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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Have i ever told you the story...

of when i was on my way back from Vancouver. Of course i got the middle seat, the very shittiest of seats in coach, which was what i expected. I paid very little for those tickets, one would naturally assume you'd get very little. To my left was a mute who never said a word on the whole ride, so it's ok to assume he never even existed. On my right was a very interesting person. It was a man, in his late 40s, with a very gruf exterior. He reminded me of Johnny Cash, they both had the faces of men who knew the value of sin - only because they commited all of them.

For reasons that escape me right now, we ended up in a conversation. We talked about why i went to BC, and why he was heading to toronto. I've always found it facsinating why people travel and i've yet to meet a person who travelled for the sake of travelling. It is always "i need to getaway" or "i have some business in some far off part of the world." I digress though, he was all business, toronto was just a stopover for New Brunswick. His business was to see his old man and then go fishing for a indeterminate amount of time. At the time, i was probably saying "Oh a pleasure vacation..." but he insisted it being a business vacation. He muttered something about the fishes at that point. He explained that his business was life and after getting shot, he had some business to tend to. "Shot?" furrowing my brow like i always do. Apparently the man was shot not once, not twice but thrice. Once in the hand, arm and midsection. Before i could fuddle out any more words he explained that the midsection shot wasn't fatal. I congratulated him on his recovery and asked if the caught the person who shot him.

"No, and i really don't care if they do." Excuse me? "The person who shot me wasn't the person i was disagreeing with, it was his friend." Apparently this man and another was in a heated debate. The arguement came to a boil and spilled over in the form of a shooting. Of course this cleared none of my confusion. His rationality of the situation was that the friend was just doing what he believed was right. Further more he couldn't be faulted too much. Yes he would press charges if the police caught him, but refused to hold a grudge. "Never met a man who had been shot before" (in retrospect that is a lie, i have at the hospital i used to work at) Must be nice to be so calm about the whole thing.

The One and Only,
(PS Randy, i suggest for your and possibly my 22nd, we continue our quest down the bars of youge st. all are welcome to attend)

- ?!?!@? @ 12:20 AM

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Snow Day


I don't remember when's the last time I had a snow day!

- Backstab @ 7:49 AM

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