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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Matrix Revolutions

Let's just say I'm extremely disappointed.

"WTF was that" was the first thing I said when the movie ended.

1/5 stars

- Backstab @ 8:11 PM

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Monday, November 03, 2003

Crime In Toronto

Okay, I'm an uptown kid. Not really by choice, but I grew up in Richmond Hill. When I watched the news back in my hometown, and saw a story about some bloody murder or some horrible crime, I pretty much waved it off. It didn't matter to me cause downtown was down there, and I was up here. But it's been 2 weeks since I've become a resident downtown, and let me say that the news is beginning to hit a little closer to home.

I am shocked by the amount of violent crimes in the city. More specifically, violent crimes that happen to random or un-suspecting individuals. Things like getting shot because you owe money to some loan shark, or because of drugs is stupid, and most likely the victim put him or herself into that situation to begin with. For example, the Cecila Zhang questionable kidnapping sounds a little too sketchy for me to give a shit about. It's a horrible thing, for your child to be kidnapped from your home... but from the sketchiness of the story of why it occurred (possible ransom for the child?), doesn't really concern me. If any of your family is being held for ransom, you gotta question what got your family into that situation in the first place.

It's the stories like the dormatory house near humber college where two residents (one male, one female) were at home, when four men came into their house, tied them up, and raped the female for an extended period of time. Then, another female tenant arrived home, only to suffer the same fate as her other female roommate.

Also, the story just recently about an immigrant sitting with his seven year old son sitting in front of the television on a Saturday morning, shot through the chest with a hand cannon (the bullet travelled through 2 walls). The father died, leaving the son fatherless, with the memory of his father's stomach being blown out because of a stray bullet from a gang war.

It's these stories that are horrifying and that make me angry. Stories of people just chillin' in their homes or a safe place, only to be raped or blown away just "because".

What the fuck is going on.

Questions, comments, or opinions always welcome.

- Liston @ 5:16 PM

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