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Friday, August 08, 2003

Gaining Weight

I have a feeling I've put on about 20 pounds during exam time, and I'm probably gonna put on another 20 after exams. Anywho, I have one more exam left, and it's C&O. You think I'd be happy, but I'm not. I failed the mid-term, my assignment average is around 60, so this exam is going to make me or break me.

In other news, Sobey's "Smores" cookies are really good. Spirited Away is one of the best movies I've ever seen, and Mike, too bad you weren't being chased by the TX, she's hot. Being chased by her is like being raped by hot chicks... except she'd probably cut my dick off with her power-mitre saw.

- Ethereal_Monk @ 11:46 PM

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Thursday, August 07, 2003

Possible Dementia... Possible

If your prof was Dr. Cheryl Duxbury, then that explains it. She screwed me too. On the other hand, Trevis didn't get her and as a result he professed to writing one of the easiest exams in University. Duxbury, gave us easy stuff all year long and then gave us the good ole firey hot poker in the ass come exam time.

Think about the word "necessary". why is it pronounced "Ness-cess-ary", in theory shouldn't we pronouce it "Knee-cess-ary" ?

Writing this stupid report is driving me up and down the walls. On a complete separate note, i didn't sleep well yesterday, in fact i barely slept at all. I kept having the most messed up nightmares about a terminator type machine chasing me. In fact this terminator machine looked exactly like The Undertaker from the WWF (err i mean WWE). Him and his fucking laser scope.

(I'm looking for someone/where to host a 6-8 meg wmv video, i've got some good shit here)

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 12:48 AM

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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Oh god BIO sucks

No more expermients. After today's exam I have concluded that Biology sucks. Obscure questions one after the next. I guessed maybe about 50% of that multiple choice exam. I know I didn't study well enough but I did not expect it to be something like that. A lot of the stuff were not even covered in her lectures.

Which means its back to Physics for me. At least you can make up and derive answers in Physics... but in Bio most of the time you're fucked. :(

- Backstab @ 6:31 PM

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Sunday, August 03, 2003

I'm bored

Read BIO for the whole day today. Yeah, thats as much studying that I'm gonna do for that course I think.

So I got 3 more exams to go. BIOL 139, then SE 240 and 380. This term has been pretty weird, I think it's supposed to be a hard term... it was sure as hell busy. Much busier than your 2A term Mike. I failed my TPM because apperently my presentation sucked. Yeah I agree it did suck as it made pretty much no sense but I thought I talked fine, at least my ENGL 119 instructor thinks so. But they failed me because they think I have an "incoherent" style of presentation. Well, I think it's just your slow comprehension abilities. Well whatever, I just need to do it next term.

I have been complemplating of switching to CS again and I was about to email the CS advisor about this, but then the ECE seminar pretty much changed my mind. I think I'm gonna do more math courses and take some control systems and communcations courses in 3rd and 4th year. I think those are actually sorta interesting, and given the fact that a lot of people are supposedly "scared" of SE 380 they won't be taking those courses....

Yep, I'm hoping to stay away from people from my class, I hope this'll work.

- Backstab @ 2:06 AM

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