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Saturday, June 28, 2003

Back to NWN

I've been busy alright.

I finally finished all my midterms on Tuesday... suffice to say I did pretty bad on them considering that I wasn't really motivated. I got back my CS 246SE back, it's the lowest mark I've gotten so far... 57, but whatever. I think I did alright for the first 3 questions, 9/12, 19/20, 7/10, lost most of my marks on definition bullshit. For the last question I got a nice 2/28. They made the last question out of 20 because apparently a lot of people got owned on it. Whatever. I'm proud of my 2/20, that question was very homosexual.

Got my 240 back also... lost a bunch of marks because I can't copy numbers over from my previous steps. Ah well, normally I would be satisfied with an 82 but the class average is 82. Bleh whatever.

Still waiting on 380 which I think I got around 50, it's great though because a lot of people they failed.

School really means nothing to me at this stage since I got the expansion to NWN. I started a cleric for the expansion game and I'm really hooked. Unfortunately I can't play it since my laptop can't handle shit. Ah well.

I'm about to update my top 10 dnb again. There are some really good dnb tunes that came out this month... and hopefully dnb will be heading in a good direction. Talking about dnb, I think I'm getting some pretty decent promotion lately from radio play/online mixes. Some guy posted on asking where he can get Backstab tunes. I've also been inspired nicely in Bio class and I think my next few tunes will be pretty interesting...

I was listening on the edge today and I realized there are some good mainstream tunes out there. Here are some tunes..

"Can't Stop" by RHCP
that new tune by Audioslave
everything by Coldplay

also "Somewhere I Belong" by Linkin Park is acceptable, and that Evanessence tune that they play it all the time.

Our soccer team in Rec League is undefeated after regular season of play... 3-0-3. Big up to Dark Ice! I'm looking forward to taking on the first place team, I think I'm gonna play rough and nail those bastards down.

Anyhow I think that will be all for this week. Time to get back to coding my 240 assignment, I can't believe I just made an interface... it must've been the first time since I was forced to do it in 134. Argh

- Backstab @ 1:26 AM

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