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Friday, July 11, 2003

I still hate Vi

Wow Mike that was from 92, impressive. Funny shit.

I saw that hotdog fell down today on TSN and I was like WTF??

Liston I updated the side bar. Hope everything goes well you and school.

At this stage I'm planning on what I'll take in my 3rd and 4th years... It's sorta strange but I'm thinking about taking MATH 235 in distance ed or as a 6th course in 3A.

I dunno. I think I'm a bit crazy that I wanna take Linear Algebra 2 when I don't need it at all.

- Backstab @ 2:52 PM

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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Don't Copy that Floppy!

Check this out. What i'm really astounded by is the fact that Neverwinter Nights has been around that long. If your asking the question where did i find it? the only answer is, why haven't you seen it yet!

Long live DP!

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 6:22 PM

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Funny Stuff

Ha ha ha ha ha, I just looked around on the CNN sports site and read this, I thought it was extremely amusing.
"Videotape of Wednesday night's race showed that when the group went past the Pirates dugout, Simon swung a bat at the Italian sausage character, hitting her from behind and causing her to tumble to the ground. As she fell, a nearby sausage -- the hot dog -- went down as well."

In other news, everyone who hasn't seen T3 should go and see it. Kristanna Loken is pretty hot, hot diggity dog. The movie is also pretty good, it's very entertaining.

Randy, are you leaving Ryerson for sure? 100% for sure?

That's about it, ha ha ha, -- the hot dog -- went down as well...

- Ethereal_Monk @ 12:19 PM

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Shameless Advertisement

Goddamnit, you know how I hate it when people plug websites, and I guess you can add me to that list. :)

For those who don't know yet, I've decided to leave Ryerson University and persue a career in Culinary Arts. Yes, I'm serious. I've taken it upon myself to start a weblog. It's called "Becoming A Chef", and I'm posting to it at least once a week. Check it out.

In terms of PP related news, I guess all I can say is "okay". It's not that I absolutely want the site to go down, but I think you'd have to admit, content has been lacking.

- Liston @ 1:30 AM

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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

PP will stay up

Polaris obviously is changing. I think I didn't really envision PP to turn into what it's at now. I used to post a lot more than once/twice a week, at one time I posted everyday. I've lost some interest at writing up stuff, maybe simply because I have nothing interesting to talk about. You guys were absolutely correct that when PP first came up, we were all going fucknuts because it was the beginning of university and it's something we have never experienced before. Now we've matured and it's just plain old going to work at a 9-5 job with barely anything interesting... or going to school and coming back with a shitload of assingments behind our backs. Wow.

School obviously is sucking up quite a bit of time, even though I've been pretty lazy this term. Just pure lack of motivation. But I think it's actually getting better since exams are coming soon and I'll start doing more work.

So I believe I will leave this site up. Maybe for a small change I might change the layout/format of this site to be simpler... won't be all gray and stuff (don't worry). The rest of the site's "content" might all shrink back to "STUFF"... quite honestly we don't have much else besides "news" and "archives". Anyhow we'll see, but for now, PP will continue to stay.

- Backstab @ 2:10 AM

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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Evolution not revolution

Polaris is a funny place. From Day One, this was a great idea, but it took some time to realize. I mean PP didn't really become popular until university where until there was a need to keep in touch. Why the hell would I post if I saw Etheral during lunch, Liston during Religion and George in Com-tech? And you know what; Iíd see them again the next day or the next day A or B. In university it started making a shit load of sense. Randy gots to represent Ryserson, as I have to for us 4 streamers, and well everyone else for the 8.

Polaris in the beginning was revolutionary, because we could all work on this site. We wrote a lot of funny shit, stupid shit and quite frankly a lot of shit. But it's my shit, your shit and our shit. Well shit, that was a mouth full. I think Polaris is slowing down, but I don't see it as dying. When I first started doing this, on any given day you could probably tell what I had for breakfast. Sooner or later, all my postings about breakfast get old and nobody wants to hear what I had for breakfast today. FYI, I had a bowl or raisin bran this morning, it got a little soggy but all is ok with the world. The thing is that, interesting things still happen us, it's no breakfast, but it's definitely post-worthy. Personally I think that all the good posts will happen now because we are all done with the simple stuff. It will take more time but it will come.

Ever since I noticed my posts have been lacking the 'crack' aspect, Iíve been thinking about it. Am I doing things differently? Did I change? Probably, but for the better. Maybe now I can write something that isn't incoherent, isn't full of spelling mistakes, and is worthy to be read. Just because Polaris is changing doesn't mean its dead.

Etheral, do you remember save by the bell the college years? No! Well of course not! It was a dismal failure. Zack wasn't as cute, AC started hitting the steroids and Tiffany began her slow descent into whore (until she discovered VH). I think Polaris should be left as it is. If we all choose to write about the next great share experience, then we will. If we all choose to stop, then there is nothing anybody can do. The point is, if I have tried to make one is that we shouldn't actively snuff out this site.

Now this is what I really came here to post about. Since we haven't had any funny anti-war posts in a long time, it's time to Get your War On. This comic is gold, and was given a Webby (an Oscar, but for websites). I laughed my ass off reading some of these. The second thing I have to get you to do is go to google and type "Weapons of Mass Destruction." Then hit Iím feeling lucky. Ars had something about this; we all had a good laugh.

Today after work I went for a walk, a 3 hour walk. I didn't have any particular destination, just a roundabout way to get home. I took some funky pictures of Guelph. They didn't come out too good. I'll probably go around on a nicer day and take some more. In Guelph I found a building with only one wall. Not just one wall remaining, but it looks like they intended to build this building with only one wall in 1882. Guelph has a lot of fast food restaurants and few stores to actually buy things. It makes me think of an animal trough went staring down its fast food alleys. I've also bought 2 CD from a used CD store. I bought Coldplay because it's Coldplay. I also found the Cardigans album First Band on the Moon in the discount bin, so I snatched that up. In the liner notes it asks for me to write to the people in Sweden, I think I will do that. In the future, I think I will go the path of the used CDs to find hard to find songs. In the future, Iím probably going to buy The Smiths, best of and Siamese Dream from the Smashing pumpkins. I was also tempted to buy the VH album, Everything You Want, but everyone already has copy. Here comes the frivolous spending!

On the final note of the closing of Polaris and such, I will keep writing as long Polaris exists and long after Polaris disappears. If Polaris disappears, I will still put up a blog somewhere. If I have learned one thing from Polaris, it's that Iíve learned to like writing.

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 10:59 PM

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Monday, July 07, 2003

The Status of Polaris Prime≤

I agree with Randy that Polaris Prime has allowed us all to stay in contact despite the fact that we now go to school in different towns, but I don't think we're quite done with it yet. We're still going to experience new things that we'll want to share with everyone and what better place to do it then on Polaris Prime? I don't think Polaris Prime will ever become obselete simply because everyone will never be living in the same place again. After University, people will work abroad, heck, people are already starting to work abroad, Christine is going to work in Notre Dame, George was in Calgary, and so forth.

It's true that the number of things we have to post about are diminishing, but I don't think we'll every truly run out of things to post. I know for a fact that Dave will continue to do "silly goose" things that we'll all laugh about, and I'm sure Haya's posts are still pretty entertaining. George won't have anywhere to post to us about his music, we won't get to see Mike's terrible spelling, and Randy won't have anywhere to post about get togethers and such (I can't remember what Nick normally posts about).

So I think that although PP is starting to quiet down a bit, we still need it to keep in contact. Maybe we could make a "Polaris Prime, the new generation" (sort of like the Saved by the Bell variations), where we would have more mature conversations and talk about the weather, or wine, or cyborgs. Whatever it is that old people talk about. 0_o

- Ethereal_Monk @ 12:38 PM

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Sunday, July 06, 2003

my $0.02

whoa. multiple posts eh?
liston is possibly right. the natural course of events has taken place and PP has fulfilled it's purpose. i think we've all reached a point in our lives wherein we lack the time necessary for keeping this site interesting. at least to other people...

but. before we go, if that ends up being the consensus, i have a question for you boys.
the other day at a party [june's no less. oh what fun. i need to come up with a list of why june lowe is great] i sort of accidentally gave my number to this really nice guy. i had had way more daquiries than i could count and i was pretty drunk. also. he was nice and the thought that he might be trying to pick up did not cross my mind. and that lead to me failing to mention my boyfriend [which is the usual tactic for getting rid of the annoyingly persistent guys].

so anyways. my question is, could his intentions have simply been friendly? it's been 2 days and he hasn't called yet [i am taking that to be a *good* thing. i don't need trouble like this]

in advance, thanks for making me feel better. or worse. or bringing me back to reality.
and should this be my last post [if we do choose to end now], i've had fun here. i enjoyed being different. and it made for a good lead into the waterloo assimilation.

- soufpawed @ 7:13 PM

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The Status of Polaris Prime

Polaris Prime is about 2 years old eh? My how we've all changed since we left the high.

The question about shutting down PP has been floating around in my head for about a day. I thought about why PP existed in the first place, and perhaps that would give me some direction on a vote/decision.

Let me go back to when PP first went up, sometime at the end of HS. Everyone was applying to university/college, and we were all going our separate ways... well, me anyways. I took it pretty hard when all of my closest buddies were going to different schools. I didn't even know where Kitchener-Waterloo was. I had assumed it was in a northernly direction (which is why I always say, to this day mind you, "I'm coming up to Waterloo") and no less than 8 hours away by automobile. I had chosen Ryerson University as my career choice, studying Applied Computer Science. It was at this point, correspondence on PP was more than regular. I've been reading a few of the first posts lately... damn, funny. I made a reference like "some UT place called 'Brunny's'". lol.

PP allowed me to keep in constant communication with my friends. Sometimes, I would feel left out since mostly everyone went to UW. However, reading PP at the time made me feel like I was still in the loop... just like I was standing there next to my friends. As well, by posting stories of my days at Ryerson, I felt like my friends were beside me as I experienced university for the first time.

I feel like PP has fulfilled it's duty. I think the reason someone would read PP is to experience the separation one experiences when they leave high school. The experience of leaving most things familiar, and pushing through a post-secondary education. Now that that initial shock of getting into university, meeting new people, trying new things, and getting used to a new way of living, there's not that many interesting things to post about anymore. There's only so many times one can post about meeting that really hot chick/guy on campus, bitching about the cost of school, and commenting on a few of the new and crazy things going down because of school. Those times have past. It's not a bad thing. We just grew up a little bit more. I believe Polaris prime should be shut down, meaning we should stop posting, but leave up the archives somewhere.

To comment on a few things in Backstab's post...

"we saw our daily hits went over 100 for the first time"

I still don't believe this, even though I've seen the stats. I'm assuming a lot of people come here by accident, but I could be wrong.

"we were "requested" a few times to put stuff down. We didn't intend to hurt anyone's feelings."

I don't think I've ever been asked to remove a post, though I could be wrong. I honestly don't remember that ever happening. If something was posted that I didn't agree with, I usually posted an argument. People can post whatever they like, but if you said something really stupid, I think you eventually heard from me.

I think I'd like to hear from other members on this one too GT.

- Liston @ 6:49 PM

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