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Thursday, March 13, 2003

Go get some 'Lethal Dose'-age

That doesn't mean suck down a case of arsenic.
It means read Lethal Doses.
Especially this one.
This one too.

- DarkAesthir @ 11:43 AM

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Wednesday, March 12, 2003


Actually a lot of people enjoy work, which is the scary part. I don't understand why you would even work if you don't enjoy it. I mean, once work turns into your career you'd better start enjoying it otherwise you might wanna think of doing something else. Right now I'm trying to enjoy it as much as possible but it's getting really hard. It's a different story if you're just doing it for the money... but if you're doing that you would never get high in the career ladder since you are putting so little effort into work, hence you'll never earn enough money?... but obviously, co-op isn't your career. So what I just said was pretty pointless.

Right now I'd rather work in a record store than doing what I'm doing now but for co-op's sake obviously I can't do that. Oh well, actually I am starting to care about money since I just realized how much records are... ;(

Talking about work, work recently has been pretty interesting. Now the CEO is talking about expanding the company to about a 100 people in a few months from a staff of ... less than 20. Yeah, pretty crazy shit, and I'm just the middle of it all. It's turning into quite a strange work term. Hopefully I'll get a decent evaluation.. even though to be quite honest my performance at work was relatively mediocre. It's all about getting inspired by looking out the window and taking extra bathroom breaks ;)

- Backstab @ 11:59 PM

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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Back in T.O

Well, looks like the Leafs are really making a playoff run with the acquisition of Mr.Gilmore and Housley. Let's see if they can get past Ottawa again this year, should be interesting. Went to EB yesterday to see if they had Live 2003, but they sold out. Holy geebus, I didn't know PS2 games were 75 bucks a pop, that's pretty friggin expensive. Nick, it's all about the money, I can't see any other reason a person would like to work, I get no gratification from my job aside from my paycheck.

- Ethereal_Monk @ 5:15 PM

Rotten Tomatoes? |

Leaf's future seems bright....

Well apparently it is, since they went on a spree at the trade deadline, throwing draft picks left and right. After years of giving up nothing in late season trades Quinn has finally decided that they have saved enough young talent to survive a hit in the draft pick department. They gave up their first round pick in this years draft for Owen Nolan, who paid dividends in his first game, good deal, can never have too many tough forwards who will head to the net.

Phil Housely and Glen Wesley should provide the defense with some veterency and stability, yeah Kaberle is great, but he tends to fall asleep sometimes on the ice. Leaf's sometimes seem to suck hardcore on defense, hopefully these two lower the number of times that happens.

Finally Gilmour, is back as a leaf. Great trade for a sixth round pick. Let's not forget Sundin had his best years with Gilmour as a leaf.

Will be intersting to see how the team comes together after all the changes.

On another note Anson Carter, Ales Pisa were sent to NYR for Radek Dvorak, Cory Cross. Kevin Lowe are you on crack?????? He's your leading goal scorer!!!!!

Anyways I'm out. GO LEAFS GO

- Avatar @ 4:52 PM

Rotten Tomatoes? |

Why am I here? (aka. "Copyright? Wrong, bitch")

This ain't some mystic, soul-searching, meaning of life post.
I just wanna know, why the hell am I at work?
Oh yeah,... the money, gotcha...
Shouldn't have come in, just like I didn't come in yesterday, but a weak and undisputing me just got in the car with a bottle of Tylenol(c) in the pocket, and leaned upon any solid object on my way to work.
Wish I'd listened to myself like I listened to myself yesterday morning.

Anyways, was down making my (almost) daily visit to Electronic Boutique, and I saw the box art of Darkened Skye(c), for Nintendo GameCube(c). It reminded me of some art from a comic series called Battle Chasers(c) by Joe Madureira(c?), which ended prematurely. (why?... WHY!?!?!) Upon closer inspection, despite any artist tags, I've come to the conclusion that it's his work. Any comfirmations on that, Mike, Stew? I'm too lazy to try and find info about it online, at least right now.
Another odd thing I noticed on the box was the fact that in the trademarking section of the box, it even says the following:
"Skittles" and "Taste the Rainbow" are licensed registered trademarks of Mars Inc.(c)
any clues on why a game might have candy trademarks on its box? There wasn't any indication of it within the artwork on the box, so my only conclusion is that perhaps Mars and Skittles are supplying money for production, and obscene amounts of sugar to the developers, forcing them to finish the products with the threat of cutting their free sucrose supply, causing them to enter a violent spiral of sugar withdrawal. But if candy companies are taking such strides, who's to say that they couldn't simply enslave the entire game developing community, and then create games that suit their alterior motive of *dun dun DUN* ... world domination.
Could we be near a world full of candy bar fighters and unnamed black and white sandwich cookie heroes in their own games? All with the purpose of slowly but surely breaking the human spirit and making us their slaves through subliminal programming.
Think about it... scary? That's what I thought.

I need more Tylenol(c)... Extra Strength(again... c)!!!

- DarkAesthir @ 2:36 PM

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Ha ha, I really don't know what can be considered Trance. I listened to a few songs by Mr. Oakenfold and I liked it, but I don't like all Trance, I'll listen to them though.

- Ethereal_Monk @ 9:19 AM

Rotten Tomatoes? |

My Point

Ok, here is my point. I never said it was a bad trade, I just said Alyn McCauley will be a star in the future. End point. So what the f*** are you talking about?

- Ethereal_Monk @ 9:17 AM

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Monday, March 10, 2003

Uh huh

Omfg, Leafs actually have a chance this year. In my opinion, the only team better than the Leafs is Ottawa in the East, and obviously Leafs will own them in the playoffs.

I got my rankings today... what a load of shit, I'm below average in class and my average is 81.4. Seriously... W T F ?

Hey Etheral, if you like trance, you might as well check out some of my new tunes. A lot of people have told me that my stuff sound really trancey (but ironically I hate trance)... so you be the judge, see if my tunes sound trancey to you.

I'm working on 3 tunes at the moment in which 2 of them are collabs... it's pretty messed up. I also have ideas for an upcoming tune which will feature some very nasty nasty porn sounds, so terribly bad it'll sound like rape. It'll be so offensive it'll make all the girls throw up instantly when they hear the drop. =) Yeah I'm crazy. For whatever reason I'm just so inspired.

- Backstab @ 11:14 PM

Rotten Tomatoes? |


Why don't you guys fight it out? in ummmm a big cage? then we will know who is better McCauley or Nolan!

Also the Leafs meter upgraded yesterday from Leafs ok to Leafs Good! After yesterdays trade of Glen Wesley, we are 2 trades a way from doing something nuts this playoff, All I can say is I hope to god that we can get Janne Niinimaa for tucker! get him out of here! If we can get that deal do it now before the oilers get up from getting high! we are good as gold!

One more thing......what about Gilmour back in Toronto? sounds good or bad? well it just might happen!!!!

later days

- The Student @ 12:53 PM

Rotten Tomatoes? |

My Point

Ok here is my point. The leafs can continue to say we are saving for the future. People like Sundin, and Mogilny will be grandfathers in the future. This was a good trade because you are getting a GREAT player for a player who was averaging about 10 minutes of ice time.

- Tommyboy @ 9:19 AM

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Sunday, March 09, 2003

Friggin Jeebus

Holy jeebus, read my post. I didn't say Owen Nolan sucked and that Alyn McCauley was a god. I said Alyn McCauley will be a star one of these days. There in lies my point!

- Ethereal_Monk @ 11:27 PM

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hey hey hey

how can you say i'm closed minded? i have *and* use my own pc as well. that just goes to show you how open minded i am and that there are good things to both worlds.
and we're loyal because apple products are great and there's no reason to not keep going back.

you may be interested in trying other things but these other things are always only ever just pc things.

- soufpawed @ 12:09 PM

Rotten Tomatoes? |


Nolan - 2Goals
McCauley - 0 points (-2)

There in lies my point!

I don't know how you can say PC users are closed minded, we are always interested in trying other things. Apple users are the most loyal and closed minded users of all!!

- Tommyboy @ 11:24 AM

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