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Friday, January 31, 2003

My life has turn into such a routine that I have absolutely nothing to say.


P.S. Liston: no.

- Backstab @ 12:57 AM

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This Might Sound Strange

but does anyone have a infrared to serial/usb cable to sell? Hmmm. Prolly a longshot...

- Liston @ 12:16 AM

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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Back to production

Good news, I'll be coming out with new tunes since I moved my synth to Waterloo. I've been working on one yesterday and it sounds pretty weird.

Ok so my Sunday sucked. Yeah I did miss the Super Bowl game but it was crap anyway. I am still pretty pissed off though with work as those people are sorta taking everything for granted, not even acknowledging the fact that I missed Super Bowl to work for 10 hours... (I stayed from 5:30pm to 3:30am) I better get a decent bonus or something otherwise I wont' be too happy.

I have the MoO2 CD right in front of me... maybe I should install it... hmm. It's tempting but I gotta finish fixing up my tunes. Ahh. Btw, MoO3 went gold a few days ago. Not joking. Which means that the game is coming out in a month or so. So watch out for that.

- Backstab @ 9:53 PM

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