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Saturday, March 08, 2003


DJ-ing was fun. Seriously. I was mixing with my friend from the radio show, back to back for 2 hours straight. Dropped some serious tunes too, I'm starting to get used to spinning vinyls now, even though I think its still really hard to use speed up a tune/slow down your tune with your fingers. Gotta get used to that. Think I might go practice again next Friday... honestly, I haven't had that much fun for a while.

We hit Rev last night and oh god that was terrible. I am never ever going to a club that plays crappy music ever again. Not feeling it. In my opinion... only thing I can groove to is (not including drum and bass)... um... UK Garage, Breakbeat, and perhaps some techno/house/trance. But yeah, I almost threw up when the DJ played "In Da Club". What a shite tune, weak beats, weak rhymes, weak vocals.

I finally got Xanadu/Houston from Soulseek on my computer... woohoo! I think I'm gonna ask someone to pick up that single for me on vinyl.

Owen Nolan scored 2 goals today. =]

Anyway, next weekend I'm coming back for sure. So yeah Stu... I'm up for something, just so you know, preferably Saturday, since I'll be coming home Friday late!!

- Backstab @ 11:28 PM

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a mac user and proud of it

i take the heat for using a mac, and yes indeed. there is a lot of it. mostly because you pee-cee users are far too closed minded for your own good. thanks guru for noticing that apple really does make a damn sexy piece of machinery.
and it really isn't just about looks, i almost never crash, everything runs smoothly, *and* i have absolutely no need for a fan, so my room is always really quiet. even when the computer is on.

with love from the darkside,

- soufpawed @ 5:32 PM

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Tom, You are a no good scalliwag ass munching cock sucker

Wait and see.

- Ethereal_Monk @ 1:52 PM

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The Darkside isn't so bad

Well, Your all going to think i'm crazy or something, but i'm really starting to take a liking to Apple Computers. Why? because not only do they look good, they always seem to be on ball with technology. First of all check out the PowerBook laptop. Now that is a thing of beauty. Slim (1 inch), lightweight (6.8 lbs), huge screen (equvalent to 19 inch monitor) , backlit keyboard, GeForce4 440 video card , Optional DVD burner, Airport Card (Wireless internet for designated hotspots ie MC, DC and many airports), FireWire, and Bluetooth enabled. Sure it will cost you an arm and a leg, but as long as you have one arm to operate the keyboard, and one leg to go places, This laptop is nothing short of DAMN sexy. But i realize that i have covered this in a previous post, but something new has caught my attention.

It is about bluetooth and the new Sony Ericsson Phones (T39m, R520m, T68, T68i). On Macs there is something called Applescripts which is similar with Unix scripts, (Small bits of code that excute other programs and cordinate things on your computer). Well there exists software called the Sony Ericsson Clicker which turns your Phone is to a overpriced mouse. Yes you can use your phone as a mouse, but you can also get your phone to excute Applescripts and such. So when you leave the room, your Mac will pause the music, when you enter it will unpause. You can coorindate your calendar with the phone, hell if you make a memo that you need to write an email, when you get close to your mac(with your cell) it will launch an email app. All you have to do is to write the script. Read the article on Wired it's quite intriguing.

I mean that's nuts! This is the kinda shit i'd love to see. You could do alot of crazy stuff with that. I bet we all can write the most basic of scripts at least, i bet we could do some seriously cool stuff. It looks like i have almost come full circle. I remember long ago i detested the Mac and cellphones. Now if i have a FAT sack of cash, i would so buy a mac and a cell phone. My configs would so rock the llama's ass.

Did i mention that the laptop is SEXY?

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 1:09 PM

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Friday, March 07, 2003

Jason your a MORON

I have come back from my blogging HIATUS for this one MESSAGE. Jason are you a moron!!! Alyn McCauley will not haunt the leafs, he has 15 points this season!!!!
Nolan is a bonified 50+ scorer!!!

Argh, I spend my day listening to sports radio and get upset at stupid comments like the one you just made. You are entitled to your opinion, but just not when its that bad.

Restart Hiatus.

- Tommyboy @ 7:18 PM

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Leafs Leafs Leafs

I think Alyn McCauley is going to come back and haunt the Leafs. He's a rising young star, he's gonna be one of the leagues premiere players one of these days, just my two cents.

Stew, how many PS2 controllers do you have?

- Ethereal_Monk @ 4:51 PM

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Bwahaha, Christian Games....*pause*.. ... hahaha

Okay, so I was looking through the old stuff on MegaTokyo again, and I happened to pass by one of Largo's many links, in one of his many enjoyable (and thoroughly interesting at times,) rants.
Christian Spotlights reviews and rates games based upon gameplay, violence, adult content, and a Christian Rating. Now, as I first viewed the page, there were numerous titles to check out, but a few stood out, with large, scrawled red letters readin "NEW" One of which is a recent subject of promotion for the X-Box, that's right: DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball. Litlle to say, I couldn't pass up this opportunity to find out what exactly some children of God thought of what must be considered to be the spawn of satan. The game got surprisingly high marks for some of the categories, as I had no idea what criteria they based their categories upon. Of course, the game received a 1/5 for Adult Content, which in their interpretation means "many bad, bad things happening". >=)
Aside from everything that's exploited during the TV commercials, there apparently is much more to the game -- more than I would have thought anyone would bother attempting to cram together with scantily clad females playing beach volleyball. I'll not bother with going into depth, you can read the review for yourself. But I must say, I was surprised with the quality of the review, as a gamer, and from a gamer's semi-critical point-of-view. But I can't help but snicker at the Christian commentary underlying the entire review. I'm sorry, please don't send me to a purgatory filled with a two-headed female-deprived society reminiscent of a scene from Oz.
Anyways, with my surprise at the first review, I went on to take a look at some others -- Metroid Prime, the Final Fantasy series, and Kingdom Hearts, to name a few. My surprise with the first review wasn't some isolated incident. This site actually makes some decent efforts (if not successful efforts) at reviews that say more than "Too much sex and violence. God frowns upon this game." This guy knows his games, and his Christian values. However, I can't make any non-self-damning comment about why this guy went into such depth reviewing DOA:XVB...

More respect to Piro... and Largo, (this will continue until I'm done catching up on all the amazing things they have thoughts and comments about in the world) and Tycho Brahe of Penny Arcade fame. Why, you ask? Because of the way that they support many lesser known webcomics, without so much as an ounce of demand for retribution or compensation. I noticed it in Largo's posts often, but never realized the cause for it until realizing that MegaTokyo started to break servers after being "Penny-Arcaded". In other words, being linked to by Penny Arcade, which caused a massive and unexpected influx of hits to arrive at their site, and cause their server to complain a wee bit.

Just listening to the radio here at work, and I've found the song (I think) "Another California Song" by Damhnait Doyle to be pretty catchy. I know most of you don't listen to this kinda stuff, but I do sometimes, and I know what I like. She's Canadian too, so why not enjoy it?
I've wasted enough time here at work writing this post... time to get back to reading MegaTokyo!

- DarkAesthir @ 2:33 PM

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During lunch break today I decided to fill up my car. I've never filled up on the Jetta before, and I have never looked at the every detail of the car. Anyway before I left for Waterloo on Sunday my brother told me that the gas "injector" (I don't know what that thing's called, aka the hole where you put the nozzle in) is on the left hand side of the car. So I parked my car nicely and all, and when I stepped out of the car... I couldn't find it... Doh. It's on the right side. Failure. So I had to start my car again and repark my car.

I was positive I filled up the tank with Optimax Gold (this is at Shell at Columbia/Philip). But when I looked at my receipt and it says "Bronze". But the price was correct... anyway I'm beginning to think that this gas station is fucked up. From now on I think I'm gonna go for GTO.

Alright so after filling up my car I decided to go to Harvey's drive-thru. I ordered a cheesburger combo with ice tea and fries. When the guy handed me the ice tea, I didn't realize that the arm rest on the driver's seat is pushed up. So I was like, OK, I'll push it back down so I can put my cup of ice tea onto the cup holder... but for some odd reason it just won't come down, so I figured it must've been locked and there's a button/knob you can push on to in order to move it down. I spent like 2 minutes looking for that damn thing and I couldn't find it. It was already getting late so I decided to screw it and just put the drink on the ground. Failure. I went over the freakin bump and the drink rolled over to its side. That was embarassing.

And for fuck's sake!!! I can't believe I missed the download on IRC for the tune "Xanadu" by Kaos, Karl K and Jae Kennedy. Dammit... such a good tune. I'm pissed now. I'm thinking of getting that on vinyl too because I'd definitely play it... arggghh there goes another 15 dollars down the drain =/

- Backstab @ 12:46 AM

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Thursday, March 06, 2003

WHERE WILL YOU BE ON MARCH 14-16 or 21-23 2003???

Hey-o guys! my "birth-day" is just around the bend! so I was thinking we should do something Freakin' crazy! I haven't gotten mess up for a while unlike the rest of you guys, so I was thinking that we should go out on one of those weekends. on whatever day that everyone is free on. So I was thinking we head to Bar or drink and meat at my house! no sure yet, but Give me a msg back on what day is good. It seems like some people are going nuts these last few weeks after the mid-terms. but tell me what you think!

Most of you know that I have said aloud that the Leafs Suck, and that Vancouver is on the ball. These last few weeks, well after yesterdays BIG trade for number 11 Mr. Nolan, I have moved the counter to Leafs OK! I still don't say that the leafs are a great team, they need another big player a defenceman. only then will they be moved to good on my chart!!! and only then can they even think of winning a cup!

Good Track but I need more Cow Bell

Later days

- The Student @ 8:09 PM

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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

RPGs until I go blind

Whoa Mike, that sucks ass, having C&O shove that 10-foot barbed pole "you know where", not to mention your own form of academic masochism due to the key situation. Can't say much to help the situation, but think of the work term coming up -- no school, and more importantly: MONEY! (or cash, choose your word)
But try not to freak out too much about it right now, just take it in stride and remove that pole, then stick it back where the C&O don't shine..!

And Etheral, I'm not sure about FIFA, but Xenosaga is supposed to be a great game -- roughly 9/10 avg from major game ranking sites I've seen, and they're harsh critics normally. Plus, the fact that it's the sequel (kinda) to Xenogears, which is considered one of the best RPGs for PS1, though I've never played it, I intend to...

As I intend to play a great deal of other RPGs, especially since now I've bought like stupid off of eBay. I'll list them off as soon as I receive them. Ah, money... how did I ever live without abusing your existence so...? =)
Was also trying to get an FF zippo lighter, but that didn't work,... damn smart bidders waiting for the last minute just like I was but bidding more than I thought to *breathe; think; makes sense to me, good enough*
Also, I was doing alot of reading at work -- mostly the old posts from Piro and Fred. Looking back at all of that, it makes me wish I had an ounce of artistic talent that I could nurture and practice til oblivion, so I could have a slight chance at drawing once with a faint semblance to Fred's work. Maybe I'll just make a machine to steal that talent from somewhere else...

- DarkAesthir @ 10:48 PM

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I dunno

I might come back this week, however, I might be going out on Friday. Might be heading over to someone's house to practice DJing. So I might come back on Saturday morning? I don't know, I'd just come back if I feel like.

I was pretty pissed off today of course. The cab ride cost me $14. I really wanted to save money and this shit happens. Thank God my instincts told me to stay late at work today so I could score a ride off of someone, otherwise I would've spent almost 30 dollars on transportation, and that would suck. Unfortunately I had to wait till 8:40 to leave work. Oh well. I also hate the fact that I couldn't drive off to lunch. I had to walk to Pita Pit... and on the way back I stepped on a nasty ass puddle.. ugh.

I really wish I have a housemaid who can do all my chores... I have no time to do anything nowadays, bleh.

Random Review
Tune: Karl K, Kaos, Jae Kennedy - Xanadu

- Backstab @ 9:28 PM

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Hot Damn

Shitty, that sucks Mike. I heard you can't get a locksmith to open a locked car door either, is Alyssa waiting for someone from her house to come open the door for her? I wonder how much it costs to replace a broken car window.

Well, look at it this way, at least you're not sleeping on the can and shitting in bed. Week has been pretty easy here in T.O, the snow is pretty intense though. Took me an hour and a half to get to work (instead of the usual 30 minutes). I'm thinking of buying a few PS2 games, Xenosaga and FIFA World Cup, anyone hear anything about these games before? Dark Ice? Hobo? Let me know.

Backstab, are you and Mike coming back to Toronto this weekend? I'm thinking of having a get together at my house, it'll probably be a meat and games fest. I'll start making plans tonight.

Damn, I tried downloading the new Massive Attack cd from I-Mesh, there are a few copies of the songs that are just a few seconds of silence, those bastards. I managed to find a few legit ones though, sounds pretty good, gonna try to get the rest tonight. That's it, cya ->

- Ethereal_Monk @ 4:43 PM

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Bad Mojo

I've pretty much disappeared from most people's radars lately, but only for the most important reason.

School is kicking my ass and having it's way with me. I just got my ass rocked on the C&O midterm. I don't know what the FUCK were they thinking. I got the message from the dept. It read

Dear Michael Tsang,


Yours Truly,

The C&O dept.

Right now i'm supposed to be at school, but i managed to lock alyssa's keys inside of the car and we are left immobile and unable to attend school. Why can't i walk? well i left my school bag inside the car. Genius isn't it? Don't you love life's little detours? Personally i'm about to fucking explode with rage. I'm fucking up school, i'm fucking up other people's lives. Boy does this suck

Did i mention this is the begining of the week of hell? I have a stats quiz i need to study for, but my notes are in my bag which is in the car. I have a midterm on thursday which i have to study for, but i bet you can guess where my notes and textbook are. If you guess the car, then bingo, pat yourself on the back, and get yourself a cookie. This fucking sucks. G took a taxi to work because his car is being blocked by the running car with the locked keys inside.

This car thing is really fucking things up. For the past while, i haven't even been living at home. Every freakin day i get up go to school, and study until 9-10 pm go home and collaspe in bed. I don't live at home any more! i don't eat at home, i don't do anything here except for use the can and sleep on the bed. Ugh, i can't stand this packed schedule anymore. I barely think i have time to shit let alone do anything else. I'm about at my limit. (GAME OVER MAN! GAME OVER!)

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 10:33 AM

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Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Animatrix part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

If anyone of you watched the frist Animatrix the 2nd film is up! and all of you who haven't seen it go watch it at this site!



"I have a fever..............and the only prescription is more Cow bell" "chris walken"

Don't Fear the Reaper! "Blue Oyster Cult"

Later days

- The Student @ 11:23 PM

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Monday, March 03, 2003

Boom... chick............boom chick....

So yeah, I was just a bit disappointed I didn't get to see that drum and bass guy on Friday because we planned on it since the beginning of the week. But whatever. Shit happens, but it usually doesn't happen this often, guess it's jsut been a bad few weeks I guess. Well, Saturday and Sunday was quite interesting to say the least.

On saturday I came back to Richmond Hill and arrived downtown at around 3:35 or so to meet up DJ Sek, one of the few drum and bass DJs in town who's into the stuff that I'm into... sad but true, but there are tons of drum and bass DJs here but only a few of them are into the stuff I'm really into. So yeah, we met up, checked out a few record stores and took off on a streetcar to his place. Anyway we're trying to make a tune but we ended up fooling around in Cubase and his midi controller... since we were both pretty new to Cubase. I gotta totally big him up for offering his whole library of vinyls and teaching me the basics of DJing. Came home that night at around 12 with 7 pieces of vinyls... let's just say I spent $70 on vinyl.

Yesterday was also pretty interesting... left Richmond Hill at 3pm... drove for like a minute and then realized the Acura needs an oil change, so I drove the Jetta instead $$$. So now I have the Jetta for a week. Went for radio at 8:30pm, the guys at the radio show were once again really cool and they let me mix in 3 tunes, even though it's like my second time ever to even go on the decks. Anyhow, I mixed in "Let It Move You" by Kemal alright (sorta bad actually), but then I mixed in "Liar" by Sinthetix pretty well. But my third tune was totally fucked up... tried my best at mixing in "Resolution" by Keaton and Hive but totally screwed up... heh. Ah well. Still kinda funny when they were saying into the mic, "DJ Backstab, special guest, in the mix", and saying "boh" when I mixed Liar in, hahaha.

I just watched that stupid stupid show Married by America or something for an hour by accident (I was eating). The show is 2 hours, and it's very stupid but supposedly at the end of the show couples get engaged. Blergghgh. Obviously, that show blows a lot and won't get any slayers whatsoever, which now lead me to think, maybe I need a symbol/face for crappy stuff. Maybe from now on, I'll make 1 slayer =60%, 2 slayer=70%, 3 slayers=80% and so on, while on the other hand I'll make a crap scale. Good idea? Gimme some suggestions.

I just realized a few people at work use the expression "money", sorta like how we all (used to) say "cash". Pretty funny. I prefer saying cash though. Or was it "cash monay" don't remember. Nonetheless I thought that was pretty funny.

Time to go work on the blue mountain pixxxx... sorry, have just been too busy. Will post them up soon.

- Backstab @ 10:47 PM

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Sunday, March 02, 2003

What's with this weather

Damn it's cold outside. It was pretty nice last thursday and friday, but today is absolutely freezing. Just got home from the Loo, played so much basketball this weekend and drank with Mike, Jon and Alyssa last night, was fun. Raspberry twist vodka smells good but taste like the same old shit, oh well. I'm gonna go download the new massive attack CD now, how was the robotics competition Nick? What was the competition this year? Backstab, I thought you guys went to Rev?

- Ethereal_Monk @ 6:57 PM

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getting paid to do what?

freecell, nap, solitaire, do some leisure reading... i am liking this working life (= So. My boss went to florida for a while and left me to "hold the fort". There really was no need for me to be there: everyone important knows he's gone and the people who don't know can wait till tuesday, but he asked me to stick around, so i did. i finished the 8 things on my list early on on day #1 and have since spent the remainder of my time enjoying myself. i suppose that soon, i'll have to start thinking about my work term report, but not just yet.

re: seeing random people you know, i've found that since i've been back in richmond hill, there isn't anywhere that i can go and not run into someone. mostly people i'd rather not see... and that's what's great about being in waterloo. LOL. on the opposite stream and sheltered in the safety of DWE & RCH, where few others wander.

- soufpawed @ 1:49 PM

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