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Saturday, April 26, 2003

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and so ended my 1A work term this afternoon [heh. i lasted 4 months without any saturday work, but today i had to cave]. my evaluation was better than i expected and i have a standing offer to return anytime, but... if all goes well, i won't have to. as much as i enjoyed the past four months, i am *not* a wannabe civ. you know?
but ha. i met the kid that's taking my place this summer- a mcgill grad with two degrees [BA & MA. dare i begin my mockery of the whole "liberal arts education?"] and going to law school in the fall. where are the engineering skills??? oh that's right. i didn't have any either. but i do now. LOL.

my work report still needs a bit of tweaking, but that's what this week is for, baby. that and shopping!

it is *never* too early to start drinking. that is a very important lesson that i've learned about life. (=

let the summer begin!

- soufpawed @ 5:37 PM

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Friday, April 25, 2003

But still

It is still about 30 times better than rock and another 30 better than pop shit bling bling smack rap.

(notice I didn't use the word hip-hop, because hip-hop isnt bad, calling that shit hip-hop would be a disgrace)

- Backstab @ 6:05 PM

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Thats way too late. On my way to cuba I was hammered before 9am. Thats what I call a vacation.

Also today had a fine pint for lunch at 12, so 11 is perefectly fine.

Lets get in some hockey today.

Drum and bass dies off even for the faithful..very interesting.

- Tommyboy @ 3:11 PM

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I'm done exams.

Is 11am too early to start drinking?

- Liston @ 11:27 AM

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Believe it or not

But I'm starting to NOT like drum and bass.

It seems like it's losing its plot. There are many factors.. I'll explain this later. I'ts not like you people will care but I'm getting a bit frustrated with the whole thing. And the thing is, the more I produce and make tunes... the more I don't like about it. Bleh. I don't even like half the tracks I made at the moment.

Anyhow more to come!

- Backstab @ 1:33 AM

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Tuesday, April 22, 2003


A Mike Type Movie:
A strange, confusing, and downright depressing movie.
i.e. Being John Malcovich and now Donnie Darko.

Yes crazy old Alyssa insisted on me watching this movie. Of course i still don't believe her, so I asked Tricia, and she also gave me the go ahead to watch it. Looks like Iíll be on the look out for it on DVD.

Now how can i possible be planning leisurely activities? EZ $$$ I am done this GOD DAMN SCHOOL TERM! 2A sucked Ďardcore. I vow never to ever be stupid enough to take 5 courses from any one specific faculty ever again! I have never had to do so much friggin work EVER! I really fucked up 2 exams this term. My compiler course CS 241 did not go very well. And went Stats 230 as well as a bunch of bull queers at a secluded monastery. I think I might have to repeat Stats. As for 241, I think I passed, I thinkÖ but apparently our tutor said that our year in particular did particularly badly, probably because our exam was marginally more difficult. I use the term marginally as lose as a 16th century French prostitute.

Hoo and talk about loose now! Stats was a academic nightmare. I mean there were so many questions I did not answer on that thing and so many questions that I sort of made up crap for. I thought it was because I didnít study for much, but the good news is that the whole class went down in flames with me. So LUCKY! Now for them to bell me to a pass and Iíll be happy. To make matters worse, I had stats and CS 241 on the same day. I studied a bit more for CS, thank god because I donít think that my stats exam was even near do-able.

I want to pass this term, that is all I want. To fully explain the difficult of this term and last term (1B), I found that it was easier to recover from surgery and study my ass for missing 2 weeks than it was to do 2A. I got screwed this term, plain and simple. And now I am done

I begin work on the 28th, so who else is done because Iíll be back on the night of the 23rd. Iím moving all my stuff out of waterloo on the weekend of the 26th and then it is straight to Guelph for me. Iím looking to chill and relax for those couple of days.

Huzzah! Iím looking forward to sleeping and eating properly again!

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 5:37 PM

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Monday, April 21, 2003

Thought it was a holiday today

I seriously did. So I woke up late at 9:30, then saw one of my co-workers on MSN. I don't know why but I hit him up with a message and asked him where he was? He was like "um... at work, where are you?"


Haven't posted a while about life in general... so here's just a quick snapshot of what's happening/what happened as of late.

I was downtown Friday making a tune with Sek, went to Milano's at night with him because he was playing there as main. He was going to play a whole bunch of my tunes but the CDJ decided to fuck up whenever the MC starts talking. Doh. Still good times nonetheless. We were discussing how if I get turntables then he'd be up for doing to back with me on the decks. It's pretty crazy to think about it, but definitely would be really fun to DJ in front of a crowd.

Saturday was a nothing day but more of a chilling out day thingy. Didn't call you guys because I thought you all had exams.

Sunday was facking four twenty. First of all I realized I had to do laundry, and guess what, I was all out of detergent. So I drove to Soby's to find out that the place was closed. Went to the convenice store nearby but they have only bootlegged Tide (TM) so I decided NOT to buy that crap. Yep, it sucks but I had to waste a good $8 on powdered Ultra Tide (TM) at fuckin' farah foods. The radio show was pure jokes. Guy came up to me and said "happy 4-20" and I was like yay, you too... time to get my jacket to smell like weed... this is getting pretty routine, go do radio, come out smelling full of weed. And it was a LOT stronger this time too :) Is it me or does weed smell like asss? ;(

Anyway... gonna go start on this hopeless work term report. I asked one of the guys about work term reports, and he was like... ya man its fuckin ez. I'm like the fuck you shitting me homes, then he was like oh, you're in engineering, never mind you're screwed HAHA.


- Backstab @ 11:33 PM

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