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Saturday, May 03, 2003

I updated the music page

Yep, check it, link on the sidebar.

Oh yeah, check out this thread I found on DOA.=/


- Backstab @ 7:54 PM

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Thursday, May 01, 2003

I'm in Guelph right now, no internet, apparently the people with the firey crosses and pitchforks shun the internet. Looks like i'll have to use my digial glowing watch to scare my way home. I'm at work right now, it's kinda late for me, since i get off at 4pm and it's 5 now. If you want to reach me i sent my telephone number on ICQ. CALL ME! i'm so lonely here! kidding.

I'm keeping my update short since i want to go home.

Oh no my acoustic modem is breaking up! I'll see next time i can get another connections..

(if you know what an acoustic modem is, your hardcare. and PS i'm lying, i'm using 4 1.5mbps T1 lines to post this, but the part about my glowing digital watch is true )

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 5:18 PM

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Got a new 80 GB Western Digital Caviar Special Edition two days ago. Pretty sick. I can always go for extra hard drive space. Also got a new CD Burner, 52X 24X 52X. Nice and cheap for $75.

I'm about to upload a new mix I did last Saturday afternoon. Basically just a mix of tunes that I've liked from 2003 so far. Nothing special, listening to all these tunes reminds me of work though.

Shit I just realized they still owe me 3 weeks of salary, gotta bug my supervisor about this.

I'm trying very hard to make up my work term report. It'll be the longest bullshit that I've ever written... ever.

- Backstab @ 12:33 AM

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Monday, April 28, 2003

I feel great not working!

This week off is absolutely necessary otherwise I'd burn out before I go to school which is BAD.

Big up Liston on Saturday.. haven't had that much fun while I was drunk for a long time. It's all about yelling shit at the Krispy Kreme drivethrough. From what I recall... the Pizza Pizza guy got really pissed at me because I thought he ripped me off, but in fact he didn't and it's just because I thought the stuffed burger was a fucking stuffed sandwich. Damn tricks. I ordered the wrong combo and I got chips instead of fries.

Drum and bass isn't that great at the moment but I'll give it some time. In the meantime though I got a new program, Logic Audio 5.5. It's absolutely the shit... I finally got a small tutorial on how to set it up (and use it) and I'm getting used to it. If anyone is even slightly into making their own music, try it. I'm really liking those software synths that they have... I spent hours yesterday just trying it out and finding cool sounds. SO yeah, I think from now on I'm gonna switch over to Logic. In other news, I did a remix of someone's tune... let's just say I'll tell you what's gonna happen with that one.

I'm fucked for the work term report... thats all I gotta say. Btw talking about schoool, I have no idea still what courses I'm taking, think I'm gonna pick up books in the first week of school or so.

I wouldn't spend a dollar on a baseball game. It's a HUGE waste of 3 hours. Mind you there's also travelling time. So no... I wouldn't watch a Jays game for free. It just sucks. Baseball is the most boring spectator sport there is and I'd rather watch an AI vs AI game on NHL2003 for 3 hours straight rather than watch a backwards and outdated game that is baseball.

- Backstab @ 5:32 PM

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baseball anyone?

i know that the jays suck. and actually that baseball sucks in general, but. a deal like this doesn't come along all that often. and it's something to do on a tuesday night. you know. when there aren't anymore good movies to see.

- soufpawed @ 4:03 PM

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