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Saturday, March 01, 2003


Wow Dark Ice. 3 people? That's great, because I don't think I've seen 3 people that I know in Waterloo. Haha.

I was gonna hit Rev today because there was a drum and bass thing going but as ever we end up not going because of some stupid excuse or some stupid thing etc. Simply great.

Time to go to sleep and do nothing. Fuck work, fuck school, fuck you all. Goodbye.

EDIT: Yo Dark Ice, Robotics competition is tomorrow right? I'm gonna be downtown the whole day tomorrow pretty much, from 3 pm and on, I'm not sure what's going on but call my cell at night because I might be at some venue tomorrow night.

- Backstab @ 12:00 AM

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Friday, February 28, 2003

Lyric Challenge

Bored again, and I was just thinking randomly yesterday about music, and some songs just got into my head, though I couldn't remember the whole song due to utter stupidity. I know the song (now) but here's a clip, if you can figure it out:
"Follow me into the desert, as thirsty as you are"
Yeah, I know alot of useless crap...
Maybe I'll put that crap to use and make some kind of challenge every little while, depending on how often there're responses.
OR if I just feel like screwing around with whoever was foolish enough to read my posts, mwahaha...

As I was leaving work yesterday, after working from 8:00-5:45 (due to my sister having an early morning meeting, and having alot of work so she normally stays a bit later), I see people I know..!
Let me say, it was quite a surprise. During my work term so far, I've seen hmm... 2, maybe 3 people I know. But that day I saw two! Dave was yelling at me in the Eaton Center, and Grace was at the subway station. Just chatted, cuz I was tired as hell after most 10 hours of work (okay, not 10 hours of work, but you know what I mean....!)
Slept as soon as I got home, that's it.

Last thing, stolen slayer: yeah!

- DarkAesthir @ 12:07 PM

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I slayered work

I was bored at work so I decided to do a make over on the development site. I replaced all the images with slayers and different kinds of slayers. Its pretty funny, I have a screenshot but I don't think I should post it since it's company related stuff. Yeah, so I'll just let you all imagine what it'd look like.

So Moo3 came out... Does anyone have it? I'm thinking about getting it next Monday or something.

Wtf? I just found this in the news. Weird shit. I'm 7/9 on Massive Attack album. Almost done downloading the whole album.

Random Review:
Tune: Hive and John Tejada - Ambush

- Backstab @ 12:31 AM

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Thursday, February 27, 2003

Forgot to name this, so I reposted =P

Jon notified me that Alyssa played bass.
I thought it was just guitar, but apparently not many ppl knew, considering George didn't know, and he's been in the same house w/ her for... 6 months? Jason too, tsk tsk tsk...!
Anyways, the robotics competition is takin place at Humber College, apparently. You can check out the site here.

Btw, props to Backstab's slayer face. Just don't go overboard, or I'll hafta kill you when I'm not suffering from seizures due to staring at numerous nodding heads.

- DarkAesthir @ 10:36 AM

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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Massive "BOH"s

I finally had the time to download half of Massive Attack's new album. Real good stuff. I know a lot of people are saying that this album is their worst album because it sounds uncatchy, no hooks and its way too dark. Well, I'm pretty much all for that, and thank god they didn't listen to the public. I'm totally feeling "What You Soul Sings" right now which features some really interesting vocals by Sinead O'Connor. Yeah... I'm impressed because I think they did a great job with the atmospherics/pads and the melodies are great. Woohoo. I'm in the process of getting track 5, hopefully the rest of the album won't disappoint.

I was at work today and I was looking at the slayer face and something came to mind. Maybe I should start rating things with slayers from now on. For example: Massive Attack's new album I'll give it for now (5 slayers = 100%). And um.. I'll give Smallville because for whatever reason I'm actually starting to watch the show... sigh

My new Globe shoes rock, real comformatable, looks decent, just not sure about its durability. We'll see if it makes my recommend list. Determining the number of slayers right now for this one.

Ez now,

- Backstab @ 11:11 PM

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Wow, so many blogs. Ok, in response to Nick's band idea, I'd be up for that. I can go guitar or piano, I suck at both right now, but I can learn and get better. If we can't find a base player, we can get Stella, she plays guitar, base guitar, sax and piano. Randy knows how to play piano and the trombone, so he can play those if he wants to, or the bass guitar if he feels like learning. Or he can make us delicious food while we make music. Nick, where is the computing competition taking place? Ha ha ha ha, I've been surfing the internet looking up how things work, the news, sports stats, looking for PS2 games on Ebay and checking the AC message boards since the beginning of time :) But recently I've been busy as hell and haven't been at my desk at all, so it's sort of toned down. Mike, why don't you live in Waterloo? Is Alyssa going to be in Waterloo then?

Edit: LoL, I'm gonna go practice guitar now.

- Ethereal_Monk @ 10:48 PM

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Mental Lapse

Something else I just forgot to mention in my earlier post:
Heading to the robotics competition on Saturday. The same one I participated in two years ago. Anyone wanna come with? Lemme kno if you do.

"that is all,"

- DarkAesthir @ 6:31 PM

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How to make money while you post:

Yep, by posting this message, I'm currently earning about...$3.
Is it web-ads? No. Accrued interest? No. A money tree? I wish...
I'm at work right now, and there's some downtime, so instead of using that time to make money doing crosswords or logic puzzles, (there's ALOT of downtime after lunch, normally..) I decided to take a spin on the 'net with my recently enabled internet connection. Yay!
Only took about two months to set up(!), whereas my other co-op associate had a connection from day one. She also, however, had a temperamental computer with a tendancy to do as we all do in the morning -- turn off the alarm and go back to sleep. In other words, freeze -- critically, and repeatedly.
I think I'll stick with no internet.
But none of that matters, as both of our problems have been solved. Mine more recently.
Ah... sweet, sweet T-something connection shared over a network and numerous servers so that it ends up running at a speed reminiscent of Modulate-Demoulate days... how I missed you..! If only you'd hurry the bloody fuck up! I wanna do research on the Leafs to bash Berg and Lumme, or buy PS games on eBay!!! Ahem...

Now to respond to a few blogs:

Mike - I'll get you that manga I was talking about before, and I'm sure it'll incite a bit more of your urge to learn/play the guitar.
And about the alka-seltzer thing... I'm not sure if we'd be able to hold it in or be serious, not to mention that I think we'd somehow end up turning it into a competition at the same time: "Who can stuff the most alka-seltzer tabs into their mouth and still hold a conversation/keep from convulsing due to extreme fizziness?"
Congrats on the job. Shame though, I mean... what good has ever come outta Guelph? =)
You know we love you Alyssa, but just in the way that we hafta jab at you every time we possibly can, even when it's completely out of our way.

George - Glad you'd be up for it, though it'd probably take a little while to get anything started up. First of all, we suck at playing our respective instruments. You're probly the best right now, even with a brick-shitting snare. (Not counting Sandy of course, that just goes without saying)
As for the whole bass issue, it's just a guitar essentially, if you ever actualy listen to guitars that're played during a song, (mostly rock,) the chords are completely different from the song, and you wouldn't recognize it if you heard it on solo. I'm sure Liston would vouch for that -- Liston, remember when we were listening to Sandy playing some John Mayer song up at the RV? (probably not... haha)
So I'm sure that if any of us pick up guitar, it won't be that hard to pick up bass instead, or _as well_!
Just hafta develop a different ear for when making tunes.

Oh yeah, and in case any of you didn't make any sense of Stu's cow bell mention, he'll be joining us as a background isntrumentalist. So far, he'll be working either the cow bell, or the triangle... os using the cow bell to hit the triangle... it's all trial and error.

Back to my crossword...!
Oh, and it's about $7 now... took longer than I expected =)

- DarkAesthir @ 3:26 PM

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$$$5000 GONE!!!

I just got back my T4 and I have made $5000 bones since I started to working Moores! I have $200 in my bank....where did all my bling go? Dammit!!! I was looking back at what I would have spent my money on and I don't know! I know people owe me money but $5000 gone!!!

Anyways! Sign me up Cap! My Cow bell and I are ready to rock the house down!!!!

- The Student @ 10:31 AM

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Dark Ice, this all sounds like a great idea. Music is always fun... even though I have just about 0 interest in doing rock stuff, it'll still be fun.

That means I'll have to tune that fucking snare that I have at home... right now everytime you hit it it sounds like someone's shitting bricks.

Otherwise yeah if you guys are up for any of this, I'm up for it, just call me up and we'll see. Who plays bass though?

Talking about Otherwise.............. 'Otherwise' by Morcheeba.. sick song. Anyone heard of this one because this song totally grew on me recently? Well I guess I do like some pop music eh? The Future Cut (Uncut) remix of the 'Otherwise' is also REALLY well done and I encourage you to get a hold of this.

- Backstab @ 12:02 AM

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Tuesday, February 25, 2003


Yeah i want to learn the guitar, but i have no time to properly practice. School has gotten me running around like a rabid dog. And by that i mean running around waterloo buck naked and foaming at the mouth. And don't forget the biting!

On that thought, do you think you could have a serious converstation with someone if you had an alca-setzer tablet in your mouth? And i don't mean at the end of the fizzing, i'm mean during the full blown fizz dripping moment. I think we should all try that at the same time and video tape it. If we could really pull it off with a straight face, then i say sandy could use it for his cracked out TV show.

I've got two things from Co-Op, one is a lie. A raging case of crabs and a job in Guleph. While the first is more plausible given the school's track record, believe or not i have a job in Guelph. Ooh! well i'll be working as a programming analyst in Agriculture Canada. If you ever see heads of califlower that bears an uncanny resembalence to me, then well, you're weird because that ain't fucking happening or more importantly, not my fault.

Well i've got work to do, but most importantly i have work to do come summer. I'm probably going to live in Guelph in the summer, but there will be more information to come. Stay tuned, same bat time , same bat channel.

(PS i randomly read some old posts, their pretty cracked out)
The One and Only (and employed),

- ?!?!@? @ 11:01 PM

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Better late than...

here's something i put up recently on AA: (yeah, yeah. i know...)
022403:0246 - just got home from a weekend at stew`s place. comin back later than i should with work tomorrow...
i think i`ll take a day off. call and tell them i`m sick and my body hurts from shoveling snow (which is true, just not shoveling at _my_ house). was gonna post to polaris, but they`re updating, so i can`t. hope i don`t forget again...
anyways -- idea time: band consisting of ppl... sandy cuz he rocks the guitar; mike cuz he`s wantin to learn; jason perhaps, cuz he`s learning already; george can be the dj/drums; and whoever will be bass, as well as vocals. whatchu think? =)

btw, as an add-on, i'll be goin guitar as well, just not yet.
cuz once i start, i plan to go hardcore crazy
oh yeah, and i didn't go in on monday. let me say it was the best hundred dollars i never made...! a well needed one-day-vacation. and who said i couldn't take a day off when i wanted to, eh stew?

Happy Belated B-day Alyssa, and don't worry, we'll get u drunk, with interest (compunded too! we're good at math =)

- DarkAesthir @ 9:42 PM

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Monday, February 24, 2003

I was bored at work today until

... I got an email from Vise, a Toronto DJ saying that he dropped my tune "Approach" at Madbar last night after Skynet ripped the whole place to death. He said it sounded great on that sound system. Wish I was there... I really wanna hear my own tunes get played on a huge system.

Gotta big him up totally for that!

Anyway, Master of Orion 3 out 25th or 27th? Not sure but I'll check EB nonetheless because that's the only game that I care about these days. Not in the mood to ruin my life again with another RTS.

Right now I'm editing a whole bunch of pics from Blue Mountain and they should be up in shortly.

In other news, my hard drive is going nuts again and I think I have to really get it replaced this time. SMART Failure again... sigh. Maxtor, you let me down.

- Backstab @ 11:58 PM

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so this free beer on friday night from 9-10 at philthy's, is that for real or is it just a myth?

yay for work term being half over!!

- soufpawed @ 8:07 PM

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