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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Made a new mix.....

The 2B mix aka the Depression mix, a bit more emotional and more towards the melodic side of things.

Well let's just say that 2B was one bitch of a term. Busy as fuck, not to mention I did terrible on multiple exams ;(

Mp3 will be available soon hopefully
Here's the tracklisting:

Artist - Title (label)
1. Sporphyte - Sugar (unsigned)
2. Kaos, Karl K and Jae Kennedy - Soul On Fire (Atlas)
3. Psidream - Sub Rosa (unsigned)
4. Kiko feat. Mecha - Ronin (Ohm Resistance)
5. Backstab - Suffocate (unsigned)
6. The Militia - Amnesia (Militia)
7. Black Sun Empire - Gun Seller (Transparent)
8. Hi Resolution - Half Inch (Renegade)
9. Psidream - Solar Waves (Breakbeat Science)
10. Pendulum - Trail of Sevens (Renegade Hardware)
11. Backstab - Nightwasp (unsigned)
12. Bulletproof & Optiv - Camouflage (1210)
13. D.Kay & Epsilon - Barcelona (BC Authorised)
14. London Elektricity - Different Drum (Hospital)
15. Concord Dawn - Slinky (Heavy Rotation)
16. Kaos, Karl K and Jae Kennedy - Dat Phunk (Atlas)
17. Pendulum - Vault (31)

- Backstab @ 11:53 PM

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