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Saturday, June 07, 2003

i *really* don't want to be doing calculus right now

i found this strange poem generator, that creates poems based on an url you enter. this is polaris' [well. there's really an infinite number of poems that it'll generate, but this is what i got.] it's pretty bizarre. i added some punctuation so it makes more sense.

Polaris Prime
The same old shit.
My Friday nothing memorable moments
which is somewhat
atypical for me, talking
about 23423434 things to
it would rock so pretty.
First 2 weeks since this new tune Pendulum
Back to be entertained.
I feel like I tried to get some of the
lord of soccer today.
apparently the Minute Love
Like to a rarity,
This truly IS me,
since the 12 sided die.

- soufpawed @ 7:46 PM

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Wednesday, June 04, 2003


I couldn't even last 20 minutes of soccer today. About 15 minutes in I felt like I did about 20 suicides. Huge headache, tired as hell, felt like I was gonna pass out. My cardio is unbelievable. I'll hoping to get some of it back to my grade school cardio...

back to you back to you back to you back to you move on throughhhahhhh but the sounds keep moving me back to you back to you back to you

- Backstab @ 12:44 AM

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Sunday, June 01, 2003

Plug-ins take two

Blogger chewed up my post, and hence take two.
I'll keep it short since i have no to patience to recall everything

Go here! Read the comic it rocks.
My Friday rocked for the following unlisted reasons.
My posts lacks the cracked out aspect now, don't know why.
Read Comic

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 11:52 PM

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Ya mon

I enjoyed my lunch today... 3 piece chicken meal at KFC and a vitamin-C pill, so nutritious.

I felt like I wasted this weekend, nothing really accomplished because I didn't feel like doing any work (there isn't much to do anyway). I decided to kill some time by playing some ghetto Master of Orion II. I beat average pretty concisively... using my creative Klackons. I tried working on a new tune a bit and got a bit bored. So then I went to dinner with Dark Ice... then went on to a friend's place and chilled there. To my surprise they forced me to play War3, and goddamn, coming out of competitive gaming retirement was a tough task to do. But nonetheless it was pretty fun, minus the bad micro and forgetting some build orders. I sorta had to force myself to stop playing after 2 games of 1v1.

So I decided to play another game of MOO2 on Hard, and I got rocked pretty badly.

Now back to more procrastination.

- Backstab @ 3:53 PM

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