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Sunday, November 30, 2003

Weisshaser Beers

Whoopa, I've done it! After an hour, I've created the Weisshauser Beers. We can go for the cup with this team. I filled the rest of the roster with guys from the Euro league. (I added a few Whoburn people as well) Btw, I can't add girls because the game only has guy templates.

Let me know if you want anything changed.

Player Name - Position - Attributes - Overall Rating (Rating might be wrong, it's from what I remember)
Jason Lee - Defense, has speed, passing and shot accuracy, suffers from shot power - 85

Nick Tan - Defense, has speed, endurance and passing, suffers from puck control and body chequing - 79

George Tam - Defense, has puck control and good passing, suffers from toughness and body chequing - 81

Dinu Nesan - Defense, has toughness, body chequing and passing, suffers from speed and puck control - 80

Randy Rojas - Goalie, has a high rating in almost everything (we don't want to have 20 goals against each game), suffers from the five hole - 86

Stewart Pei - Center, has speed, puck control and endurance, suffers from shot power and shot accuracy - 85

Andrew Chen - Center, has speed, puck control, endurance, suffers from shot accuracy and is prone to injury - 85

Derek Lin - Center, has most hockey and athletic skills, suffers from "proness to penalties" - 86

Dave Wong - Right Wing, has shot power, puck control and shot accuracy, suffers from speed and endurance - 83

Tom Marsden - Right Wing, has speed, toughness and puck control, suffers from shot power and shot accuracy - 85

Chris Kong - Right Wing, has toughness, body chequing and endurance, suffers from most other hockey related skills - 74

Mike Tsang - Left Wing, has speed, passing and endurance, suffers from puck control, shot power and toughness - 78

Cliff Fernandez - Left Wing, has speed, shot accuracy and puck control, suffers from endurance and body chequing - 78

John Cheevers - Left Wing, has toughness, passing and body chequing, suffers from shot power and shot accuracy - 80

- Ethereal_Monk @ 10:08 PM

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