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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Space Marines vs. Space Pirates

Being a Space Marine is suicide. If the earth were to some how magically unite, and produce some sort of United Spacey Marine Core, I personally would stay the fuck out. Not only would I stay the fuck out, I'd urge others to as well.

I liken Space Marines with Ninjas. If there are a few of them in the universe, they kick ass. Cool shit like Ninja Gaiden starts happening. Once there are mass numbers of Ninjas or Space Marines, they get stupid. Think tick in a night of a 1000 ninjas or Aliens. The problem is once you get a couple cool, ass kicking Space Marines, everybody and their dog wants to suddenly be one. Space Marines are a conscription of sorts so they just can't say no. So all the cool ass kicking space marines are suddenly swamped with insta-fodder. You know who that insta-fodder is, right? YOU

Space Pirates are a different breed altogether. Coming from the genus thievious and piratous de mere, they are generally light with the fire power and heavy on the speed and wits. They generally cruise around space and do whatever the fuck they want to. Raid a colony? Fine by me. Alien infestation you rather run away from? Go ahead, nobody is going to think any less of you. If fact the people who do think less of you will probably be dead (ie Space Marines).

As a Space Pirate, the world is yours. Take what you want when you want. Nasty race has better tech than you? Steal it! Space Marines have a cooler ship than you? Not for long. Other fringe benefits of Space Pirates is getting to see the universe on your terms. I admit Space Marine medical coverage is better but personally I'd prefer not to be ordered to marched into certain death.

There is really only one choice, Space Pirate over Space Marine any day.

The One and Only,

- ?!?!@? @ 9:47 PM

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Monday, March 01, 2004

Fido Sucks

Fido sucks a camel's ass. First of all, your customer service is the worst I've ever experienced from a cellular telephone company. Secondly, your television commericals make me so angry. Fido always make it seem like they are doing their cellular telephone customers a favour by adding all these new services. For example, your new "fido to fido" service which is "regrettably, only from Fido". What you forget to say in your advertisment is that you charge a premium for these new services, and if your existing customers want access to these new wonderful services only Fido provides, you have to pay more. Thanks but no thanks, I've switched to Rogers so I don't have to put up with your bullshit any longer. You can all suck my foot-long schlong.

In conclusion, if you hate a corporation, TELL THEM! That's what e-mail is there for!

- Liston @ 6:08 PM

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