mix, it'll be very weird. I've never mixed breakbeat at all but this will be a funky mix and a lot of you will like for sure. I'll have Prodigy, Crystal Method, Artful Dodger, Fatboy Slim and even some fast hip-hop/beaty rock in there. Haha, you never know. But yeah, thats on my to-do list, so watch out for that in the next week or so.

- Backstab @ 10:40 PM

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