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Saturday, May 24, 2003

I don't really know what I just wrote, but this is quite an interesting post, so read it if you wanna be entertained.

I know It's real quiet here lately, I'd like to post more but I've been really busy. It's been 3 weeks since this term has started and already I've got quite a bit of work on my hands. Life has been somewhat atypical for me since the beginning of this year but I'm getting used to it. I seem to be always be running out of time and I have about 23423434 things to do, yet I keep forgetting them.

People look at me and probably think I'm a lazy bastard but in fact I got so much other shit going on it's pretty crazy. First off, I don't think I could do school and produce dnb at the same time... actually there's NO WAY in hell that's gonna work. While I was at work, I got a new tune out every 2 weeks or so but that obviously isn't happening anymore. This new tune I've been collaborating with took almost a whole month, then again two things are further fucking it up: the fact that I have a shitty sound card and has fuck high latency, and also my friend lives in T.O. Everyday I come home I have to respond to like tons of emails too... anyway enough of this.

Actually I tried to sorta do both for the first 2 weeks but I sorta gave up on producing again. There's simply no time, school is time consuming and doing all this is wasting my energy. I seem to be lacking energy in school, I don't know why but often feel like I'm stoned in class. I'd be basically half listening in lectures. Half the time I'll be looking away at a distance, then come back to focus and starts listening again in class. I'm really sick and tired of profs who writes tons of shit on the board and not teaching properly.

OK, let's keep talking about school for a sec.

Here's what I believe is interesting at the very moment.

I'm really liking Genetics at the moment for some odd reason, maybe it's because there's no homework and it's just such a relaxing class. It sure kicks the SHIT out of those fucktard engineering physics/chemistry courses. I actually enjoy waking up to this class, listening to the prof and drinking some coffee at the same time. Even though today apparently the prof heard me talking to a friend and got pissed at me... whcih was funny because I didn't know until my friend told me to shut up.

I have no comments about SE 240, which is the SE version of CS240. Hash functions isn't very interesting to say the least... but the programming work in that class is reasonable.

CS 246 group project is somewhat interesting. This Wednesday I had one of the most interesting programming discussion ever, 2 of us wants to do our Euchre being UI driven while 2 wanted to it be game driven. Anyhow it got a bit heated up, as nerdy as it sounds. Yes, this is actually one of the times I thought program design is interesting... quite refreshing in fact.

But in general, school doesn't interest me. Everyday is the same old shit. I don't like this if it continues for another 3 years. I don't like my program and most of the people in it. It makes me a bit sick to see all these people in my class being so enthusiastic about doing their homework... pure wackness. I don't care what people say about "oh... you're gonna get an engineering degree and you're set in the future blah blah blah", this is bullshit because after you graduate, 90% chance you'll work as a code monkey for some lame software, which is really crappy except for the money part. And as Liston says "let's all drop out of our respective programs and open up a record store"...... oh man, it would rock so much if employers dont give a shit about your degree..........

- Backstab @ 1:47 AM

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Friday, May 23, 2003

I know haven't said this in a long time but


Actually i don't know if i ever said that...

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 8:56 AM

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Victoria Day Weekend

Let's just say the long weekend was great.

Brought out the barbeque, smokes, alcohol and porn. Nah, minus the porn =/

Here are some of the memorable moments which happened during the weekend.

Friday: nothing memorable for me, I was dead tired but they went to went see Matrix
Saturday: barbequed the fuck outta everything.. beer, never seen Jason that drunk before
Sunday: barbequed more, fireworks, burnt Longwood Dr., along with watching Wizards.. Heavy Metal 2000, Watership Down.
Monday: Swiss Chalet ?

Anyhow I'm busy as fuck these days so I gotta get back to work. :|

Tune of this weekend : Layo & Bushwacka - Love Story (D-Kay drum and bass bootleg remix)

- Backstab @ 10:33 PM

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